Monday, June 14, 2010

Re-Post: It's Goin' Down!!

Last night I was out with my girlfriend at a bar and many were watching the Lakers Vs. Celtics Game 5 via the Bar's Direct TV service. Well at 1 point it began to drizzle outside and as any Direct TV user probably knows that's all it takes for the thing to freeze up or go out. So as the game froze up you were able to immediately hear most of the conversations throughout the bar since there was no volume on the TV. So my girl and I kind of zeroed in on some of the conversations. The one that caught our attention the most was between 2 different groups, some Lakers/Kobe fans and some Celtics fans that had began to "trash" talk amongst each other about the game and their teams.

Now the 2 groups of individuals were all black men. And as we all know when black men discuss sports and their favorite teams they tend to get very passionate and sometimes even loud. So as we were being nosy and observing this conversation we immediately noticed how uncomfortable the majority of the white people in the bar got. Many of them looked nervous as if something was about to jump off between these 2 groups. However, we of course knew that they were just having a discussion and of course they weren't about to fight, pull out guns or anything like that. At least based on the conversation at hand we knew that nothing was going to happen. But we also know which words and phrases to listen for to indicate to us if something was about to go down. Eventually the Direct TV came back on and with the volume and everyone went back to watching the game and rooting for their team. And as we suspected it was all Love in the end, even after the Lakers lost.

However, this situation just reminded me of this blog I wrote so I thought I'd repost it!

Oh and Ironically, the "best friend" that was mentioned in the blog below from November of 2008 is now my girlfriend that I was with last night. Go figure. lol.


I consider myself to be a very observant individual. Some may call it nosey but trust me it's really not. But whenever I'm out in public or an unfamiliar environment, I'm very aware of my surroundings. I don't try to do it on purpose but I guess I'm just a naturally suspicious and skeptical person. Therefore, if I walk into a public place it won't take long for me to scan the room. Within maybe a few seconds I can inconspicuously survey the scene with ease. I know it probably sounds a little weird, and perhaps I should have be in the FBI or CIA. Lol.

Well the reason that I am this way is not because I am scared, paranoid, on drugs, or anything like that. Honestly I think that I'm this way because I always want to be prepared in case something jumps off. Not that I always expect or think that something is going to happen, but just in case something goes down I prefer to be prepared. For example, here's a true story:

So my best friend and I went out to eat at a Buffalo Wild Wings a few weeks ago and ordered some wings to go (They always give us more wings when we order to go. Gotta love boneless Thursdays. lol). So they took our order and told us it will be up in about 15 minutes. So, her and I sit down and talked while we waited. As we talked I noticed there were 2 guys and a girl sitting across from us. Then next to us was a guy and his girl. Then a final guy walked up and he and one of the guys across from us shook hands and said what's up etc. Then the guy that walked up noticed the guy on my right and apparently he knew him too. So he also shook up with him and said what's up, etc. Then he said to the guy on my right "Hey you know so and so right?" Pointing to and talking about the guy across from us.

Now all of this took place in a matter of maybe a minute at most. All the time my best friend is telling me about her day at work. I am listening to her and still paying attention to what's going on right in front of us. Well as she's digging deeper into the events of her day, I heard something that took my complete attention away from anything she was saying. Before the guy on my right could answer the question that was posed to him, [if he knew the other guy across from us] he was interrupted. I heard the guy across from us say "Yeah I know that Bitch Ass Nigga!!"

First of all neither of these men were black so that's an automatic attention getter (but that's another story and blog). So like a dog hearing a dog whistle my ears perked up and I was no longer listening to a word my best friend was saying. Yet she apparently didn't hear what was said, since she continued to talk and go on about her day. However, at that point I was completely focused on what was being said by these 2 guys. Next thing I heard was the guy across from us say "I oughta whoop yo ass!!" The guy to my right played it off and was laughing at the other guy. However, The guy across from me didn't find it funny at all and the next thing you know he's standing up as his girl is trying to calm him and get him to sit down.

At this point my best friend said something and I guess she noticed I wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying. She says "Are you even listening to me?" I replied "uh huh yeah," all the while watching the activities transpire in front of us. She then replies "no you're not," then she noticed the guy across from us standing up. Well from here the guy on the right's girl left out and went to get the manager. Right before the manager came the other guys voluntarily left out of the restaurant. So my best friend goes "that's why you weren't paying attention." I told her yeah "I noticed it about to go down before it happen."

So, the moral of that story is this: A peaceful quiet moment can turn into something no one expected in a matter of seconds or minutes. Then the eye witnesses will be saying "I don't know what happen all of a sudden I saw someone get hit or I heard a shot." Now I'm not saying that everyone should be like me and all extra observant and what not. However, there some key indicators that you should be aware of that will let you know when something is about to go down. Below I've compiled a short list of some of those things.

"Bitch Ass Nigga" - Just like with my story above if you hear someone getting called a bitch ass nigga you better believe that there will be some sort of retaliation. Usually this term is directed at another man (usually black) and no man will tolerate being called a bitch. Let alone a bitch ass nigga. That's just over kill. Also, another variation of the usage of this term could be "Shut yo bitch ass up!!"

Multiple People Running - If you see one or two people running it doesn't really mean much, perhaps they're trying to catch a bus or something. But when you see a group of people running (I'd say 3-5 or more) then something has either already went down or is about to go down. So if you see a group of people running, trust me you'll be better off if you just run with the crowd. You don't want to be the person caught not running or trying to be curious as to what is going on. If you remember Cedric The Entertainer illustrated this point in the movie "Kings of Comedy." Check out the clip below.

"Who the F**k you think you talking to?" - If you hear someone ask this question it will usually be in a very loud octave. Therefore, you won't be able to miss hearing it. But the biggest clue as to whether or not something is going to go down is based on the response to this question. However, once that question is even posed you should be aware that the odds have increased for something to go down. If the person wants to avoid confrontation they simply won't answer the question. But the likelihood of someone just shutting up is slim to none. If they really want to throw salt in the wound they can respond "I'm talking to you, you bitch ass nigga!!" LoL.

"On My Momma...___" - You can fill in the blank here, but pretty much once someone puts something on their momma they're not playing. So whatever they say after putting it on their momma I would venture to say that they are serious about doing. For instance, if someone says "On My Momma it's about to be on up in here." Well you can pretty much trust and believe it's about to be on. That should be your cue to move around. Also, if you hear someone talk about some one's momma that's also another clue as to what will be taking place next.

"I'm going to the car we'll see when I get back" - If an argument has just ensued and for some reason someone feels compelled to go to the car, you may not want to be around when they get back. This also applies to someone saying they are about to "pop the trunk." Trust me they aren't going to the car to feed the meter or check on the air pressure of the spare tire. They're going to get some sort of weapon most likely a gun. For an example, check out the video from the movie "White Men Can't Jump" below. The scene occurs at about 2 Minutes in if you just want to skip right to the part I'm talking about.

"You gone Let him get away with that??!!" - Where there's an argument or fight there is usually someone there to instigate. What may be harmless or not close to escalating to more than a verbal disagreement can always turn into much more when an instigator is present. So you should always listen for someone in the crowd instigating. Once the instigator speaks their piece you may want to take that as a sign to vacate. Take my opening example, what if the guy's girl didn't go get the manager? What if instead she said "You gone let him call you a "Bitch Ass Nigga?" Well if that had happened I doubt he would have laughed it off as he did. I'm pretty sure that he would have felt obligated to respond to the nonsense that was being directed towards him. The instigator has the ability to put an indirect attack on someone's manhood, increasing the chances a fight even more. Other examples of the instigator at work are "If that was me I'd Whoop his ass," or "He must think you a punk (and or a bitch ass nigga)." Notice the multiple people smiling in the background of the image to the left. Any of them could be the suspected instigator in this fight.

Now keep in mind that these are simply precursors indicating that something may possibly be about to go down. The reaction and or response to the above items will most likely be the main indicator. I'm sure that there are probably many other things that would qualify to appear on this list. However, these are the main ones I came up with. Feel free to add your own to the list. But in conclusion just be more aware and on the look out. Because like Young Joc you never know when "It's Goin' Down!!"



Just Jasmine said...

Oh man you are not alone in this. Far too often am I surveying my surroundings while listening/or watching someone else.

That Cedric clip was hilarious. I didn't even click it yet but was laughing based on my memory.

so true so true

T. Michelle Theus said...

LMAO @ hearing "First of all neither of these men were black so that's an automatic attention getter"
Too funny.

And an affirmative "hell yes" to your social cues. If I see anyone running or uttering any of the above-mentioned words, my attentiveness radar immediately perks up and I ready my things to start running. LOL

Soulstress said...

This was hilarious and I totally agree!

I always pay attention to my surrounding...cuz u nevr kno when sumthin is bout to POP OFF;)

Anonymous said...

I always keep and eye on the quiet one ... cause there is usually one in the midst of it all who hasnt said a damn thing ... and thats usually the craziest one in the group...

The Ced clip reminded me of a situation I was in like that ... I still till this day don't know what I was runnin from but Im glad I didnt hang around to find out either!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

we call them fuck boys

mrs. mary mack said...

LMAO!!!! This blog is so damn funny because it's true!

clnmike said...

Lol, your 100% right on all of it.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I watch what is going on around me always. Forgot that I need to know when to get down and not after the gun shots.

Or I could just be nosey. Cause I do watch people everywhere I go. I am a people watcher. Could sit and stare at people all day. Makes blogging that much more fun.

Alright back to your post. Like I said I tend to try to know what is going on all around me.

And that thing about running is so funny. And Cedric is too. When I was younger in the projects the thing to do was run to see what was going on like a fight and when guns came out then run.

I agree with all your points and especially when non black folks is saying n*gga.

Sexxy Luv said...

lmao! this was too funny! you are alt like me, i listen to any and everything when i'm in a public place, i even listen to see what the people behind me are ordering just out of curiosity. lol

i knew these 2 guys from Chicago that would always say "on my momma Jo!" lmao! they would be so serious and i would be dying cause it was the funniest thing ever, especially how animated they were. lol

Brothers Blog said...

@ jasmine- yeah gotta stay aware. And yeah The Ced clip had me dying too like I was seeing it for the first time.

@ t.Michelle- yep you gotta keep them things ready to make at move at any point.

@ soulstress - Yep you said it perfectly you never know when something gone pop off.

@ Miss Cali - You definitely gotta keep an eye on them quiet ones, and that's funny all you knew was to run who cares what for.

@ Torrance - Fuck Boys? Not familiar with that one.

@ Ms. Mary - I'm glad were feeling me on this one.

@ ClnMike - You know I had to spit the truth fam.

@ Sharon - LOL that was funny yes I wanna be on the ground before the shots pop off. I see you were bold running to the fights I usually assume especially now a days any fight can produce a pistol. lol.

@ Sexxy Luv - LoL @ listening to people behind you order. SHouldn't you be listening to people in front of you order? lol. But You know I'm from Chicago. So I've heard that "On my Momma Jo" plenty of times. But we serious wit it.

Yarayuki said...

hahah, i'm like you...always observant and people call it paranoid. nah man, cus see when things like THIS happen, I guarantee I will be the first one out the door and around the corner lol. But that was funny.

And to which ever one of you, or to both of you who wished me a happy birthday, thank you :)

Bohemian Bookworm said...

Love that Cedric clip:"....What they runnin'...what they runnin' for (as they start running)" LMAO!

I had no idea people still said "on my mama"!

I quote that scene from White Men Can't Jump all the time. "I'm goin to get my gun...shoot everybody's ass!" ROFL

Amber. said...

i miss guys and I really wish you would get back to blogging.
twitter took over everyones lives.

speaking of crecks wth happened to your twitter? lol

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