Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Blog!

For those that have been wondering what happened to this blog and why no updates in so long. Well there are many reasons. 1.) It was hard to find good content to write about daily, every other day and sometimes even weekly. Towards the end we were just putting out anything as opposed to good well thought out content that got most of you to like the blog in the first place. No lie there are about 20 blogs in draft that were left just incomplete. Smh. 2.) Yes I blame twitter. Twitter was easier to get the random thoughts and ideas that we would normally come up with for blogs, out quickly to a mass audience. 3.) Life just got busier. After changing jobs I couldn't blog from work and was too busy to even want to try to think of blog topics to write by the time I got home. So #3 is probably better described as laziness. lol. 4.) OMG the spam is ridiculous. We would get 10xs as many spam comments in all different languages than we would real comments. One of our blog homegirls Amber recently left a comment asking where we were and it almost got trashed because we thought it was spam. So, we should've made this announcement a long time ago.

Well ladies and gentelman we have a great and special announcement... A love for writing has brought us back to blogging, but with a brand new blog on a new platform (Wordpress - I know it was a hard decision to navigate from Blogger). Also, we've decided to focus on one topic, which we both know and love and can constantly write about over and over without fail. If you've followed this blog for a while or since its inception then you know we have a genuine love for Hip Hop Music and would write about it on many different posts.

Therefore, we decided to start a hip hop blog that strictly focuses on Hip Hop topics and write about them in our usual witty and sometimes funny writing style that most following this blog have come to enjoy. Oh and here's a forewarning if you're looking for a gossip type Hip Hop blog talking about who banged who and the latest rapper to sleep with Kat Stacks, or any of the latest topics related to Hip Hop, then you won't find it on our new blog. We are dealing with real hip hop and its golden era and all topics related to it. So if you love or even like Hip Hop a little bit or just miss us writing and blogging, then you'll love to make our new blog your home for Real Hip Hop topics. We've been able to consistantly post about 3xs a week over the last month and a half.

You can also follow the new blog on Facebook: <<-- Go here and hit the like button. Also, you can follow the new site on twitter @lyric2go and Driza Dre @drizadre. I know we've been out of the blogging loop here, but all the writing we're doing on the new blog may hopefully motivate us to start back writing here and come up with some new things to talk about and share with you guys. Thanks for all the love and support you've shown over the years with this blog, and we look forward to sharing more with you guys over at the new Hip Hop Blog.

Huge Shoutout to the homie Charles over at Illuminated Darkness he helped create the 2 headers you see above for the new site and we're working together on another project soon to come.
--C-Recks----Driza Dre--

Monday, June 14, 2010

Re-Post: It's Goin' Down!!

Last night I was out with my girlfriend at a bar and many were watching the Lakers Vs. Celtics Game 5 via the Bar's Direct TV service. Well at 1 point it began to drizzle outside and as any Direct TV user probably knows that's all it takes for the thing to freeze up or go out. So as the game froze up you were able to immediately hear most of the conversations throughout the bar since there was no volume on the TV. So my girl and I kind of zeroed in on some of the conversations. The one that caught our attention the most was between 2 different groups, some Lakers/Kobe fans and some Celtics fans that had began to "trash" talk amongst each other about the game and their teams.

Now the 2 groups of individuals were all black men. And as we all know when black men discuss sports and their favorite teams they tend to get very passionate and sometimes even loud. So as we were being nosy and observing this conversation we immediately noticed how uncomfortable the majority of the white people in the bar got. Many of them looked nervous as if something was about to jump off between these 2 groups. However, we of course knew that they were just having a discussion and of course they weren't about to fight, pull out guns or anything like that. At least based on the conversation at hand we knew that nothing was going to happen. But we also know which words and phrases to listen for to indicate to us if something was about to go down. Eventually the Direct TV came back on and with the volume and everyone went back to watching the game and rooting for their team. And as we suspected it was all Love in the end, even after the Lakers lost.

However, this situation just reminded me of this blog I wrote so I thought I'd repost it!

Oh and Ironically, the "best friend" that was mentioned in the blog below from November of 2008 is now my girlfriend that I was with last night. Go figure. lol.


I consider myself to be a very observant individual. Some may call it nosey but trust me it's really not. But whenever I'm out in public or an unfamiliar environment, I'm very aware of my surroundings. I don't try to do it on purpose but I guess I'm just a naturally suspicious and skeptical person. Therefore, if I walk into a public place it won't take long for me to scan the room. Within maybe a few seconds I can inconspicuously survey the scene with ease. I know it probably sounds a little weird, and perhaps I should have be in the FBI or CIA. Lol.

Well the reason that I am this way is not because I am scared, paranoid, on drugs, or anything like that. Honestly I think that I'm this way because I always want to be prepared in case something jumps off. Not that I always expect or think that something is going to happen, but just in case something goes down I prefer to be prepared. For example, here's a true story:

So my best friend and I went out to eat at a Buffalo Wild Wings a few weeks ago and ordered some wings to go (They always give us more wings when we order to go. Gotta love boneless Thursdays. lol). So they took our order and told us it will be up in about 15 minutes. So, her and I sit down and talked while we waited. As we talked I noticed there were 2 guys and a girl sitting across from us. Then next to us was a guy and his girl. Then a final guy walked up and he and one of the guys across from us shook hands and said what's up etc. Then the guy that walked up noticed the guy on my right and apparently he knew him too. So he also shook up with him and said what's up, etc. Then he said to the guy on my right "Hey you know so and so right?" Pointing to and talking about the guy across from us.

Now all of this took place in a matter of maybe a minute at most. All the time my best friend is telling me about her day at work. I am listening to her and still paying attention to what's going on right in front of us. Well as she's digging deeper into the events of her day, I heard something that took my complete attention away from anything she was saying. Before the guy on my right could answer the question that was posed to him, [if he knew the other guy across from us] he was interrupted. I heard the guy across from us say "Yeah I know that Bitch Ass Nigga!!"

First of all neither of these men were black so that's an automatic attention getter (but that's another story and blog). So like a dog hearing a dog whistle my ears perked up and I was no longer listening to a word my best friend was saying. Yet she apparently didn't hear what was said, since she continued to talk and go on about her day. However, at that point I was completely focused on what was being said by these 2 guys. Next thing I heard was the guy across from us say "I oughta whoop yo ass!!" The guy to my right played it off and was laughing at the other guy. However, The guy across from me didn't find it funny at all and the next thing you know he's standing up as his girl is trying to calm him and get him to sit down.

At this point my best friend said something and I guess she noticed I wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying. She says "Are you even listening to me?" I replied "uh huh yeah," all the while watching the activities transpire in front of us. She then replies "no you're not," then she noticed the guy across from us standing up. Well from here the guy on the right's girl left out and went to get the manager. Right before the manager came the other guys voluntarily left out of the restaurant. So my best friend goes "that's why you weren't paying attention." I told her yeah "I noticed it about to go down before it happen."

So, the moral of that story is this: A peaceful quiet moment can turn into something no one expected in a matter of seconds or minutes. Then the eye witnesses will be saying "I don't know what happen all of a sudden I saw someone get hit or I heard a shot." Now I'm not saying that everyone should be like me and all extra observant and what not. However, there some key indicators that you should be aware of that will let you know when something is about to go down. Below I've compiled a short list of some of those things.

"Bitch Ass Nigga" - Just like with my story above if you hear someone getting called a bitch ass nigga you better believe that there will be some sort of retaliation. Usually this term is directed at another man (usually black) and no man will tolerate being called a bitch. Let alone a bitch ass nigga. That's just over kill. Also, another variation of the usage of this term could be "Shut yo bitch ass up!!"

Multiple People Running - If you see one or two people running it doesn't really mean much, perhaps they're trying to catch a bus or something. But when you see a group of people running (I'd say 3-5 or more) then something has either already went down or is about to go down. So if you see a group of people running, trust me you'll be better off if you just run with the crowd. You don't want to be the person caught not running or trying to be curious as to what is going on. If you remember Cedric The Entertainer illustrated this point in the movie "Kings of Comedy." Check out the clip below.

"Who the F**k you think you talking to?" - If you hear someone ask this question it will usually be in a very loud octave. Therefore, you won't be able to miss hearing it. But the biggest clue as to whether or not something is going to go down is based on the response to this question. However, once that question is even posed you should be aware that the odds have increased for something to go down. If the person wants to avoid confrontation they simply won't answer the question. But the likelihood of someone just shutting up is slim to none. If they really want to throw salt in the wound they can respond "I'm talking to you, you bitch ass nigga!!" LoL.

"On My Momma...___" - You can fill in the blank here, but pretty much once someone puts something on their momma they're not playing. So whatever they say after putting it on their momma I would venture to say that they are serious about doing. For instance, if someone says "On My Momma it's about to be on up in here." Well you can pretty much trust and believe it's about to be on. That should be your cue to move around. Also, if you hear someone talk about some one's momma that's also another clue as to what will be taking place next.

"I'm going to the car we'll see when I get back" - If an argument has just ensued and for some reason someone feels compelled to go to the car, you may not want to be around when they get back. This also applies to someone saying they are about to "pop the trunk." Trust me they aren't going to the car to feed the meter or check on the air pressure of the spare tire. They're going to get some sort of weapon most likely a gun. For an example, check out the video from the movie "White Men Can't Jump" below. The scene occurs at about 2 Minutes in if you just want to skip right to the part I'm talking about.

"You gone Let him get away with that??!!" - Where there's an argument or fight there is usually someone there to instigate. What may be harmless or not close to escalating to more than a verbal disagreement can always turn into much more when an instigator is present. So you should always listen for someone in the crowd instigating. Once the instigator speaks their piece you may want to take that as a sign to vacate. Take my opening example, what if the guy's girl didn't go get the manager? What if instead she said "You gone let him call you a "Bitch Ass Nigga?" Well if that had happened I doubt he would have laughed it off as he did. I'm pretty sure that he would have felt obligated to respond to the nonsense that was being directed towards him. The instigator has the ability to put an indirect attack on someone's manhood, increasing the chances a fight even more. Other examples of the instigator at work are "If that was me I'd Whoop his ass," or "He must think you a punk (and or a bitch ass nigga)." Notice the multiple people smiling in the background of the image to the left. Any of them could be the suspected instigator in this fight.

Now keep in mind that these are simply precursors indicating that something may possibly be about to go down. The reaction and or response to the above items will most likely be the main indicator. I'm sure that there are probably many other things that would qualify to appear on this list. However, these are the main ones I came up with. Feel free to add your own to the list. But in conclusion just be more aware and on the look out. Because like Young Joc you never know when "It's Goin' Down!!"


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update: "Don't Save the Last Dance"

Well I know it was some time ago and it's been less than sporadic when we update this blog, but last year (August 11, 2009 to be exact) I wrote a blog entitled "Don't Save the Last Dance." The gist of that blog was talking about all the rap songs with stupid dances to go along with them and I gave a few examples of some of the latest ones out and some older songs. Well if you never read that blog hit the link above and check it out.

If you remember and or notice, at the very end of that blog I was playing around and made up the following song clearly off the dome making a mockery of this type of music see the quote below:

"However, I will proposition any choreographers out there to hit me up. or @crecks on twitter. Let's come up with a stupid dance move and make a song out of it. You do the dance I'll write and produce the song. We can do it, it can't be that hard. Wait! I already got one! The "Hula Hoop." I can hear the hook for the song now. "Do the hula hoop, do the hula hoop, work them hips 'round like you would a hula hoop. Girl do the hula hoop, do the hula hoop, you can do it too, girl, don't think you too cute!!" The dance moves can mimic something like you would do while playing with a hula hoop. LoL. I'm clowning, but I swear I'll write this shit. It would be a ghost written song however for MC Sambo or whoever I could find to be the artist. But I would gladly take the royalty checks for writing it. Matter of fact I'm going to copyright the lyrics today for all you biters out there. LoL."

Well obviously I was 100% playing around and especially didn't take heed to the last sentence of that blog about copyrights. The reason I state this and the reason for this updated blog is because as I was just downloading music last night, (legally of course ;-) I came across a song entitled "Hool-a-Hoop" by Black Frost Feat. Mista F.A.B. Now upon reading the title of the song I thought "GTFOH" (if you don't know the acronym google it). Then I said wait it can't be let me listen to this. Then I listened and said "Hell Naw!!! They done stole my song!" LoL. Not literally because obviously in the above mentioned blog I was completely playing around and making a mockery of how easy and simple it is to come up with some of the rap songs of today, especially the dance songs. But I just found it ironic how it was almost identical to what I came up with over 9 months ago off the top of my head. Please take a listen to the song below for further evidence:

All I had was the hook but I could've filled up 3 - 16 bar verses with any old filler lyrics. But this simply just 100% irrefutable evidence that most of the music now a days takes absolutely no talent and or skill to create. Now that is not to say that I have no talent because I do. But to just think that what took me 3.5 seconds to come up with while writing a blog someone actually went into the studio, produced, wrote and performed is just ridiculous to me. And trust I'm not hating because this song may blow, make whoever the artist a little money off a "one hit wonder single" and then they fade away. No by all means I'm not, I hope they make whatever they can off the song, I hope they make a video and they get to #1 on 106 & Park. That's really not the point. I'm simply exposing the truth! Hip Hop Music is not what it used to be peoples and this is as far as the creative mind is taking it these days.

If you saw last week's episode of The Boondocks, (See the link to the left for those that missed it), they ironically touched on this very same subject. I will forever be a lover of good music especially Hip Hop Music since that's the era in which I grew up in. And until songs like this stop getting air play I will continue to turn off my radio and turn on classics, when I can sit back and reminisce on when real Emcees came with it and put forth effort to master their craft. Which is not comparable to the song and dance routine that I covered in this blog or the aforementioned one.

Lastly, just a heads up we soon plan on expanding this blog into another blog where we can really get back into one of my our real loves... music. I know we've been lacking on this one but hopefully when my Partner in Crime @drizadre gets back on we will be able to keep this updated more regularly as well as the new blog coming soon. So Stay tuned...

Oh and since no one took me up on my offer last year I'll put it out there again. If any one wants to take me up on my offer to come up with a dance routine, I'll gladly ghost write the song! As you can see I'm 1 for 1. However, this time I'll leave my next dance craze to myself or at least until we can put it down and copyright it. Lol.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Confessions of an Auto Finance Company Employee

So last Friday morning we were awakened out of our sleep by somone laying on our buzzer! If you've ever been awoken out of your sleep by any loud sound whether it be a baby crying, smoke alarm or whatever then you know how it leaves you in that sort of panic state. So I stumbled to the living room and politely, asked who was at the buzzer. Naw I'm lying I think I said something like "who the hell is this?"

The respondant stated they were with some auto recovery place and they were looking for the previous tenant. I yelled back they don't live here or something to that affect. They persisted to ask where he lives now and is he in another apartment. I again yelled I don't know, but he doesn't live here. They tried to again aggressively question me through the intercom. Finally, they said well this is unit ___ and we have his car on the tow truck. I was about to say I don't give a.... "wait what kind of car is it?" (I'm good but I was half sleep so you know I had to just make sure. lol) He replied "A Mercedes Benz." I yelled back "oh ok well whatever he don't live here bye!"

After that I looked at the time and it was like 4am. I was left unable to go back to sleep for probably another hour. Mind you I get up at like 6:40am. But in the end I guess I found it kind of funny, just because of what I used to do for a living. So as a treat to all those that may be struggling in this down economy I decided to re-post the blog below. Some tips that may help you out if you're in the same spot as my man with the Benz.
To begin, this is an anonymous posting. It is coming from a person that has expertise in this field/industry and felt the need to help out some individuals by giving out inside information. Use the information as you choose and at your own risk. We assume no liability for what happens based on you using or not using the information...

As we all know today's economy is not what it was 8+ years ago. People are really struggling now a days. They're getting laid off from work, they're in debt, and barely able to keep their head above water. In some cases they're unable to afford food to eat let alone keep a roof over their head or a car to get around in.

Well I work in the car finance company and I have witnessed the people struggling to pay high car note payments. It's hard out here for everyone. And when you're put into a situation as to whether you keep a roof over your family's head and food in the fridge versus to pay a car note payment well it's a simple choice as to which is going to fall by the way side. However, business is business and well the Finance Company is in business to make money and if you're not going to pay for whatever the reason may be well they have no choice but to do what they have to do. And ultimately that decision will be to come looking for their collateral which is the car and or truck or motorcyle.

Well I've been in this field for over 5 years and I've seen and done it all when it comes to car financing and repossessions. However, I'm just the low man on the totem pole so I'm just like the average person. Possibly a paycheck or 2 away from being a victim of the same fate. Therefore, I am writing this confession in an attempt to hopefully help some unfortunate individuals avoid the Repo man. Keep in mind I am not advocating or urging anyone to not pay their bills. Paying your bills on time is always the right thing to do. But just in case anyone finds themselves in a rough spot given these tough economic times well here's a guide to hopefully help you out some. If this doesn't apply to you then be happy but anyone can fall on hard times. But if you can't utilize this information you may know someone that can, just pass it on.

First off keep in mind that all Finance Companies are different in the way they operate. Some are more lenient and allow you to go further behind and will work with you more than others. While some are much stricter, especially given that many customers are no longer paying. Therefore, use this only as a loose guide.

Always keep in contact with the Finance company as soon as a problem arises and you can not pay. If you just got laid off make sure that you contact them immediately. Usually most finance companies offer some type of payment deferment for situations like these where you can skip 1 or 2 months payments at least once a year. Therefore, my first bit of advice is even when times are tough and you're not able to pay for whatever the reason to always keep in touch with your finance company. Of course once you get behind they will without a doubt begin to call you. Although no one like to talk to bill collectors, keep in mind that this isn't a credit card, phone bill, or any other unsecured account. Your vehicle is that company's security. So if they feel at any point that their security is is jeopardy they have the right to come and get it. So if they call answer the phone or if they leave a message return the call. The fastest way to end up on the Repo list is to lose all contact with your finance company. They will assume that you've purposely stopped paying. So when they call you let them know you are not neglecting the car note and plan on paying as soon as you have the money to do so. However, do not make false arrangements that you know you can not keep just to get them off of the phone. Breaking arrangements is also another swift way to get put on the repo list. Also, if you're required to have full coverage insurance on your vehicle then a lapse in your insurance will also bring about the red flags and may even cause them to put forced placed insurance on your vehicle at a higher cost than you providing your own insurance.

So let's say you've exhausted all your means of help meaning you've gotten extensions on your payments and you're still unable to make your monthly payment. Well most companies will make a decision on whether to repo once a person is at least 30 days past due. This means that say your due date is the 20th of each month and you've missed last month's payment. Well when the 20th of the present month comes along you're officially 30 days past due and are technically due 2 payments. Most customers feel like I'm only behind on the last month's payment. However, the finance company will look at it as 2 payments behind and based on your previous payment history (how many payments total and made on time), the value of your vehicle vs. the amount you still owe (if your vehicle is almost paid off it's likely to be worth more money), and sometimes even your attitude towards the collectors when they call you will all determine if you go out for repo. So I would use the 30 day mark as a range of when you can start to suspect your vehicle may be out for repo or about to be put out. At that point you should begin to implement the rules I've listed below.

1.) Keep it Garaged!
If you have a home with a garage then whenever you're home always make sure your vehicle is in the garage. Technically by law a repo company can not enter your garage without a court order (we'll discuss that later). However, that doesn't stop some grimy repo companies from attempting to go in your garage depending on what type of garage you have. Therefore, if you have a garage with windows on it you should cover up the windows so that no one will be able to see inside. Just keep in mind that a repo companies are powerless if they can not find your vehicle. The most they can do is try other clever ways (keep reading) to attempt to retrieve the vehicle.

2.) Keep it Fenced or Blocked In
If you do not have a garage but have a gated or fenced in driveway or hard then you're in just as good a shape. Although they can see the car because of your gated driveway they can not remove the vehicle. Just make sure you have a heavy duty lock and or chain because they are not above trying to cut a lock. Also if you don't have a fence but say you have more than one vehicle or live with a group of people then you can essentially block your car in. The idea is to make sure it's blocked in nice and tight though. Although they are able to most likely easily obtain a key for your vehicle, they are not going to be able to tow 4-5 vehicles out of your driveway to get to yours. Nor will they risk trying to drive it out or tow it out for fear of damaging the other vehicles.

3.) Switch Cars
If you are not fortunate enough to live in a house with a garage or if you work at a job that doesn't have secured parking this may be the best option for you. If you have someone that is willing to help you out ask them to switch vehicles with you. They drive your car and you drive theirs. However, please remember that when you applied for this loan you filled out a reference sheet with 3-5 people you put down as a personal reference. You supplied a name, phone number, and address for those individuals. So make sure that the person you switch with is not on that reference list. I would venture to say that switching cars is probably the most effective way to avoid the repo man. Because they essentially have no clue who has the vehicle. They may know exactly where you live and work and how to contact you. But if you are not driving the vehicle they are looking for then that information is useless. However, as you keep reading the person you switch vehicles with will need to keep some things in mind as well.

4.) Cover it Up.
Although this is not as full proof as switching cars or keeping it in a garage it can possibly be a temporary fix for those of you without garages. While standing on the outside of your car if you look in the front windshield on the far right at the bottom there is a little notch inside there are 17 characters (numbers and letters). This is your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This is how they can officially identify your vehicle as being the one they have out for repo. Another way to identify is by plate #. Well if you keep that number covered with a paper or something from the inside it makes it difficult to identify if they have the right vehicle. So they may spot a vehicle that fits the description of the one they have out for repo but if they can't verify that VIN then some companies are reluctant to repo the vehicle for fear of repossessing the wrong one. However, keep in mind that if you simply have it covered there's nothing to stop them from popping your lock and removing the paper you have there. Remember they are a towing company and have the tools to do so. You can try to remove that Vin # from the panel but I don't know the difficulty of doing so. Also, another extreme means would be to paint your vehicle a totally different color. I'm not sure what a paint job runs now a days but I guess if you had the money for a paint job you'd pay the note.

Another indicator of whether or not it is the correct vehicle is the plate #. Repo companies utilize license plate numbers all the time. This is why the switcharoo described above is still not full proof. If you're spotted driving your friend's car or if your friends car is always parked in your driveway then there is nothing to stop them from running your friend's plate #. Once they do it will come back to your friends name and they can then retrieve the friends address. So I would recommend keeping the plate # covered up or removed while parked in your own personal drive way. Now if you do that while parking on the street or in a public parking area you will risk getting ticketed which will bring about other problems as you keep reading.

5.) Avoid Tickets
If you or even if you have switched vehicles with someone it is important that you and that friend avoid getting ticketed for any reason. The reason is because there is a way (At least in the City of Chicago) that you can check to see if a vehicle has received a parking ticket or a red light violation ticket. Once that information is obtained there is a way (which I can not disclose) that the finance or repo company can find out the exact location of where that ticket was given. So say you got a ticket for expired plates or no city sticker while you were parked over your girl's crib. Well they can then find from that ticket your girls address and in turn attempt to repo you from there. Also, the red light violation tickets are online as well. Some you can actually view the video of you running the light. It may be harder to indicate where you were going at the time but it can at least pin point a radius of the area you are in. Also, remember that if for whatever reason your vehicle is booted due to excessive tickets it can then be impounded. Once a vehicle is impounded the finance company will receive notice of this. There is usually about a 3-7 day lapse as to when they receive notice though depending on the city you're impounded in. So if you are impounded and know that you are behind on your payments you better get the vehicle out of the pound right away. Because once the finance company receives notice they will immediately go and pick up the vehicle.

6.) Don't Run Your Credit
Unless you're trying to get a loan that will pay your car note up to date I would avoid having your credit report ran or applying for any new credit. The reason being that any new information you give such as a job, address or phone number will most likely appear on your credit report next time it is ran. And keep in mind that you signed a credit application allowing the finance company to run your credit and they can do so in order to find you or find out information about you. Also, say for instance you just opened up a new account with a new creditor there are ways (which I can not disclose) that they can get the information you provided on your account to that new creditor. Including your current address, phone number, and job information.

7.) Home for the Holidays
Remember I mentioned those references? Well unfortunately you may want to avoid visiting them in your vehicle that is out for repo especially on the holidays. That is right finance and repo companies will some times make it a point to check certain addresses on holidays. If they have your mom or grandmom's address they will run it on a holiday hoping to catch you visiting on Thanksgiving, Christmas or 4th of July. Also, speaking of references if you have any bad blood with any of the people you've put as a reference you may want to quickly make amends with them. Because when it boils down to it they will not hesitate to snitch you out to the repo or finance company. I've seen bitter baby mama's and ex-girlfriends do it a lot. And just know that the finance company is not above offering financial restitution [A bribe] in exchange for information on where you or their vehicle is. What's a couple hundred dollars when it will lead to them recovering their vehicle worth thousands of dollars.

8.) Trap Cards
There are plenty of tactics that can be used to get you to call and once you do they will try to fish for information. One of these tactics is called using a trap card. The repo company will leave a card and or letter at the address stating something that will get you to call them. Once a company we utilized left a card indicating that they were trying to deliver a package to the customer. Well the customer called them back stating she's not home during the day and to deliver the package to her work. Well needless to say that information was used to repo the vehicle and there was never a real package. So if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. Also, with this you should avoid answering unknown/blocked calls, or calls from numbers you do not recognize. If you must return a call check the next tip on how to respond.

9.) Use a Payphone
If for any reason you decide to or have to contact the finance company it's best to do so from a payphone. I know they're kind of hard to find now a days but it will keep them off of your trail. Don't try to use your friend's phone or anyone else because they will find out who's phone you're using. And with today's technology even if you call in blocked or (*67) they can still get the number you're calling from. And if you call from a number they don't have already even if it's a friend's phone they will find out the name and address that number goes to. There are ways they can even text message you with hopes that you respond.

10.) Change of Address
If your vehicle is out for repo they will try to find you at any and every address they have associated with your account. Even old addresses you didn't even know they had. So, if you've moved from a previous address you may not want to put in a change of address with the post office. If your finance company sends a letter to your previous address then the post office will send a change of address back to the company. And you know they'll be looking for you at your new address.

11.) Don't Answer the Door
Just as with answering the phone for unknown callers don't answer the door either. Repo agents will come right up to your door and knock to get in touch with you. Some agents may use aggressive or scare tactics in order to reach you or to obtain the vehicle. For instance some agents carry badges but the badges are simply repossesor badges. But obviously they're hoping that you or the person that answers the door will think it's a police badge. I've even heard of agents lying saying that the vehicle was involved in a hit and run accident with hopes someone will give up some information. So if you have a peep hole use it and don't answer the door for any unknown individuals.

12.) Be on the Look out
Most people think of repo and think tow truck. Well now a days repo agents don't drive the traditional tow trucks. Some have high tech vehicles that look like regular pick up trucks. Also, as I mentioned they can get a copy of your key very easily. So some times they will travel in a regular car hoping to spot your vehicle and simple drive off in it. So, if you're on the look out you'll want to look for anything supsicious not just a tow truck driving down your block.

If you follow the above rules and tips you should be able to avoid the repo man for a time being. Again, this is not a guide for someone to rip off the finance companies even though they may have ripped you off (should've read the fine print). But if you're in a bind and need to buy yourself some time in order to get your finances together then these things may indeed help you out. The last thing that I want to discuss is something that can be a consequence of avoiding the repo man too long. Of course you can face adverse credit ratings, and possibly having your wages garnished. But if the vehicle is expensive and worth a lot to the finance company they can obtain what is called a Replevin. Basically a replevin is a court order in which the finance company has obtained which allows them to demand that you give them the vehicle back. Once this court order is obtained and served to you by a sheriff officer you must surrender the vehicle within the specified time or you will basically be arrested. So, again utilize the above info only to buy yourself time don't go into the business of ripping off finance companies.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shadows of Doubt

"You put on two tube socks, you couldn't walk in my shoes" Jay-Z

So last week I saw some tweets that were being sent regarding Diggy Simmons [the son of Rev Run] and a freestyle video that he had put out. The consensus of most of those tweets were that he did a pretty good job in the video. However, I first ignored those tweets and formed my own opinion before even hearing it. My reasons were based solely on the fact that Rev's other son JoJo Simmons is a so called "rapper" as well. And well let's just say his skills are less than quality if you ask me. (See Video Below if you want to form your own opinion the cat that's first to spit is Jo Jo).

So after seeing another tweet about the Diggy video I went ahead and checked it out. Now I will admit that his flow was okay but average at best. However, I will say 3 things though. First, he is definitely way better than his brother Jo Jo. Secondly, knowing that he's still really young he's probably the best in that age category right now (if such a category even exists presently), and also better than some "rappers" twice his age. Lastly, I feel that if he stays at it in 3-4 years he may be top notch in his craft. (Check out the Diggy Vid below)

Now those reading may think I'm being hard on the kid. Now don't get me wrong I respect the kid's hustle and the fact that he's doing something positive and probably isn't using his dad's influence to make it happen. However, you have to understand that as a lover of Hip Hop (since a young child) and as an Emcee myself I judge rappers on a different scale than most. So basically it takes a lot to move me and convince me that you have skills in the rap department.

But if I was to go into therapist mode on the situation, I'd say Jo Jo became a rapper because he was trying to get his pops attention and or approval, while Diggy was more just doing what he wanted to do. But I have no degree in that field so this is purely my own speculation.

Now I said all that to finally approach the subject at hand. How do you as a child of someone great, following in the same footsteps as your parent(s), ever attempt to match the greatness of your parent(s). And is it even possible? In the above examples, I questioned will Diggy or Jo Jo ever be as great a rappers as their dad was and achieve the level of success that he did? Run DMC was 1 of the first Hip Hop acts to really hit on a mainstream Level. And thus Rev Run has become as successful as he has. Now to me that's not something that's easy to follow up. So my prediction would be no I doubt if either of them can reach those levels, but I guess only time will tell.

But more than anything I guess my answer to this question is more like why would you even want to follow behind someone great? I mean to be honest my father once was into music. But if he had been a huge music superstar then I don't think I'd even be willing to go down that path. Even if that was something he was pushing or even if I showed real talent in that area I just don't think I would be willing to do the same. I just think the possibility of falling short and always being compared to a legend is hard to overcome. So if the Cosmic Era (inside family joke my bro will laugh @ this one) popped off back in the 80's and my dad ending up being one of the great musicians in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I think I'd go opposite. I think I'd be like a master Chess player or something. Check mate MF! lol.

Although I have to big up to those that have the ability to withstand the criticism, ridicule and pressure and do so, I'm just saying I don't think I could do it. For instance Jesse Jackson Jr., he's a good example, as he followed in his dad's footsteps and became a politician, activist and a man of the people. Obviously he hasn't put in the work his pops has (standing next to Dr. MLK Jr. and all) but all in all he's done a pretty decent job if you ask me.

But there are others that I just don't think will ever get close to the level. For instance, in my opinion Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever dribble a ball. He has 2 sons, both of which played basketball in high school and now in college. However, I would venture to say that neither of these sons will ever get even close to the level of basketball player that their dad was. Although I haven't followed their careers, just based off having not heard much of anything in the news, I can conclude their efforts in comparison to their father's are pretty lack luster. Now again, I'm not being critical, and they may indeed go on to have pretty decent NBA careers down the line. But will they ever achieve the same status of their dad? I would be willing to bet money they won't.

Now in contrast this weekend I also happened to hit a link that took me to a live U-Stream video of P.Diddy and his oldest son Justin. Don't ask what made me hit this link. Bored I guess. But after watching for a little bit I noticed 2 things. 1 I want to be rich just so I can have a TV as big as Diddy's (my God you should've saw the size of this screen). Oh and on the subject at hand, when asked his son said he has no desire to be an entertainer and actually wants to be a football player. This actually shocked me. Just because I figured that since Diddy loves the lime light so much that he'd be likely to push his kids in that same direction. Especially after having previously seen the video below.

Also, on that same note on the anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.'s death I heard an interview with B.I.G.'s daughter's mom. They of course asked her if her daughter wanted to be in the entertainment industry at all. Her response was no she has no desire to be an entertainer, she actually is into fashion design and wants to go to college for that. I was happy to hear this. Likewise, we all know that we lost Michael Jackson last year. Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer of all time. But we know he has 2 children and I think I may have heard that one of them sings. But I don't care how good they may be I hope they never ever try to go into entertainment. Because those are 1 pair of shoes (or glittery socks) I don't think anyone can ever fill, even his own offspring.

I'm sure I can go on and on naming examples of people that both prove and disprove my theory. But as I said this is just my personal opinion and how I would react given the situation. I'm not hating on anyone or anything like that. Also, I'm not saying that if your average Joe or Jane is a doctor or lawyer or in some other high powered position that they're child shouldn't strive to be the same. Again, I'm referring to what I consider "Great" or "the greatest." So I just think regardless of the situation it's difficult to come behind the greatest in any field and fill those shoes.

Well that's my take. What's yours? Leave a Comment at the Beep!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just a Friend??

"Oh baby you, you got what I need...but you say he's just a friend, but you say he's just a friend"

We all laugh when remembering the above video for Biz Markie's song just a friend with him sporting a Mozart wig and singing off key. Although in his 1989 song he chose to approach the subject in a comical sense, what the knowledge that Biz was dropping back then is still relevant over 20 years later. In fact, I would venture to say that the "just a friend" problem continues to be a crucial problem or burden in today's relationship world.

I'm sure most of us have been here before in one way or the other. Whether you're in a relationship and have a "platonic" friendship with a member of the opposite sex or if you're single and have a close friendship with a member of the opposite sex. Regardless of which situation you fall into either way somehow Biz's words will hit home.

Another comedic take on the situation came from comedian Chris Rock. His stance was "women have platonic friends, while guys have women that we just haven't f**ked yet." His words not mine. Check the video below (Sorry for the low quality).

Regardless of which side of the fence you're on this is one subject that we can never get away from when it comes to men, women, friendship and relationships. I've definitely been in this situation before and had to deal with it from both sides of the issue. However, I won't go into that too much on this blog. But if you'd like to hear more of my view point and stance on the issue I cordially invite you to continue the conversation via @TheJadedNyer's Blog Talk Radio Show airing tonight at 9pm CST, 10pm EST. Click the link below to check it out.

I've been invited to be a guest host and speak on this very subject. We'll delve deep into it and address topics such as: If you're both single can you really just be friends, what is considered 'just a friend' anyway and is there ALWAYS sexual tension involved? So it should definitely be a good convo. Unfortunately, I'll be dolo as my blog brother will be at work and unable to lend his viewpoint. But I'll do my best to hold it down. Please tune in, call in and give your perspective, visit the chat room, and follow along via twitter @crecks.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Low Profile

As the light turned green the driver began a left hand turn. As he turned he looked right and noticed a police car stopped at the red light. As he turned fully onto the street he said to his passenger "Damn the cops." The passenger replied "what did you do? You're not drunk are you?" "No I only had 2 beers with dinner."

As the light turned green for the cop car he immediately pulled up behind the driver. The driver then said to his female passenger "I'm about to be pulled over." She replied "what? Why? how do you know?"

The driver pops a mint in his mouth right before taking off at the next green light.

As the car passed through another major intersection, the cop shined his bright light and turned on the police lights to pull over the car. As the cop pulls up the driver begins to roll down the window. The cop has his hand on his gun and flashlight in the driver's face. He motions to him without saying it to "keep his hands where he can see them."

Next comes the questions and answer session, which covers everything except the color of your mom's vaginal walls when you were delivered during birth:

Cop: "What state are these tags from?"

Driver: Ohio Sir

C: They expired last year

D: Actually they are not expired you can see that someone tried to unsuccessfully steal and remove the tag

C: Whose car is this?

D: My girlfriend's she's right here.

C: Do you have a license?

D: Yes... *reaches for ticket in his wallet* I'm driving on a ticket, but I paid it and they still haven't sent me my license. Perhaps it got lost since I've moved.

C: You didn't change your address?

D: No not yet.

C: Well where are you coming from?

D: From Home

C: Where do you live

D: Give his exact address

C: How long have you lived there

D: A few months

C: [Speaking to the Girlfriend] You do know you're supposed to change over your tags within 30 days of moving?

GF: Yes, I'm here for school.

C: How long have you lived here?

GF: 2 months.

C: Where do you live?

D: Attempts to answer..."She"

C: Give look of I'm not talking to you nigger I'm asking her...

GF: We live together

As he speaks to the couple the cop continues to shine his light into the car looking for any suspicious items, drugs, guns, etc. The cop's partner is on the passenger side with his flash light doing the same. An under cover car pulls up as they're interrogating to ask if they need assistance. The cop waves them off & the Under cover car speeds off.

C: Do you have insurance.

GF: Yes I just have to look for it.

GF begins to look through the glove compartment for the insurance card. Pulling out papers from the glove compartment she gives some to the driver to look through as well. She finds a card but it is expired.

Cop walks away and goes to run the plates and license while they continue to search for the insurance card.

GF: I must not have put the updated card in here.

D: Oh well nothing we can do now.

Cop comes back to the driver side.

C: You need to remove that placard from around your plates because you can't tell what state it's from. Also, you need to get this registration changed over as soon as possible.

**hands license to the driver**

C: You folks have a good night.

D: Thanks

As the cop car pulls away. The couple begins to notice it wasn't just one car that pulled them over, as they begin to count together aloud...

D/GF: One, Two, Three, Four... Four Cop cars Wow!

D: And there was an undercover one I saw too but they just didn't stop.

The End...

The story above is a true story I am the driver and the passenger is my girlfriend. We were pulled over for no reason 2 nights ago. We were less than 5 minutes away from our home and racially profiled.

My story is one that has been told before not only by me, but by the many black males throughout the country that face this problem on a daily basis. Yes it's 2010 and guess what? No matter what people may think, racism and racial profiling still exists. I've seen it time and time again that I've been pulled over for no other reason than the fact I'm black.

Some would say "you're lucky you didn't get a ticket." Or it could've been worse. Well I guess I say to that. If I had've gotten a ticket it may have at least made more sense to me. It may have made it more random. But the fact none of that happened well it just goes further to prove my point. But again, my plight is not greater than any other black man in America. The only difference is that mine did turn out good. I only imagine how it would've turned out if I had've had a record. I'm sure they would've searched the car. But wait, I've had that happen to me in the past same situation same girlfriend, just a different car. So, all I can say to that is this is reality.

I once said that to know when the police are behind you for a black man is like a "6th" or "spidey" sense that you're about to be pulled over. But maybe it's not. Maybe it's just that when they do get behind you just anticipate that it's going to happen and being black means that the odds are in your favor that it will happen. Irregardless, the end result is the same. You get left feeling humiliated, embarrassed and pissed all at the same time.

Side Bar: I guess the only thing they haven't done to me yet is pull me over with my son in the car. That is a day I absolutely dread. The main reason being is this. When I was my son's age I witnessed my father handcuffed, arrested, thrown into the back of a cop car and accused of a crime he didn't commit. While I stood there and got to play on the police computer in the front seat. I could only imagine the thoughts that went through my dad's head at that time. I pray I never have to experience that situation, and pray that 10 years from now when my son is driving that things will have gotten better.

But I guess that's what it's all designed to do anyway. Especially if they can't actually pop you on any type of charges. Honestly, I can go on for days and days and honestly, the handful of times I've been pulled over probably don't even equal 30% of the times my brother has been pulled over. He drives for a living so unfortunately he's had to face this on many more occasions than I have. He keeps a tally of the # of times he's been pulled over but I don't.

**Sends text to brother to see his current total # of times he's been pulled over**

So the figure I got back was a whopping 42-44 times he's been pulled over. I don't know how far back he went with that statistic but regardless that's a lot of times to be pulled over. I would say in my lifetime it's probably been less than 15, so my 30% is just about accurate. To close I'm know that I'm working on 1 day being a successful business man. But regardless of what kind of money I make in the future as Kanye said "Even if you drive a benz you still a nigga in a coup."

I know this was supposed to be a comeback blog since it's been so long since I've written, but sorry that it turned out to be a long drawn out story.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In Grand (father) Fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandparents are a special breed. They all have their little quirks, sayings, and what nots, that through the years first get on your nerves, but then grow to be some of the staples that you live your life by. On this November 4th, I would like to honor my Grandfather's 70th birthday by introducing you to some of his greatest sayings.

1) "Well I'ma tell you like this" - Most of Grandfather's pearls of wisdom/stories normally start with this phrase. When you hear this, you might as well settle in. The only bad part about hearing this is when you've come to him with what you feel is an important problem. If you're hype is any manner, its pretty deflating to have him come back with that.

2) "Every closed eye ain't sleep" - This one is a classic. In order for you to understand this one, you must know that my Grandfather hasn't slept through the night probably since the Kennedy Administration. So when as a kid I would always hear him say this, I always thought it was really just a threat. Well that was until my brother and I tried to be slick and sneak into the kitchen for late night peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Grandfather swooped in on us like an owl on a three legged mouse. That night, I truly learned the meaning of this saying.

3) "Jaws tight like Dick's hat band" - Well this is probably how my Grandfather would have described the look on me and my brother's faces when he busted us. I don't know who Dick is, but I do know that we were pretty salty that night, so Dick wears a seriously tight hat. I've always wondered if Dick was just somebody my Grandfather knew, or if it was a well known fact that Dick had a tight hat band.

4) "Joe Sausage Head" - To be referred to as a Joe Sausage Head was pretty severe. If Grandfather called someone this, they generally didn't have much, if any, sense. The funny thing about this saying is that until a co-worker of mine used the term last year, I thought my Grandfather was the only one who said it.

5) "Neither Vip nor Vop" - I have no idea what the hell this means. But when Grandfather says it, its with so much authority, that it almost makes sense.

6) "Like 40 going north" - In case you guys don't know, I drive for a living. I have damn near been on every highway and byway in America. But both US 40 and Interstate 40 travel east and west. So I have yet to figure out what 40 he's referring to. I'm not trying to prove Grandfather wrong, I'm just trying to understand what my man is referring to.

7) "More (Blank) than Carter had little liver pills" - This was another saying that for the longest time, I just took Grandfather at his word. I had no idea who the hell Carter was. With the advent of the internet, I finally decided to look up Carter and his little liver pills. Low and behold, I finally found the information. Carter wasn't a person, per se, but instead a company that made laxitives. Apparently they must've done big business back in the day cuz Grandfather is still referring to them now.

So those are probably the 7 most classic sayings from my Grandfather. I share them with you because though he's not your Grandfather, I'm sure your grandparents have some good saying of their own. I invite you to share with the blogosphere some of your grandparent's sayings. I'm proposing that we keep a Grandparents dictionary. These 7 are enshrined with my Grandmother saying "Flusterated, and Testes (That's the plural of test to her, my girl's grandfather who says "Search" (That's church to everyone else), and My Grandfather John's singing "Every day, every hour of the day", and the ultra classic "Summage". (A summage is a son of a bitch. I guess that's just how it was said in Mississippi).

To my Grandfather. Happy Birthday Grandfather. May you always know that though you might not have thought we were listening, WE WERE! And as we've gotten older, your words have never been truer. We Love you, and hope you're around for many more of these birthday posts. Enjoy your 70th. Next time I'm in Chicago, the cognac is on me! Lol


Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

I'll be honest I'm not a big Halloween person. I haven't dressed up since...Damn I can't even remember but it's been that damn long. Since I've had a son I've of course involved myself in the "holiday" more than normal, but I still don't do too much. Ever since my son's first Halloween where I bought his costume I have somehow become the designated Halloween costume purchaser. And I'll be honest those damn costumes are far from cheap! It was easy when he was 1 and 2. But ever since 3 and up he's been able to express his opinion on what costume he wants. And I swear I pay at least $40 and up for each costume that gets 1 wear and that's it!!

I can actually recall each costume:
2004-Fireman $20
2005- Batman $20 + tax
2006 - Mater from the Movie CARS - $38 + Tax
2007 - James from Thomas the Train $38 + Tax
2008 - Blue Power Ranger $40 + Tax
2009 - Indiana Jones $47.47 with tax and shipping (Yes I had to order this costume from off line)

So in 6 years I've spent over $200 in just costume costs alone. If I keep this up by the time he's 16 I would have spent another $400 in costumes. If he's dressing up after 16yrs old we need to 1.) have a talk and 2.) have a job cuz I'm not buying it. Although $600 over 16yrs is not a whole lot of money spread out over time like that it's still not chump change. So to who ever said kids weren't expensive needs to be choke slammed and put in an arm bar until they tap out! lol. Well that's enough complaining because come next year I already know that I'll be investing another $40+ in a costume for Jr. regardless.

Plus now he's in school so I'm sure his costume requests will only get more elaborate and more expensive as he tries to out do his classmates. As for this year please don't ask why a 5 year old wants to be Indiana Jones. I blame it on the video game "Lego Indiana Jones" but I can't see many other kids recognizing who he is. But I don't think he even cares he was mostly concerned with making sure he had that damn whip as an accessory. Lord I pray no one catches a slave lashing from the boy in school. I'm not ready for those types of calls from the teacher.

Well that ends my mini Halloween rant. I hope everyone that celebrates Halloween enjoys their celebration. Please make sure everyone is safe when doing so. I'll be attending a party hosted by my son. So this should be very interesting. Oh and I've been told I must dress up for the party and I have no costume so this should be even funnier.

P.S. If anyone is looking for any of the aforementioned costumes come next year between sizes 12 mos - 5T they will all be posted on ebay or a craigslist near you. **praying his momma didn't throw out the old costumes** I'm trying to recoup some of those funds!! LoL.

P.P.S. My cousin sent me this damn video on Facebook she made. It features my brother and I, her and my other 2 cousins. I don't know why but the shit had me dying laughing out Loud Literally. So maybe someone else out there can get a quick laugh from it. Watch for my brother at the end of the video! Pure hillarity! Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Testimony Tuesday

Well we had to take a week off due to just being down right busy. But we're back with another Testimony Tuesday. I know it's still a day late because it's Wednesday, but at least we're back. We had quite a few e-mails over the break, and as usual we can't get to them all but here is the latest Tuesday Testimony.


Ok here's the situation. I got involved with this girl a few months back. She's a real laid back cool ass chick. Attractive, funny, smart, etc. all the good stuff a guy would want in a girl. Well you know how everyone has a deal breaker when it comes to relationships and dating? Well mines is dogs. I truly can't stand the filthy muts! And I always vowed I would never date a chick with a dog.

Well when I met this girl I didn't know at first about the dog but within a week of knowing her quickly found out. Well as you and any fellas know when it comes to a fine woman a guy will compromise certain things. So I decided as long as I don't have to be around the dog then it shouldn't really affect me. So I went ahead and lied about my dislike of dogs and significatnly downplayed how much I hated them. Basically she thought I was cool with them.
Well gradually as we progressed thinking that I didn't have a problem with dogs she started bring the dog around more and more. Long story short now I'm in too deep in dog shit! Literally!! She's got me dog sitting, walkiing the dog, cleaning up it's shit, playing with the damn thing. I'm trying not to go Mike Vick on the poor Dog but I don't know how much more I can take. I mean she's fine but if her and the dog are a package deal I may have to return to sender!

What should I do?

Driza Dre: Well, I know this topic was near and dear to your heart considering you're such a dog lover. LOL
C-Recks: Lmao I feel his pain man! “But if you having girl problems I feel bad for you son.” Unfortunately, he’s probably wishin he was on some jay-z shit “99 problems but a bitch wasn't one.” Lol

DD: The dog right? Lol

CR: Lmao oh… yeah. Lol

DD: Man, the funny thing is that the whole time I'm reading it, I'm thinking, if she fine, this really ain't an issue. I mean, a whole lotta brothas have put up with a whole lot worse in the infinite pursuit of P. Suck it up, and do what you gotta do.

CR: Man I'm trying to think how fine a chick would have to be for me to put up would a damn dog though! I mean is she Rachel from Caribbean Rhythms fine or Rachel Ray fine? I know Rachel Ray is yo girl. Lol

DD: I know we always talk about dimes, but even a 5 that can cook is a 7 in my book. Food means a lot to me.

CR: Lol man I feel you on that but the dog is getting most of the kibbles and bits in this instance

DD: Its still just a dog. But I did think of a couple of instances in which this dog is a relationship killer.
1) If she puts any kind of clothing on the dog when she makes you walk it
2) If she kisses the dog on the mouth or asks you to kiss the dog on the mouth
3) If the pooch doesn't have its own bed cuz it sleeps in the bed with her
DD: Any of those, and its time to be out man

CR: Man those are all reasons I can't stand dogs and dog lovers! Lol

DD: Well not all dog owners are those kinda dog owners. Some actually treat their pets like pets

CR: Well my man didn't get into the specifics but its gotta be something major for him to be ready to leave a dime chick over it. So should he just man up and deal with the dog? Or should he come clean about his dislike for the mangy mut?

DD: Well, I would come clean about it. But only if he's willing to work with her on the dog issue. Cuz the dog ain't going away. And if he presents it on some its either him, or me stuff, brotha might as well pack his bags right now. But I am saying that if the chick and the relationship are worth it, this is a minor problem. She'll know that if he's worth keeping around, she needs to be more understanding of the fact that dogs really aren't his thing.

CR: Right she ain't pickin the nigga over her dog. If he comes clean he may just be able to get outta of some of the dog duties. But something tells me he may be killin himself like suicide if he says anything. She ain't gone appreciate him lying to get wit her and furthermore won't appreciate him not liking her dog.

DD: It could go that way, but I kinda doubt it will

CR: Well more than anything like you've said guys have had to endure far worse things to stay with a dyme so even from a dog hater I agree this is minor to be with dime status. I'm sure another nigga with an alergy to dogs would gladly deal with this dude's chick and her dog any given day.

CR: So that's just some food for thought for him to chew on.

DD: Man, tis better to have a fine chick with a dog than to have to settle for a chick that looks like one. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

CR: Lmao !! You a fool 4 that one, But u 4sho right.

DD: Well that's it in a nut shell for me. If the relationship is worth it, you gotta take the chance, and speak your peace. And see where it goes from there

CR: Man dimes don't come too frequent to the average guy. So I say count your blessings and endure whatever minor pain you must in order to keep her.

DD: Cuz if you don't, some other dog will!

CR: Exactly it's "dog eat dog" And as they say "Every dog has his day," so enjoy yours while it lasts. **DMX Bark**

Well that's our take on it. Any readers that want to give any other tips or helpful advice please leave your comments. And if you have a testimony please leave your anonymous post or e-mail.

--Driza Dre--