Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost Famous

"Point em' out Point em' out Get em' "- Hot Stylz "Lookin Boy"

Although the above quoted song is from a group that's from Chicago I will admit I can't stand the song. However, it is relevant to the topic at hand. You see for the longest I've had a talent that most probably wouldn't even consider a talent. Some may consider it wrong or some of you may do the same thing. In fact, I've gotten better at keeping this talent to myself. Back in the day I had no problem letting those around me and closest to me about this skill set. But even though I'm not vocal about it I still can't help but to utilize it in my head.
So you're probably curious by now as to what this hidden so called talent is. Well I won't even explain it I'll just jump right into it and let you see for yourselves. It's in picture form by the way.

So since I've been taking the bus I can't help but to be naturally observant. It's just in my nature. But below are a few famous people I've come across while riding the bus/train.

Bill Gates
Now don't ask me what one of the richest men in the world was doing riding a CTA train downtown. But here you have it. Mr. Bill Gates.

Tim Reid
I haven't seen much of Tim Reid since Sister Sister went off the air a long while ago so it was good to see him again. He was flirting with this Hispanic chick next to him but I don't know his marital status and I'm not a snitch either. LoL.

Evan Ross
Dianna Ross' son and actor in the movie ATL made an appearance at the bus stop as well. A long way from ATL but I guess as he said "you gotta fake it to make it." LoL.

Derrick Rose
Now I couldn't leave myself out of this either. I don't see it at all. But a friend of mines recently told me how much I look like the NBA Rookie of the Year and #1 Chicago Bulls draft pick Derek Rose. So you can compare for yourself. The pic of me is actually me at a bulls game a couple of weeks ago. That's actually Rose on the jumbo tron.

Alright so you got me it's definitely not a talent. It's just me basically talking about people and making comparisons to who they may look like. But for some reason I'm usually dead on. As I said I used to do this all the time especially when I was with my ex. This is all we did. Probably the only damn thing we had in common. LoL. But since then, I don't say much out loud. But to myself I will certainly make a comparison in a minute. I'm sure that with my commute on the bus/train I will continue to see more famous faces. I will try to keep you updated with my sightings. Excuse my photography, you know I have to be discreet here. LoL.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, April 17, 2009

4 Weddings and A Funeral

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you..." Eric B. &Rakim "I got Soul."

Okay I want to personally apologize to all for our lack of posts over the last month. I wish there was a specific reason we could quote as to why we haven't been posting, but unfortunately there isn't. There have been no major tragedies or drama (Thank God), and all is actually going very well with the new job and everything else. So to be honest I will simply chalk it up to pure laziness. As my late granny Alverta often use to tell my brother "You're just Lazy! Boy You're Just Lazy! Why are you so Damn Lazy?!!?" LoL. The new job has kind of been kicking my butt and my commute has changed to public transportation (I'll maybe reveal why in a later blog). But by the time I get home I'm too lazy to read or write.

But I want to thank all of our followers for being patient and not going anywhere. I was quite surprised when I logged in the other day to see that we still had the same number of followers. I was expecting half of you to stop following. Most of my previous blogging and reading was done while at my old job and it's much harder to do that from this job. Yes I actually have a steady flow of work to do. And as great of a multi-tasker I am I have yet to be able to fit blogging into all I do now. But I will make better attempts to read everyone's blog and start blogging at least 1-2xs a week.

Also, I decided to finally jump on the Tweeter bandwagon so feel free to follow me there @

So this isn't a major blog but just got presented something and I just had to speak on it really quick. So speaking of work I actually have my 60 day review today. So I've been here 2 months. Now I worked 5 years for a smaller company and for a company not much bigger than that prior to. But the company before that was much bigger and they tended to celebrate everything. I mean you name it they celebrated it. Birthday, baby shower, wedding, engagement, etc.

Well I've found myself back at another company that does this. I told you how on day # 2 I got talked into signing up for the birthday club. But I did so thinking that my birthday was coming up next so why not. But since then I've already had to put my $5 in on 3 other birthdays. But it's not just the $5. But then I have to bring some kind of snack or goody for the party. Isn't that what my $5 was for? So, now my boss is getting married next month and just got an e-mail that I gotta put in on that as well. We're not having any strippers in the office so to be honest I'm good on putting in on his party. If there were going to be strippers of course I'd be the first putting my money in the pot. LoL. But I don't want to be the only one not contributing so I'll pony up next week. I'm actually starting to feel like Elaine in this episode of Seinfeld Below. LoL.

Now today I got an envelope passed by me. I opened it and read that a lady from another department's husband died. They of course wanted a donation and they had a card to sign. Now I didn't have any cash on me so I'm like I can't put in. But I did want to at least sign the card and send my condolences. But I guess since I didn't put in on it I couldn't sign the card. As smokey from Friday said "You didn't put in on this Maaaan!" So I'm like damn okay well get me next week if it's still going around. Or I'll just give my condolences when she returns to work.

But basically I feel like I'm in 1 of those churches that pass the collection plate around about 5 times a service. After you put in on the first time it's like damn come on now. You mean we still don't have enough for a new building yet? LoL. All I know is that I better get hooked up come my birthday next month. I at least need my $15 back I've put in so far. LoL.

But that's it people nothing major or exciting. Hopefully, I can get something good for you next week. It's finally nice weather in Chicago so I plan on getting out and enjoying. Have a great weekend everyone.