Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

I'll be honest I'm not a big Halloween person. I haven't dressed up since...Damn I can't even remember but it's been that damn long. Since I've had a son I've of course involved myself in the "holiday" more than normal, but I still don't do too much. Ever since my son's first Halloween where I bought his costume I have somehow become the designated Halloween costume purchaser. And I'll be honest those damn costumes are far from cheap! It was easy when he was 1 and 2. But ever since 3 and up he's been able to express his opinion on what costume he wants. And I swear I pay at least $40 and up for each costume that gets 1 wear and that's it!!

I can actually recall each costume:
2004-Fireman $20
2005- Batman $20 + tax
2006 - Mater from the Movie CARS - $38 + Tax
2007 - James from Thomas the Train $38 + Tax
2008 - Blue Power Ranger $40 + Tax
2009 - Indiana Jones $47.47 with tax and shipping (Yes I had to order this costume from off line)

So in 6 years I've spent over $200 in just costume costs alone. If I keep this up by the time he's 16 I would have spent another $400 in costumes. If he's dressing up after 16yrs old we need to 1.) have a talk and 2.) have a job cuz I'm not buying it. Although $600 over 16yrs is not a whole lot of money spread out over time like that it's still not chump change. So to who ever said kids weren't expensive needs to be choke slammed and put in an arm bar until they tap out! lol. Well that's enough complaining because come next year I already know that I'll be investing another $40+ in a costume for Jr. regardless.

Plus now he's in school so I'm sure his costume requests will only get more elaborate and more expensive as he tries to out do his classmates. As for this year please don't ask why a 5 year old wants to be Indiana Jones. I blame it on the video game "Lego Indiana Jones" but I can't see many other kids recognizing who he is. But I don't think he even cares he was mostly concerned with making sure he had that damn whip as an accessory. Lord I pray no one catches a slave lashing from the boy in school. I'm not ready for those types of calls from the teacher.

Well that ends my mini Halloween rant. I hope everyone that celebrates Halloween enjoys their celebration. Please make sure everyone is safe when doing so. I'll be attending a party hosted by my son. So this should be very interesting. Oh and I've been told I must dress up for the party and I have no costume so this should be even funnier.

P.S. If anyone is looking for any of the aforementioned costumes come next year between sizes 12 mos - 5T they will all be posted on ebay or a craigslist near you. **praying his momma didn't throw out the old costumes** I'm trying to recoup some of those funds!! LoL.

P.P.S. My cousin sent me this damn video on Facebook she made. It features my brother and I, her and my other 2 cousins. I don't know why but the shit had me dying laughing out Loud Literally. So maybe someone else out there can get a quick laugh from it. Watch for my brother at the end of the video! Pure hillarity! Enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Testimony Tuesday

Well we had to take a week off due to just being down right busy. But we're back with another Testimony Tuesday. I know it's still a day late because it's Wednesday, but at least we're back. We had quite a few e-mails over the break, and as usual we can't get to them all but here is the latest Tuesday Testimony.


Ok here's the situation. I got involved with this girl a few months back. She's a real laid back cool ass chick. Attractive, funny, smart, etc. all the good stuff a guy would want in a girl. Well you know how everyone has a deal breaker when it comes to relationships and dating? Well mines is dogs. I truly can't stand the filthy muts! And I always vowed I would never date a chick with a dog.

Well when I met this girl I didn't know at first about the dog but within a week of knowing her quickly found out. Well as you and any fellas know when it comes to a fine woman a guy will compromise certain things. So I decided as long as I don't have to be around the dog then it shouldn't really affect me. So I went ahead and lied about my dislike of dogs and significatnly downplayed how much I hated them. Basically she thought I was cool with them.
Well gradually as we progressed thinking that I didn't have a problem with dogs she started bring the dog around more and more. Long story short now I'm in too deep in dog shit! Literally!! She's got me dog sitting, walkiing the dog, cleaning up it's shit, playing with the damn thing. I'm trying not to go Mike Vick on the poor Dog but I don't know how much more I can take. I mean she's fine but if her and the dog are a package deal I may have to return to sender!

What should I do?

Driza Dre: Well, I know this topic was near and dear to your heart considering you're such a dog lover. LOL
C-Recks: Lmao I feel his pain man! “But if you having girl problems I feel bad for you son.” Unfortunately, he’s probably wishin he was on some jay-z shit “99 problems but a bitch wasn't one.” Lol

DD: The dog right? Lol

CR: Lmao oh… yeah. Lol

DD: Man, the funny thing is that the whole time I'm reading it, I'm thinking, if she fine, this really ain't an issue. I mean, a whole lotta brothas have put up with a whole lot worse in the infinite pursuit of P. Suck it up, and do what you gotta do.

CR: Man I'm trying to think how fine a chick would have to be for me to put up would a damn dog though! I mean is she Rachel from Caribbean Rhythms fine or Rachel Ray fine? I know Rachel Ray is yo girl. Lol

DD: I know we always talk about dimes, but even a 5 that can cook is a 7 in my book. Food means a lot to me.

CR: Lol man I feel you on that but the dog is getting most of the kibbles and bits in this instance

DD: Its still just a dog. But I did think of a couple of instances in which this dog is a relationship killer.
1) If she puts any kind of clothing on the dog when she makes you walk it
2) If she kisses the dog on the mouth or asks you to kiss the dog on the mouth
3) If the pooch doesn't have its own bed cuz it sleeps in the bed with her
DD: Any of those, and its time to be out man

CR: Man those are all reasons I can't stand dogs and dog lovers! Lol

DD: Well not all dog owners are those kinda dog owners. Some actually treat their pets like pets

CR: Well my man didn't get into the specifics but its gotta be something major for him to be ready to leave a dime chick over it. So should he just man up and deal with the dog? Or should he come clean about his dislike for the mangy mut?

DD: Well, I would come clean about it. But only if he's willing to work with her on the dog issue. Cuz the dog ain't going away. And if he presents it on some its either him, or me stuff, brotha might as well pack his bags right now. But I am saying that if the chick and the relationship are worth it, this is a minor problem. She'll know that if he's worth keeping around, she needs to be more understanding of the fact that dogs really aren't his thing.

CR: Right she ain't pickin the nigga over her dog. If he comes clean he may just be able to get outta of some of the dog duties. But something tells me he may be killin himself like suicide if he says anything. She ain't gone appreciate him lying to get wit her and furthermore won't appreciate him not liking her dog.

DD: It could go that way, but I kinda doubt it will

CR: Well more than anything like you've said guys have had to endure far worse things to stay with a dyme so even from a dog hater I agree this is minor to be with dime status. I'm sure another nigga with an alergy to dogs would gladly deal with this dude's chick and her dog any given day.

CR: So that's just some food for thought for him to chew on.

DD: Man, tis better to have a fine chick with a dog than to have to settle for a chick that looks like one. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

CR: Lmao !! You a fool 4 that one, But u 4sho right.

DD: Well that's it in a nut shell for me. If the relationship is worth it, you gotta take the chance, and speak your peace. And see where it goes from there

CR: Man dimes don't come too frequent to the average guy. So I say count your blessings and endure whatever minor pain you must in order to keep her.

DD: Cuz if you don't, some other dog will!

CR: Exactly it's "dog eat dog" And as they say "Every dog has his day," so enjoy yours while it lasts. **DMX Bark**

Well that's our take on it. Any readers that want to give any other tips or helpful advice please leave your comments. And if you have a testimony please leave your anonymous post or e-mail.

--Driza Dre--

Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL Blog Challenge - "At a Loss" for Words

"Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play." Unfortunately on Sunday night, those players played for the Falcons and not my beloved Chicago Bears. It was a good game all the way through. Chicago jumped out to a 7-0 lead. After switching to a no huddle offense, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan lead his offense to two second quarter touchdowns. The Bears tied it up in the fourth quarter, but on the ensuing kickoff, some guy that on my TV screen looked like he should be playing high school football, and not in the NFL, ran the ball back deep into Chicago territory. (Eric Weems is his name). At that point, I kinda figured it was over. Atlanta went on to score. The Bears made a late effort and tying the game, but it was not to be. The final score was Atl 21 Chi 14.

So this is where I have to praise Atlanta. The Bears have an above average defense. And the strength of that defense is normally our defensive line. But all game, Matt Ryan had enough time to snap the ball, look around the crowd for his woman, check his email, and still deliver the ball to any number of his receivers. The Bears finished the night with 0 sacks. And just to show you how bad it was, they also finished with 0 QB hits. By contrast, the Falcons finished with 2 sacks, and 7 QB hits. In their last game against the Detroit Lions, the Bears defense had 5 sacks, and 9 QB hits. So big props to the Falcons offensive line. The funny thing is that their line has no one on it that you would consider a star.
So for a second consecutive year, the Dirty Birds got the better of my beloved Bears. You look good Atlanta.

Shouts out to 12Kyle for accepting the challenge and his team for stepping up and handling their business. Sorry this was posted so late. But good looking.

Not sure if there are any Cincinnati Bengals fans in the building but if so you know the routine hit us up for the challenge.

--Driza Dre--

Friday, October 16, 2009

NFL Blog Challenge - Week 6

Well after a week off I hope our Chicago Bears are well rested and ready for this Sunday's game. This week we're challenging 12kyle's Atlanta Falcons. The bears have had a good season start so far beginning at 3-1. However, the Falcons have the exact same record at this point in the season. We're down for our team and have confidence in them, but will admit that this will not be an easy win. So with that said let's get it! **G-Dep Voice**

If your team is playing ours this season feel free to hit us up for a challenge. See the first NFL Blog Challenge for the basic rules and regulations. The Chicago Bears schedule is below so hit us up to get in on the action. Namely we're looking to cover the next 2 weeks so we're looking for any Ohio folks that represent either the Bengals or the Browns.

Any fans of The Bears or The Falcons feel free to get in on the trash talking that will be taking place Sunday night. We'll be doing so via twitter. @crecks or @12kyle.

Let's Go Bears!!!

--Driza Dre--

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Testimony Tuesday

Although this is being posted on a Wednesday this was technically done on a Tuesday. Welcome to another Testimony Tuesday. Last week's Testimony was a little off the hook. But we went ahead and broke it down the best we could. Lol. This week we received a couple of emails and then an anonymous comment to the blog. We'll be using that comment for today's "Testimony Tuesday." As always if you have a testimony that you want to share or are seeking advice or our opinions on you can always leave an anonymous comment on our blog or email Without further ado here is this week's "Testimony Tuesday."

Dear Brothers',

A friend sent me an email asking my opinion on a situation and I thought I'd ask for your opinions:

What do you do when a friend wants to sleep with you? The friend knows your spouse but they are very very unhappy a home. And they feel that, just for one night and one night only, you’ll give them what they need?

C-Recks: Aight well I'll start by saying 3 words "game recognize game." Not that I've ever used this particular type of game, but if you've seen 1 you've seen em' all.

Driza Dre: right

CR: The comment doesn't specify, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that anonymous' friend is a female and the friend hitting her up for sex is a male. The reason being because this is only game that a nigga would use.

DD: That's what I was trying to figure out. But it makes a lot of sense to me. Well the first thing I thought was this... It ain't no way in hell this will be a one time thing

CR: Right

DD: So off the top you gotta let yo friend know what kinda situation she's getting herself into. Now she may care, she may not. But in my experiences, women may be comfortable with doing something like that once, maybe even twice. But most women absolutely will not be the woman on the side. And it sounds like that's the kinda situation she's headed for.

CR: Not only that, but according to the letter anonymous' friend is married and the guy trying to sleep with her knows her husband. We don't know if the guy is married as well we just know "it's a very very unhappy home." But I'm sure if they're close friends that she knows the guys significant other as well.

DD: Man, that just sounds like some all around "All My Children" stuff right there. My advice, anything that sounds like a Maury Povich episode, stay away!!! The lie detector determined, that was a lie.

CR: Lol. Yeah I totally agree man. I'd say think of this situation the way skinny brothers like myself think of Jail! Basically that's some shit you definitely wanna stay far far away from. LoL. Trust this guy is running or has run the same game before. And its probably like the wet tissue theory he throws it out there and sees if it sticks. Or if he gets to stick. Lol

DD: Of course. You can't knock the brotha for trying.

DD: And for the person who hit us with this question, honestly, you want to be very careful with the advice you give your friend. Cuz when this all blows up, you don't want to get hit by any of the flying emotional debris.

CR: And for her to even think of asking her friend (anonymous) for advice on what to do leads me to almost think its something deeper going on in her personal home life. Like maybe she's the one that's in a "very very unhappy home." The only reason I say that is because we all know that the average woman whose home life is all good usually wouldn't even think twice about declining this offer over and over until she got tired of it. And then when she did she would just end the friendship because he's obviously not respecting her marriage. So I think the friend may even be looking for some type of support or hoping someone (namely her friend anonymous) will give her the green light and tell her she should go ahead and do it so that she can have an excuse to go through with what she may be wanting to do anyways.

DD: aw yeah. When you know you're wrong, you're always hoping that some how some way, somebody will feel you, and green light your behavior. But that's when you really have to be a "good" friend and tell yo girl, don't go down this path. Good friend doesn't mean Yes man or Yes woman.

CR: Right cuz as a friend you know where this is headed we all do even Stevie Wonder can see that.

DD: On a quick side note, when Stevie passes, who's the new blind person that we can say saw something coming?

CR: Lol. Man Ray is gone too. So IDK good question though I'll think on it. Lol

DD: But back to the nature at hand. I would tell your friend to not go down that path. It ain't worth it. Even if you get one night of good sex, it may blow up, and cost you a lifetime of pain. You just never know. Not to mention the Karma aspect.

CR: Man exactly and as we all know "Karma Karma Karma come back to you harder!" I say anonymous' advice to their friend should definitely not support this type of behavior. If this guy is so "unhappy" at home he needs to get a divorce! Hell with Usher's new song "Papers" its giving people motivation to get divorced. So he needs to go home and put that song on repeat and call an attorney. The same goes for your friend if in fact she's unhappy and considering adultery as well.

CR: Idk how long she's known the guy, but the bottom line is that he's just being a nigga. And **in my Busta Rhymes voice ** "and that's just what niggaz do." Lol. I mean keep it real the nigga is just trying to hit. He's probably been eyeing that for as long as they've been friends and she's blocked or denied all his advances so this is his last ditch effort. And he's now hittin her with the guilt trip trying to weigh on her heart strings.
CR: I can hear the nigga crying now, "I'm so unhappy at home and for 1 night only you could at least make me happy." I'm not hating or knocking his game but nigga please! Or at least that's what I'd be saying if that was my friend. But you act accordingly. Good luck to you and to your friend.

Well that's all we got if you have any advice to add for anonymous please leave it in the comments. And if you have a testimony you can leave it in the comments or send an email to

--Driza Dre--

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Testimony Tuesday

Its that time again. Yep it's Tuesday and we are back at you with an all new "Tuesday Testimony." If you need the background on how this new segment began then please check out the first "Tuesday Testimony" from last week. Well after opening up the floor for new testimonies we've had a subtle response thus far. This week we received 1 anonymous comment and also a couple of e-mails, which is more than we expected. Unfortunately, at this time we can only post 1 per week, so the others may be used for later posts. But by all means keep em' coming in.

Again you can send in your testimony by anonymously commenting to any of our posts or you can send an email to All emails and comments will remain anonymous. However, as always we will give our honest and possibly blunt opinion. Then we may mix it with a few jokes just because that's what we do. But regardless we'll give you the real deal. Then open it up to the readers and their opinions.

So with that said let's get into today's "Tuesday Testimony." To begin just keep in mind the subject of this letter is not PG-13. It's not XXX but it's probably somewhere between Nc-17 and X. LoL. Just a warning to those that may be a little more conservative feel free to exit now before the elevator doors close! LoL. But by all means don't take offense this is a grown up blog and we're having a grown up conversation. This week's Testimony was sent in via email:

So about a month ago I caught my guy watching a porno movie. He wasn't doing anything except watching. Now it wasn't anything major because as a woman I know that all men watch porn. But it was a slight shock to see him doing it in front of me. Well he didn't stop watching as I came into the room and he actually asked if I wanted to watch with him.

Now I'm not going to pretend like I've never watched porn before in my life, but I will admit it's never been to the extent that a guy would watch. And I've never watched with a partner before. To be honest it really doesn't do much for me. I'd much rather do my own thing than watch someone else do it. But when he asked I did notice how turned on he was and thought it would be a "fun" experience for both of us.

Well long story short I agreed to watch with him. But as I sat next to him watching I found myself asking him a lot of questions, laughing at certain thiings I saw, and even talking about the actors in the film. After a while he grew tired of my antics and turned off the movie and left out the room. I was hoping we would doing a reenactment of the film ourselves but I could see he wasn't even aroused any more.

Since that episode I've walked in on him watching porn again a couple of times but now he just turns off the movie when I walk in. I don't care that he watches porn without me, but I would also like it to be something we can do together as well and then reap the benefits of it there after. Basically I want him to feel comfortable to invite me to watch with him again, but I don't know how to approach the subject.

What should I do?
Here is our reply and conversation about the comment done via messenger:

C-Recks: Man this letter here is pretty funny only because I'm sure every man in the world that has watched porn with a woman has experienced this.

Driza Dre: yeah, I would have to agree

CR: And I can just feel my man's pain

DD: See the thing that women don't realize is that porn is a whole different world for men, And for the men that are brave enough to try to bring their woman into that world, well its usually not a positive outcome.

CR: I think instead of the FBI warning at the beginning of the porn movies about bootlegging there should be some other basic rules. Lol

DD: right

CR: Something like The 10 Porn Comandments

DD: Can't tell me nothing bout this porn. My Mr. Marcus Niggaz. Lol

CR: Lmao you a damn fool. (If you have never heard Biggie's "10 Crack Commandments" then you may have missed that symbolism).

CR: But shit since u sparked it hit em wit that #10 rule and we can go back and forth.

DD: Well shit, I say # 10 is number one to me. As a woman, you can't take it personal. I mean, yo man watching porn doesn't mean that he's not into you or that he's into any of those crazy things. Its just different. That's all. So don't hold it against him. I mean, if you watching porn with him, I'm sure he won't be trippin over the guy's packages that you'll be looking at. So don't sweat him.

CR: Well I'll say #9 is STFU! Oh sorry let me be nice please hush during porn time. A man doesn't need u killin his porn high by talking and asking a million questions about what's going on or how she can make her ass can clap like a whole audience on a game show. Or how fake her orgasms are or how nasty this or that is. We know all that but its porn you get what you get.

DD: In the same vane as #9, #8 is, just because he's watching a porn with a white girl in it doesn't necessarily mean that he's in to white women. Again, its a fantasy world. Plus, white porn is just better than black porn. I mean, if you put in a black porn, you have to sit and listen to some niggaz demo tape before the F*CKING starts. Sorry, but that gets old

CR: Lmao! Yeah I can't mix porn and rap! As Kanye said "that's why we watch your porn in fast forward cuz we don't wanna hear that weak shit no mo!" Lol

DD: Exactly. Lol. Also to the porn emcee. The next one of you niggaz to get a deal will be the first one of you niggaz to get a deal. Give it up! Unless you count Lloyd Banks/Brian Pumper. LOL

CR: Lmao I knew the Lloyd Banks was coming. **In my best Lloyd Banks voice**"Nigga what you say!" Lmao

CR: Well #7 plays off of that I say that women can't see their guy's porn stash and see some freak nasty stuff and assume her guy is automatically into all of that shit. Again its fantasy if he likes to watch 5 chicks get it on, trust its pure fantasy because the nigga will neva get that lucky! Eva! Lol

CR: Unless he watches gay porn then that's a totally different ball game and he may be batting someone else's balls. Lol. Or if it's anything else that's just out of the ordinary then "Houston we Have a Problem."

DD: Well, I draw the line at clown porn. If yo dude is watching people with big feet and squeezable red noses having sex, you have a right to ask some questions. LOL

DD: Tell him DrizaDre said so! Cuz hell, I wanna know why?

CR: Lol yeah if its some way off the wall shit then I will say u have the right to think something is wrong and even question it. Cuz some stuff like midget porn, beasteality or sick stuff like that is just weird and disturbing. But then again if he's into some off the wall stuff like that then I'm sure his porn stash isn't the first you've heard of the weird shit he's into.

CR: I'm talkin bout "normal" porn.

DD: Well, here's a serious tip for #6. If you've had enough of the porn, feel free at any time to spark off a session with your man. I've never heard of a man saying "naw baby, we can't have sex til I finish this Booty Talk #147. I mean, I do have to return it to the video store." If the porn has been on for two minutes or more, he's probably ready to throw down. So reach out and touch, or whatever it is that you do to spark it. Its time.

CR: No doubt! Lol

CR: Well #5 has to be take mental notes. Trust if you see something in the porn feel free to see if you can make the same happen in the bed. Your man will be pleasantly surprised and give you plenty of props (or something better) for trying it out without him having to ask or beg you to try it.

DD: Unless its some gay shit, If so, refer back to rule #7

CR: Lmao exactly

DD: #4 may sound redundant..... And it is STFU! But let me add this little tid bit. That doesn't just go for the particular day or night you'r watching the porn, but in the days after as well. There ain't nothing worse than being blindsided with something like "So you don't expect me to do a threesome just because we watched the porn last night?" I mean, that's a crazy comment over the breakfast table!

CR: Man yeah you don't know whether to ask to pass the K-Y or the syrup. lol

DD: LMAO. Better get it right!

CR: Well #3 is this ALL guys watch porn! Period point blank. I would feel like I deserve a no snitching fine if this wasn't a known fact! So please don't act surprised, upset, pissed, confused or whatever else when you catch your man watching porn or happen to "stumble upon" his porn stash! It is what it is and refer back to rule #10 when u find it

DD: Do I have to reiterate rules four and nine? Ok, well rule #2 is enjoy yourself. Its just porn. You haven't committed a cardinal sin or anything. At least I don't think so. But you'll have to take that up with your particular God. I'm not saying that you always need porn to make the sparks fly, but its a definite enhancer. And who knows, maybe that might help him to come to you and ask "What can I do for you to make it special". Just a Thought

CR: Well #1 then just sums them all up to me and I've already stated it. But it's simply It is what it is. Its porn. Its not real its not and never will be a replacement for real sex. Its not anything beyond its title, its porn. Its a billion dollar industry and they all get paid off people's desire to want to watch. As long as you keep it mind that it is what it is it will avoid plenty conflicts that arise that are porn related.

CR: I think the 10 Porn Commandments pretty much answer her question and if she can apply those rules her porn experience with her man will get better results. That's all I got but hit em' with a closing argument if you have one .

DD: Nope, the 10 speak for themselves. Damn if this ain't some of my best work actually. But apply the rules ladies, and you be the judge.
Well that's our take on it. Any readers that want to give any other tips or helpful advice please leave your comments. And if you have a testimony please leave your anonymous post or e-mail.

--Driza Dre--

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet Victory!!

Well in our first NFL Blog Challenge our Chicago Bears were victorious over Mr Chap and his Detroit Lions. It was a good 1st half and they gave us a run for our money. However, we had to put the hammer down on them in the 2nd half and shut them out. It felt good to sip my beer as I watched my Bears handle their business. But for losing Mr. Chap was a good sport and held up his end of the bargain and posted a blog about the challenge and the Bears victory. You can check it out here.

Check out the schedule football fans! The bears have a bye week next week. But we'll be right back at it come the following week vs the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati and Cleveland the 2 weeks after. If there are any Bengals or Browns fans make sure you holla at us for the challenge. We already have 12kyle over at 12th Planet as our next victim set for the Atlanta Falcons challenge. But we welcome any more Atlanta challengers to bring it on!

--Driza Dre--

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NFL Blog Challenge

Are you ready for some Foooooootballll???!!???

Well I'm not sure how many of you out there are football fans, but I'm sure those of you that are football fanatics like us are thrilled football season is back. I'm sure that everyone is loving being able to root on their favorite teams. As for us you should already know that we're die hard Chicago Bears fans. We've been down since the 80's and our last Super Bowl victory. Although we fell short a couple of years ago from bringing home that Super Bowl trophy we're confident we'll be back soon.

Now I must admit it has been an eventful season thus far and we're only 4 weeks in. There are a lot of good teams out there that came out the gate running and are trying to make themselves valid contenders this season. But regardless as die hard Bears fans we will ride or die with our team, and hopefully most of you feel that same way about your teams. Now not only are we ride or die fans if you've read our blog before you know that we are also very competitive and also like to gamble.

So with that being said we've decided to throw out the First Annual NFL Blog Challenge. So we're calling out all bloggers to step up and rep your NFL team. That's right our team vs. your team. When our team (The Chicago Bears) plays your team we want someone to accept this challenge. The blogger of the winning team gets bragging rights all season (or until the next time the 2 teams play). However, the blogger of the losing team must write a blog post admitting that their team lost to ours and give mad props to our Chicago Bears. You can do that in any form or fashion you choose just as long as you admit that your team was not up to par and lost the game. So are you down? Is your team good enough to compete? If so hit us up by either comment or emailing at

This season's Chicago Bear Schedule is listed below so be on the look out for when we play your team. Also, keep in mind it can be multiple bloggers vs us. The same rules apply. If we lose we'll give all that chose that team against ours their props. Also, we'll try to post a preview of that weekend's match up in a blog sometime before the game. Just keep in mind it's all fun and games we love the bears but we won't go to the extreme badgering a fellow blogger. However, that doesn't mean we won't talk some shit and exchange a few verbal jabs about the other team! LoL.

As for this Sunday's match up The Chicago Bears are taking on The Detroit Lions. Our first opponent in this NFL Blog Challenge is none other than MR. CHAP from the MR. CHAP Morning Show. He's accepted our challenge and is confident that his Lions will defeat our Bears on Sunday. Or as he was quoted to say: "I'm in. So I'm just gonna gone head and start braggin' on the Lions. THEN I'm coming to YOUR BLOG and talk super trash. THEN I'm coming back to MY site and blog about the game and how important this Sunday is." and "I really just needed a segway into talking about how bad the Lions are gonna put those Bears into early hibernation. AND we're gonna do it in Chicago."

Now I gave Mr. Chap his props when his team won their first game in over a whole season. I was proud they broke that streak. My brother's response to his comment was "I guess he and The Detroit Lions would know about hibernation, I mean his team just woke up for the first time in damn near 2 years!" LoL. I'll reserve my comments and trash talking until game day. So expect a lot of @ replies from me @crecks to @mrchap via twitter. So feel free to join in if you're one of my twitter followers.

Well regardless of the outcome, which I'm predicting will be in Da' Bears favor, whenever there is something riding on the game it makes it that much better to watch. So what are you waiting for rep your team and let's make this football season a little more interesting. Oh and to all my fellow Chicago Bloggers or readers please go pay a visit to Mr. Chaps wonderful site and leave some comments about how bad his team is going to lose on Sunday.

--Driza Dre--