Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Blog!

For those that have been wondering what happened to this blog and why no updates in so long. Well there are many reasons. 1.) It was hard to find good content to write about daily, every other day and sometimes even weekly. Towards the end we were just putting out anything as opposed to good well thought out content that got most of you to like the blog in the first place. No lie there are about 20 blogs in draft that were left just incomplete. Smh. 2.) Yes I blame twitter. Twitter was easier to get the random thoughts and ideas that we would normally come up with for blogs, out quickly to a mass audience. 3.) Life just got busier. After changing jobs I couldn't blog from work and was too busy to even want to try to think of blog topics to write by the time I got home. So #3 is probably better described as laziness. lol. 4.) OMG the spam is ridiculous. We would get 10xs as many spam comments in all different languages than we would real comments. One of our blog homegirls Amber recently left a comment asking where we were and it almost got trashed because we thought it was spam. So, we should've made this announcement a long time ago.

Well ladies and gentelman we have a great and special announcement... A love for writing has brought us back to blogging, but with a brand new blog on a new platform (Wordpress - I know it was a hard decision to navigate from Blogger). Also, we've decided to focus on one topic, which we both know and love and can constantly write about over and over without fail. If you've followed this blog for a while or since its inception then you know we have a genuine love for Hip Hop Music and would write about it on many different posts.

Therefore, we decided to start a hip hop blog that strictly focuses on Hip Hop topics and write about them in our usual witty and sometimes funny writing style that most following this blog have come to enjoy. Oh and here's a forewarning if you're looking for a gossip type Hip Hop blog talking about who banged who and the latest rapper to sleep with Kat Stacks, or any of the latest topics related to Hip Hop, then you won't find it on our new blog. We are dealing with real hip hop and its golden era and all topics related to it. So if you love or even like Hip Hop a little bit or just miss us writing and blogging, then you'll love to make our new blog your home for Real Hip Hop topics. We've been able to consistantly post about 3xs a week over the last month and a half.

You can also follow the new blog on Facebook: <<-- Go here and hit the like button. Also, you can follow the new site on twitter @lyric2go and Driza Dre @drizadre. I know we've been out of the blogging loop here, but all the writing we're doing on the new blog may hopefully motivate us to start back writing here and come up with some new things to talk about and share with you guys. Thanks for all the love and support you've shown over the years with this blog, and we look forward to sharing more with you guys over at the new Hip Hop Blog.

Huge Shoutout to the homie Charles over at Illuminated Darkness he helped create the 2 headers you see above for the new site and we're working together on another project soon to come.
--C-Recks----Driza Dre--