Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Fighting Chance

I will admit that I'm far from a fighter. In fact, if I told the number of fights I've been in during my 29 years of life it may be a little embarrassing. LoL. However, there are those times when you may hear a particular song and it just some how puts you in a mood. It just does something too you. Whether you're in a club a lil tipsy, driving in your car or just vibing to yourself on your Ipod. You don't even have to be mad, upset or even irritated (however if you are any of the above this type of song will only intensify those emotions) to get this feeling. That song will put you in a mood to do what my brother and I have commonly referred to KAMO or Knock A Mufucka Out! So since we haven't done a top 10 in a while here are our top 10 KAMO songs.

#10-LL Cool J- Momma Said Knock You Out

Gotta take you back to the old school here. I remember this beat coming on and shadow boxing with a towel on my head like LL. I don't know who I was preparing to KTFO (perhaps my brother for some infraction. lol) but LL definitely got me hype to do so. I still don't know why his momma was telling him to knock people out but hey if momma said it you better do it. lol.

#9-DJ Khaled - Go Hard Featuring Kanye West & T-Pain

Between this beat, T-pain with that funny voice shit and Kanye Snapping on the lyrics you can't help but to go hard. Oh can't forget DJ Khaled's Ass yelling over the beat as always. "We The Best!" Definitely puts you in the mood to go hard!!

#8-Ludacris-Move Bitch Feat. Mystikal

This may be the Road Rage Anthem here but it's still applicable. Soon as you hear those horns at the beginning tell me you're not bobbing your head and ready to push someone out of your way.

#7-Tupac-My Ambitionz Az a Ridah

"I won't deny it I'm a straight ridah you don't want to f**k wit me" Man this is honestly one of my favorite Pac songs right here. You can even hear the ring announcer in the beginning "Get Ready to Rumble." So you already know what's going down once you cut this song on. Don't ask which one, but I think there was a Mike Tyson fight where he actually came out into the ring with this playing.

#6-The Lox-Wild Out!

The Lox fresh off Bad Boy Records making Shiny Suit music what else was there for them to do but Wild Out!! I was surprised that The Lox could even come this hard when I first heard the song I had a new found respect for the trio. The song gave you specific instructions too. "If a nigga step on ya goddamn shoes! Wild Out!!" This was definitely a no-nonsense song and let you know the smallest thing could cause one to wild out!!

#5- Brooke Valentine - Girl Fight Feat. Lil' Jon & Big Boi

This song itself was so so for me. But the reason it made it to the #5 spot for us is simple. What guy doesn't enjoy a good girl fight? Lol. Of course it's always for the wrong reasons but it's the truth. So why not give the ladies their own anthem too? Assistance from Lil' Jon and Big Boi complete this record giving it KAMO status.

#4-I-20 - Fighting in the Club Feat. Chingy, lil Fate, & Titi Boi

The title alone tells you what it's all about. Fighting in the Club. We pretty much can sum this song up as hard lyrics over a hard beat prompting you to start unnecessary ruckus in the club. Add that to some grimy niggaz fueled by alcohol and the title of the song is what you get. I loved how in the video they were the ones causing the fights to start yet the fighting parties had no clue. LoL.

#3-Rocky Theme-Eye of the Tiger

The other songs were all Hip-Hop, but way before Luda, Lil' Jon, 2pac, The Lox, or even Mike Tyson ever made it big this song had all of America getting hype ready for their next fight. Yes Rocky Balboa the people's champ, the underdog had this wonderful theme song. To this day if you throw on this song it's gone put you in Rocky mode ready to go to battle in the ring. Either that or run up a bunch of damn steps.

#2- Lil' Jon - Damn Near Any song (Bia Bia, I don't give a F_k)

I know Lil' Jon & the Eastside boys are considered the Kings of Krunk, but he really should be the King of KAMO! I mean damn near any Lil' Jon song you play is gone get you up out your seat and ready to fight someone. Even on the "Love" song he did with Usher the nigga was still yelling. Honestly, you didn't know if you wanted to beat it up to the song or beat her up. LoL. But for the most of his songs between the Krunk hard hitting beats and Lil' Jon yelling What!?! over the damn track what more motivation do you need. Above are 2 of his classic KAMO songs.

#1-Bone Crusher-Neva Scared! Feat. Killer Mike & T.I.

I'm sure you were all waiting for this one. But it had to go at #1. Although Bone Crusher has since fallen off, his debut song had everyone in the club ready to fight anyone that even bumped into them. The saying "I aint neva Scared" was added to everyone's vocabulary. The menacing beat along with the taunting lyrics from Bone, TI and Killer Mike placed this song forever #1 KAMO song. LoL @ "What's my name is Shawty!!"

--Driza Dre--