Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I Could Be Like Spike............

With the recent release of "Miracle at St. Anna", I want to discuss a topic that many people sleep on. Spike Lee is one of the most overrated people in Hollywood. (Yeah I said it). I too grew up looking at Spike Lee as a pioneer for black people in Hollywood. I can't take that status away from him, however, I would like to make the case that the vast majority of his success is based on movies that he produced/directed twenty years ago. And for that, I can't give him credit. To me it would be akin to saying that Ronald Isley is a great singer for the work that he did with R. Kelly. Sorry, being Mr. Big is not the reason we love the Isley Brothers!

My first introduction to Spike Lee was in 1989 when he released Do the Right Thing. I was only 11, but I thought it was an incredible movie. (Thank God for the left nipple! Lol). After seeing that movie, I remember hearing about "She's Gotta Have It", and "School Daze". To this date, I have not seen either of them in their entirety, but the parts that I have seen of them have been entertaining at least. In my life, Spike Lee became, probably, the first Hollywood person that I began to eagerly anticipate the next movies.

Do the Right Thing was followed by Mo Better Blues and Jungle Fever. I've never seen all of Mo Better Blues, but I did enjoy Jungle Fever. Spike Lee followed up Jungle Fever with what I believe to be one of his best movies. Malcolm X was released in November of 1992. The thing I remember about the most about the movie had nothing to do with what I actually saw on the screen. What I remember most was the fact that Spike had the hood blown up with X gear. (And no, not all of it was officially licensed merchandise. As a matter of fact, I'd say that the majority of it was unlicensed merchandise). X hats, X medallions, and of course the X t-shirts were very prevelant. I spent the summer of 1992 in Chicago visiting my grandparents, and hustle man made a killing that summer.

So to quickly recap, between 1986, and 1992, Spike had a string of either financially successful or critically successful hit. Well lets just say that as of 1992, he began to rest on his laurels.

His next film was Crooklyn. Crooklyn is a story told from the perspective of a little girl growing up in Brooklyn, New York. I saw this movie in my mass media class senior year in high school. I was excited to see this movie. Up until that point all that I really knew about the movie is that it had a decent soundtrack. (Headlined by the single "Crooklyn" performed by the Crooklyn Dodgers (Masta Ace, Buckshot, and Special Ed). Well I was terribly disappointed. To me, the movie was crap. I tried to see where Spike was going with this one, but I just couldn't relate. To this day, I don't quite understand what the message was. Which was a stark contrast to the fact that Spike's earlier movies dealt with larger social issues. Strike one at that point.

Stike two for Spike was an absolute abomination. Drop Squad was released in 1994. Now, the difference with this movie is that it was directed by Spike. However he did produce it. And my god was it awful. Drop Squad dealt with a successful black man who in the opinion of his family had "sold out". The Drop Squad was a group of individuals who kidnapped him, and was given the task of helping him to rediscover his black roots. The premise of the movie was half-way decent. And to a degree, Spike had gotten back to dealing with social issues. But the application went horribly wrong. This movie was painful to watch. I guess at that point, I hoped that this was the worse that Spike had to offer, as you will read later, I was sooooo wrong.

In 1995, Spike also produced New Jersey Drive and Tales from the Hood. Both movies were alright at best. Once again though, these movies spawned very good soundtracks. (Especially New Jersey Drive).
Later in 1995, Spike directed Clockers. What I recall of this movie is that it dealt with drug dealing. Once again it had a decent soundtrack, no major hits though. The most memorable aspect of this movie is that it, more or less, introduced the world to Mekhi Phifer. Other than that, the movie was very forgettable. I should have begun to see a pattern from Mr. Lee, but I continued to give him the benefit of the doubt.

1996 brought us Girl 6. A movie that really brought nothing to the table for me. Later in 1996, he directed Get On the Bus, a movie that followed a group of black men headed to the million man march in Washington D.C. I did not see this movie due to the fact that by this time I was pretty much skeptical of most everything Spike did. He directed 4 little girls in 1997. I watched this movie for some class that I was taking in college. As a documentary, the movie wasn't bad. But as I see it, I can't really give him a whole lot of credit for simply recounting the facts of history to us. (Sorry Spike).

In 1998, Spike teamed up with Denzel Washington for a third time to bring us He Got Game. This movie was crap to the second power. If it weren't for Drop Squad, I would say that this movie was his worse up until that point. Spike produced the Best Man in 1999. A decent movie. And I would love to say that he had gotten his groove back at that point. But also in 1999, he directed Summer of Sam. This movie dealt with the feelings of people throughout his beloved New York during the murder spree of the Son of Sam killer. Horrible movie. Almost worse than He Got Game. In 2000 he directed the movie The Original Kings of Comedy starring Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley. I once again would love to give Spike the credit for this one, but the comedians did all the work. And its not like Spike discovered their talents. These were very successful and established Comedians at the time. So no props to Spike.

Then came Bamboozled later that year. If I ever post a worst ever list of movies, Bamboozled will definitely be in the top 5. (Somewhere behind The Pledge and The Bad Lieutenant). Bamboozled is about a tv show creator who creates what he believes is the worse show known to man. To his surprise, the show is a hit. Bamboozled once again deals with the issue of "selling out". I heard that this movie is a slap at BET. While I echo Spike's sentiments that BET has done more to degrade black people than to enhance us as a people, Bamboozled was crap. All that I could say about Spike at this point was that I was done. No longer would I give him a chance. I had invested too much time and money into his visions. And no longer were his visions anything that I could conceptualize in my mind and heart.

Spike has done a lot more work since then. Of course, most of it very forgettable. I saw another documentary that he did regarding Hurricane Katrina, and I have to admit that I found it to be entertaining. Unfortunately I thought that the movie was very slanted to the view that the federal government screwed up, and while they did, I as a documentarian would have also addressed how state and local officials screwed up. And to a larger degree, how the residents of New Orleans did do much to protect themselves. (But that's a topic for a later blog).

Now in this world, what speaks more than words is money. So I want to show how much Spike's movies have made at the box office. (To the right is the movie's cost to make).

Do The Right Thing $27,545,445 (6.5 million dollars)
Mo' Better Blues $16,153,593 (10 million dollars)
Jungle Fever $32,482,682 (14 million dollars)
Malcolm X $48,169,910 (34 million dollars)
Crooklyn $13,642,861 (14 million dollars)
Drop Squad $734,693 (2 million dollars)
Tales From the Hood $11,837,928 (6 million dollars)
New Jersey Drive $3,565,508 (5 million dollars)
Clockers $13,071,518 (25 million dollars)
Girl 6 $4,939,939 (12 million dollars)
Get on the Bus $5,754,249 (2.4 million dollars)
4 Little Girls $130,146
He Got Game $21,567,853 (25 million dollars)
Summer of Sam $19,288,130 (22 million dollars)
Original Kings of Comedy $28,182,790 (3 million dollars)
Bamboozled $2,274,979 (10 million dollars)

Of the sixteen movies I listed, only seven of the movies recouped the money spent to make them.

Which brings us to 2008. I first saw a preview for Miracle at St. Anna while at a car wash in Phoenix. Movie looks great. It deals with history, something I love. Seems like an adventure of sorts, I was hooked. And then I found out that it is directed by Spike Lee. Damn! As much as I want to give it a chance, I just can't find it within myself to be fooled by him again. I respect Spike's contribution to the advancement of blacks in Hollywood. He's paved the way for people like John Singleton, the Hughes Brothers, and Tyler Perry. My entire argument is that Spike is riding off the success of the past. And unfortunately in Spike's past, for every Do the right thing, there's been several Drop Squads. And for that, I refuse to be Bamboozled again!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Man Up!!! Part 14

If you've been paying attention to our weekly Man Up Rules then you know we're coming up on a Milestone today. That's right we're at Man Up Rule #50. When we first started doing the Man Ups we maybe had about 10 of these rules in mind. So the other 40 have come simply from things we've seen and noticed. I hope you all have been paying attention and avoiding violations. We may or may not continue to post Man Ups on a weekly basis. But we'll see if we can keep it going and hopefully reach 100. But without any further ado it's time to Man Up!!! Remember this blog represents what we consider to be Man Up Rules. So, each week we'll add to the list just based off of our observations and perspectives. So be sure to check back weekly. Note: Most rules apply to men/boys age 13 and older (except where noted). Also, the rules are in no particular order.

Man Up Rule #49:
Now there was a time when leather was the in fashion. But as of now no man should be caught wearing leather pants (Image 1). The only exceptions to this rule go to Bikers (Image 2) and Rock n' Roll stars (Image 3). Also Image 1 is a double violation to Man Up Rule #32, as you can see his shirt is unbuttoned.




Man Up Rule #50:
All men have at some point been put in this awkward and uncomfortable situation at some point in their life. Whether it be their mom, grandmother, girlfriend, or wife someone has asked them to hold their purse and they were not able to say no. Well the way you hold the purse could be considered a Man Up violation (Image 1&2). Or holding it wrong could cause someone to think you have a Man Purse which violates Man Up Rule #33. I'd suggest the double hand grab. Imagine a running back taking a hand off the way he holds the football (Image 3). It will difficult for someone to see exactly what you're holding. LoL.



Man Up Rule #51:
Although we would never call out a whole musical genre, there is one particular type of music we have a problem with. It's not the music itself because all music is a form of creative expression. However, Techno Music for some reason brings about a let's just say funny form of dancing. Check out the video below for further evidence. So to play it safe men should not dance to Techno Music.

To Be Continued...

Brothers' Perspective


--Driza Dre--

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Knowledge is Power

"My people perish for the lack of knowledge"
Hosea 4:6

I had the pleasure of spending the past week in what is commonly referred to as the Dirty South. I want to start this blog by saying in advance that I Love the Dirty Dirty. (I know I just killed myself right there. Sounds like, "Oh I love black people or some of my best friends are black). Well I'm gonna say that too. Some of my family lives in the South. Its been about a year since I've been down here, and it didn't take me too long to be reminded of what I dislike about the South. IGNORANCE. Some of it is just cultural, and I completely understand that. If I were to go to Japan, I too would have a lack of understanding about some of their customs and traditions. (But give me credit, after 30 years, I am getting better at using chopsticks. lol) However, some of it is just an out and out abomination to our education system. Here are three examples of what I had to encounter on my most recent confederate tour. I'm sure that I could have squeezed what I'm about to say on these three subjects into a "Penny for my thoughts", but I feel like I gotta charge you a little bit more for this gold.

Speaking of pennies, story number one is about change. I was in a Subway Sandwich last week just outside of Jackson, Mississippi. I'd just left Texas a few hours before, and pretty much drove straight through to Mississippi. As you see in the map above, Texas is considered a part of the Dirty South, but let me tell you that there is a major difference between Texas and Mississippi. So much so that other than paved roads, and that you can look at white women without getting lynched, I can't think there's a whole lot of difference between 2008, and 1908. But I digress.

So as I place my order at the counter, Tuna on Honey Oat, the lady working the register interrupts my "sandwich artist", and says "how much change am I supposed to give him back? I didn't know that he was paying with a twenty, I thought he had exact change. I think I'm supposed to give him back $6.89". Let me pause right here for one second. I begrudge no one the opportunity to double check their math. Especially when it comes to handling someone else's money. That being said, you will understand what I did have a problem with. My "sandwich artist" asks how much was his total. The lady at the counter responds "$8.89"! Now I'm no smarter than the average genius, but I know damn well that this chick should have ballparked my man's change at more than $6.89. I could do nothing but shake my head at that one. Oh, and just to further put her on blast, the lady had to be in her mid twenties. Old enough, as they say, to know better. Let us continue our journey.

I needed to stop and use the pay phone. (I'm tired of wasting my damn cell phone minutes calling my job. Lol). So I stop at a truck stop in Meridian, Mississippi. Meridian is basically on the border of Mississippi and Alabama. That being said, the lack of intelligence was still in effect. The truck stop I was at had phones in their dining area. So I'm basically sitting in another Subway Sandwich. While I am on hold with the job, I see the women behind the counter inspecting one of their customer's many tattoos. Asking him questions like "did it hurt and how much did it cost". Nothing major at this point. However after the man walked away, I hear one lady say to the other "I'm gonna get my tattoo". When someone says that, there's usually one of two responses "what are you getting", or where?

Well she didn't even give the lady a chance to ask, she just say "I want to get a tattoo on my foot"! My immediate thought was that's an unconventional place for a tattoo. But she wasn't done. She proceeds to tell the lady that she actually wants a tattoo on the bottom of her foot. At this point, all kinds of "what the hells" are rolling around in my head. Why the bottom of your foot? Who the hell is gonna see it? And the usual, "What the hell are you thinking"? Once again, I begrudge no one's opportunity to get a tattoo. But that one was a first to me. Bottom of the foot? The way that I thought about it, the only person who will probably see it, besides your self when you have your leg in an awkward position, is your man when you're having sex. And not to put my business out there or nothing like that, but I don't think seeing a tattoo on the bottom of my lady's foot would enhance the sexual experience .1% for me at all. Not even if it was my name! I mean, you gotta think about the fact that the rest of the time she's walking all over you, LITERALLY! Now if this tattoo thing is something cultural, I apologize to those of you whom I have offended. We just do things a different way in the rest of the civilized world.

Story number three takes place in Douglasville, Georgia, a middle class suburb of Atlanta. On Sunday I went to their friendly neighborhood Wal-mart. I'd just walked into the store to purchase something to cook for dinner. As I was walking past the produce department, a young black man of about sixteen or seventeen asked an older white woman "is this a cucumber"? The second I heard his question, I wanted to somehow grab the words out of mid-air Deion Sanders style, and keep them from entering the ears of this white woman. The reason? Well, in the second or two it took for him to get the words past his lips, my brain had already processed that this ignorant summage, as my Grandfather would call him, is holding a Goddamn zucchini! And the last thing I want this white woman to do is possibly feel more justified in her opinion of black people. Young blacks especially. Or hell, if she had a good opinion of black people, I don't want it to be ruined because this fool doesn't know his damn vegetables.

For any of you who are unsure, let's have a quick remedial lesson in vegetables.

This on the Left is a cucumber.

On the Right is Zucchini.

Now some of you may be saying, hey give him the benefit of the doubt. Its an easy mistake to make. Well I say nay nay. Making excuses for mistakes like that are the reason that these kids grow into ignorant adults.

I want to finish up by saying that not all people in the South are ignorant. There are some brilliant people from the South. Some of our finest institutions of higher learning are in the South. In spite of that however, some of our people are definitely slipping through the cracks. Everyone that I wrote about on this blog was black. And it just saddens me that in 2008, almost 2009, there are still so many of us who lack the necessary education to succeed in this world. $6.89 may seem like correct change in Jackson, Mississippi, but it'll never get you to a penthouse in Manhattan. Not knowing the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini won't get you to driving that Bentley down Michigan Avenue. We as a people dream big, but we don't comprehend that the path to all those dreams is forged by a good education. I'm not just putting the Dirty on blast, that goes for people across this country. Hopefully if no one is listening to me, maybe they'll listen to Barack. I'm done preaching for now, I have a head ake. (No offense cuzzo. Lmao!)


Monday, September 22, 2008


Last week my brother called me and said guess who I saw when I was out at a restaurant? Well he was in Los Angeles, CA at the time so I'm thinking there is no telling who he saw. There have been plenty of times where he's reported to me that he spotted celebrities, sports icons, and even porn stars just out and about in regular places. However, I know he's not the star struck type person so it's never really a big deal to him. Well on this particular time he was out at a local Red Robin and saw an actor. I had no clue who it could have been was nor was I even going to try and guess. So I asked him who it was. As he began to tell me all I heard was O...But as soon as he said that one letter we both said in unison the one and only "O.G. Bobby Johnson."

Now some of you possibly younger readers may be wondering who in the world is O.G. Bobby Johnson? I'm glad you asked that because this blog is dedicated to those actors and actresses that never quite excelled beyond certain roles they played. The Hollywood or movie industry term is called "typecasting." According to Wikipedia "typecasting is the process by which a film, TV, or stage actor is strongly identified with a specific character, one or more particular roles, or characters with the same traits or ethnic grouping. There have been instances in which an actor has been so strongly identified with a role as to make it impossible for him or her to find work playing other characters." Well below I've compiled a list of actors/actresses that as soon as you see them you will most likely identify them as a character they played. Except for a couple, I'm almost sure that if someone told you their real name you wouldn't even know who they were talking about. But hopefully after this blog we'll be able to identify them as more than that one character. I doubt it but we'll see. LoL.

O.G. Bobby Johnson aka Glenn Plummer
Although Glenn Plummer began his career playing the notable role of Hightower in the movie "Colors," it was when he played O.G. Bobby Johnson in the movie "South Central" that most remember him from. Plummer has an extensive Hollywood resume according to IMDb he has played in over 90 roles including in some popular movies such as "Menace II Society," "Trespass," "Strange Days," "The Substitute," and "Saw II." Also, he's made appearances on TV shows such as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "The Jamie Foxx Show," and "ER." But although he has never had a lack of work in Hollywood, the role of O.G. Bobby Johnson has to be one of his most memorable roles.

Steve Urkel aka Jaleel White
If you remember TGIF on ABC back in the early 90's then you definitely recall the show "Family Matters." But before his role as the nerdy Steve Urkel, Jaleel White made small appearances on shows such as "The Jeffersons" and "Mr. Belvedere." In it's 9 year run Family Matters dominated ratings on Friday evenings. Unfortunately for Jaleel White after the show ended he was forever known as Steve Urkel aka Stefan. Although he later starred in another sitcom called "Grown Ups," after a few episodes the show was cancelled. However, more recently White has scored roles in the movie "Dream Girls" and roles on shows such as "Half and Half," "The Game," and "Boston Legal." But regardless of what role he plays we'll always know Jaleel as Steve Urkel.

Brother Man aka Reginald Ballard
Before playing the role of Brother Man aka Bruh Man on the TV Show "Martin,"Reginald Ballard played roles in the movies "Class Act" and "Menace II Society." Also, he had small roles on TV shows "A Different World" and "Sister Sister." But most probably remember him as the mooching neighbor Bruh Man from the 5th Floor (holding up 4 fingers. lol). After playing in over 13 episodes of Martin Ballard went on to play roles in shows such as "Malcolm & Eddie," "ER," " Las Vegas," "The Parkers," and "Veronica Mars." Most recently Ballard played in over 26 episodes of "The Bernie Mac Show" as the character WB, and in an episode of "All of Us." Although he tried to expand his resume whenever I see Reginald Ballard I automatically picture Bruh Man with a Samich in one hand, walking with the slow bob, and giving the head nod as he exits through the window. Although he's not the inventor, the phrase "Brother Man head nod" was still coined after this character.

Fred "Re-Run" Stubbs aka Fred Berry
Prior to his role on the show "What's Happening!!" Fred Berry appeared in an episode of "The Brady Bunch." However, after 34 episodes of What's Happening the show was cancelled in 1979. Berry had no note worthy roles after What's Happening that was until a spin off was created called "What's Happening Now!" This show lasted about a year and Berry had 21 episodes. After What's Happening now Berry had no major acting roles and the majority of Berry's appearances were him playing himself and Re-Run. Those appearances included "Murder Was the Case," "Scrubs," and "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle." Unfortunately, after a stroke and complications Berry passed away in 2003. Even after his passing we'll always know Fred Berry as the pop-locking, red baret and red suspenders wearing Re-Run.

J.J. aka Jimmie Walker
Jimmie Walker started out as a stand up comedian but after starring in the movie "Let's Do it Again," Jimmie Walker landed the role as James "J.J." Evans Jr. on the show "Good Times." After a 5 year run and over 98 episodes of Good Times and probably a million times saying his catch phrase "Dynomite!!" Walker was stuck with the task of trying to find other work in Hollywood. He played roles here and there on shows such as "The Love Boat," "Cagney and Lacey," and "The Fall Guy." Also, he had roles in movies such as "Bustin Loose." In 1991 I remember falling victim to a free movie screening of him starring in the movie "Guyver" which I must say ranks up there on my worst movies of all time list. LoL. He spent his 1990's career making appearances on shows such as "In the House," "The Drew Carey Show," and "George Lopez." Also, he had a movie role in "Home Alone 2." Most recently he's played a re-occurring role (3 episodes) on "Everybody Hates Chris." But after over 33 years in Hollywood you can't help but to still refer to Walker as ... "Kid Dynomite!!"

Screech aka Dustin Diamond
The only notable role for Diamond prior to the break out teen hit "Saved by the Bell" was a role in "Big Top Pee-wee." Saved by the Bell and it's different spin-offs (Saved by the Bell: College Years, and The New Class) stayed on the air from 1988-2000. Diamond himself played in a total of over 175 episodes. But once the show ended its reign over Saturday mornings Diamond virtually faded away from the Hollywood scene. The only role of note was a small role in the movie "Big Fat Liar." That was until his a sex tape "Screeched aka Saved by the Smell" was released in 2006. After this he made appearances on reality shows such as Celebrity Fit Club. But sex tape and all he is still regarded as the high pitched high school nerd Screech.

Arnold Jackson aka Gary Coleman
Before his 8 year run on "Different strokes" as Arnold Jackson Gary Coleman appeared in such shows as "The Little Rascals," "The Jeffersons," and "Good Times." But as Arnold Jackson he played the cute, lovable and at time annoying adopted son to a rich white man on Different Strokes. The character Arnold actually appeared on other network shows such as "The Facts of Life" and "Silver Spoons." But after Different Strokes ended he was forced to take smaller roles (no pun intended. lol) appearing on shows such as "227," "Married with Children," "Martin," "Unhappily Ever After," "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and "Homeboys in Outer space." Some of his most recent appearances included "The Jamie Foxx Show (2000)," and "The Drew Carey Show (2001)." In all other roles he simply appeared as himself and not a scripted character. But we can all be honest that if we saw Gary Coleman right now the first thing we would say is "What you talkin bout Willis?" LoL.

Webster aka Emmanuel Lewis

The show "Webster" ran from 1983-1989. Emmanuel Lewis was the cute, adorable child star that was the show's main character. Prior to Webster he had only appeared in an episode of "The Love Boat." Also, Webster was one of the first kids that Michael Jackson took a liking to. I'm not sure if that hurt or helped his career. But the only other notable role he played since Webster was on an episode of "Moesha." However, he did make numerous appearances as himself on "In the House," "Family Matters," "Malcolm & Eddie," "One on One," and the movie "Kickin It Old Skool."

Topanga aka Danielle Fishel

After appearances on "Full House" and "Harry and the Hendersons" Fishel landed the role of Topanga Lawrence on "Boy Meets World." As the love interest of the main character Corey she played in 150 episodes during the shows 7 year run. A funny story is that when I was in California attending high school that Danielle attended the same school. I believe she was a Freshman when I was a Junior. She was actually in a Physical Education class with me. But she was really stuck up wouldn't talk to anyone like she was better than the rest of the other rich white kids and the one black guy (that would be me LoL). But I always thought in my head like who are you? You're just Topanga and in 5 or so years no one will even care about that. Well according to her work resume after the demise of Boy Meets World she made an appearance in the show "Yes Dear" and the movies "National Lampoons Presents Dorm Daze 1 & 2." That's it. So guess my prediction was right. LoL.

Rudy Huxtable aka Keisha Knight Pulliam
Her first role was actually on the Cosby; however, there are some unnamed episodes of "Sesame Street" that she did appear on. The Cosby show ran from 1984-1992. Rudy was the youngest of the Cosby Kids until she got a little older and Raven Samone came in and stole the cute spot light. Keisha appeared in 177 episodes of the series. She also appeared in a few episodes of the spin off "A Different World" as the same character. Her only other acting appearance for almost 10 years was on "Cosby" in 1997. Reports state that she took the time off working to go to school and that she even finished law school. However, much to everyone's shock she re-appeared in Chingy's 2004 "One Call Away" video as his main love interest looking very grown up and sexy to say the least. After this she began acting again and appeared in the movie "Beauty Shop" and the show "House of Payne." Also, she's set to play in Tyler Perry's next installment "Madea Goes to Jail."
I know Hollywood is a tough business to even break into to begin with. However, I think its even harder to remain there once you've initially broken into it. Also, I'm sure that once you've been type casted it makes it virtually impossible to even find quality roles. Some have to totally switch up and played a role that is totally opposite of that famed role in order to give a different image. Unfortunately, child stars such as the ones I mentioned probably have it hardest. But I think regardless of what roles they may play in the end when you think of these actors I've mentioned and others in their same position you still see them as that character. So we can say their real names all day long. But just like your momma or your grandma still calling your grown ass by your nickname from childhood people are going to call you what they know you as.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Man Up!!! Part 13

Here we are with the latest edition of our Man Up Rules. If you haven't been paying attention you may want to take heed as to not violate any of the rules. Remember this blog represents what we consider to be Man Up Rules. So, each week we'll add to the list just based off of our observations and perspectives. So be sure to check back weekly. Note: Most rules apply to men/boys age 13 and older (except where noted). Also, the rules are in no particular order.

Man Up Rule #46:
Although the rapper Lil' Mama made a song about it, it didn't apply to men. No man should be caught wearing lip gloss! (Image 1). It doesn't matter if it's winter time and your lips look as chapped as Malik Yoba's (Image 2) do lip gloss is not an option. If it's that bad keep licking your lips like LL Cool J (Image 3). All forms of Chapstick and Carmex are acceptable substitutes.

(Image 1)

(Image 2)

(Image 3)

Man Up Rule #47:
I once went to a full service barber shop and got a hair cut from someone that was not my regular barber. Well the barber asked me if I wanted my hair washed? Of course my response was an instant NO! Now if the barber had've been female I would have been all for it. But a man should not be washing another man's hair. That is way too much personal contact. Even if that was my profession, as a barber I would do like your mom used to do when you were little. Tell them to hold their hand out and squeeze you some shampoo in it and point them in the direction of the sink. LoL.

Man Up Rule #48:
Although the whole trend of wearing Stunna Shades was a big thing a couple of years ago, some of ya'll got a little out of hand with it. Not all stunna shades are made for men to wear (Images 1 & 2). As a matter of fact most of them should be banned all together. As you can see some of them bear a resemblance to the kind of glasses Elton John (Image 3) wore back in the days. And we all know Elton's status.

(Image 1)

(Image 2)

(Image 3)

To Be Continued...

Brothers' Perspective