Monday, September 21, 2009

Talk To Me!

That's right ya'll despite having limited content on our blog now a days (We promise we'll do better), we are making some major moves. The brothers have been personally invited by fellow blogger The Jaded NYer's to guest host her Blog Talk Radio show.

The topic at hand is "Mars Vs. Venus Part 2: We're In A Relationship...Now What?" This should make for a very interesting topic if conversation. Myself I've recently entered into a newer relationship, but as you all know I've been married before so I have a whole lot to share. And my brother well he brings over 15 years of an on again off again relationship experience to the table. No offense bro. LoL. The female guest host that will be trading jabs with us will be none other than fellow blogger The F$%k-It List. I will warn you that we've been studying last year's Mars Vs. Venus radio show like it was the game tape for the big game so we'll be prepared. LoL.

But over all on some real The Jaded Nyer is very cool and down to earth and her blog and blog radio show are both very good. I've read and I've listened before and I don't endorse anything that I don't like unless I'm getting paid and I'm not so you can trust me on this. lol. But I invite all those that enjoy our blog and our view/perspective on love, life and relationships to tune in to the show tonight. The show begins at 10pm EST sharp. Feel free to click the link above naming the show or the link at the end of this post to go directly to the show. Or you can go to 's page and be linked to the show from there. If you are a twitter friend of mines I'll be twittering the link as well. If you aren't a follower of mines you can follow me here @crecks. But if you listen to the show you can either call in and make your comments or you can make comments via the chat room on the site.

So again where will everyone be tonight at 10pm EST? Hopefully clicking the link below and listening in to the Jaded Nyer's Blog Talk Radio show tonight. And I've made consideration on starting us a blog talk radio show so if we get good feedback we may be coming to a blog talk radio show near you. LoL.

"Mars Vs. Venus Part 2: We're In A Relationship...Now What?"

P.S. Make sure you call in because I just heard there is even going to be give-a-way contest for the caller with the WORST & BEST BF/GF story; there will be 2 winners announced at 10:55worst.

The call in # is (718) 766-4011 I know damn well ya'll got some stories so make sure that you call in and tune in tonight.

If you missed the live version of the show shame on you! But you can still click on the link and listen to the show in its entirety. Leave your feedback and let us know what you think.

--Driza Dre--


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I'm gonna try and check it out, you guys are still on my list to co host our blog. Good luck!

Brothers Blog said...

@introspectivegoddess hey thanks for the support hope u got a chance to check it out. if not click the link and take a listen. And hit us up whenever you're ready for that co-host.

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers

I've been reading & following your blog anonymously 4 a while now & I've never left a comment until now. After checking out u guys on the blog talk radio show the other night I wanted to make a comment & hopefully get your honest opinions on something. First off it was a good show & much like your blog u kept it real. So keep up the good work but right now I'm hoping you'll keep it real wit me too.

On the show when u were talking about pet peaves and what annoys u about your man/woman on the show I wanted 2 call in then but couldnt because my man was with me. I've been with my man 4 bout 2 1/2 years & we've been living together 4 the last 6months. While all is extremely well with our living together situation there is 1 thing he does that drives me nuts!!!! Now 2 some it may be petty but 2 me its become major.

My man is a bigger guy & he likes 2eat but I have no problems at all with his size itis perfectly fine wit me. But what I do have a problem with is 1 place he likes 2 eat & that's in the bed! And I don't mean in a sexual way! He literally will eat full meals snacks & deserts in the bed. I tried 2 deal with it but it got 2 a point I had 2 say something. Well that conversation didnt go over 2 well & it turned into a huge argument. The bottom line is that even after saying something he still continues 2 do it!

I love this man & feel he's the one 4 me but this is an extremely frustrating & aggravating habit of his & I dont know what 2 do 2 get him 2 quit it.

Please give me your honest opinion & please keep it 100% real as I'm at my witts end with this situation.

Thanks in advance.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Loved the show you guys! I have to admit it was hard keeping track of who was saying what, but a very good discussion! I look forward to hearing you guys again!

MR. CHAP said...

Loved the show, fellas.

@Anon: Wow...

Brothers Blog said...

@ anonymous we addressed your comment in the latest blog.

@ introspective thanks for checking out. I know you're taking a break but make sure you hit us up when you're back to blogging.

@ Mrchap thanks for the love fam.