Monday, September 28, 2009

You Can't Handle the Spoof!

Ever since back in the mid and late 80's when Weird Al Yankovic was doing spoofs of Michael Jackson songs I've been been a fan of the spoof. I guess I feel as even though their only copying what someone else has done they're still being creative. To take what someone else has already written and then write your own version and flip it into something comical to me takes some talent.

Well I recently came across a new spoof of Jay-Z's "Run this Town" which I found was absolutely hilarious. Affion Crockett is a damn fool. So that then prompted me to go ahead and do a good ol' youtube search and see what other spoof videos are out there. Unfortunately, I didn't find as many as I hoped to. So this went from a top 10 blog to just 9 of the ones I found and my usual commentary. But it's Monday so I figure the least I can do today is give everyone a laugh. So enjoy!

"Run This Town"

As I stated Affion is a Damn Fool. The Chris Brown impression is beyond funny. And I swear if he don't look just like Kanye in this video. He got him down to a T.

"Duffle Bag Boy"

I actually found this a while ago and I cracked up as soon as I saw it. I wanted to use it for another blog but I never got around to it. But these guys were O.C. for doing this spoof.

"Chopped & Screwed"

I had to do a double take on this one because I thought it was actually T-Pain for a second.

"Best I Ever Had"

Affion's version of the Best I ever had is too much for me. LoL. And his portrayals of Drake and Weezy are too damn funny.

"Best I Ever Had"

Here's another version of Best I ever had. I had to put this one too, even though I don't think this guy raps as good as Affion he looks just like Drake and his hand movements match Drakes to a T. LoL.

"Mr. Carter"

Another Affion Classic. Here he does his Weezy and Jay-Z impression. Wayne on Jay's Lap is hilarious.

"Black Republicans"

Affion Crockett - Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Spoof
Free Music Videos at

LMAO @ this song/video. I'm a Juelz Fan but I swear if I wasn't watching this video and just heard the song I would think this was just a wack Juelz verse. I swear the way he's rapping is identical to Juelz especially when he repeats 3xs in a row. LoL.


Weird Al Yankovic - Fat (Official Music Video) - The best free videos are right here
Here's one of the Classic Weird Al, Michael Jackson Spoofs I was referring to in the beginning.

"Beat It"

Here's another Weird Al cover of a Michael Jackson classic.

If anyone has any other good spoofs please send them to me I love to laugh.



12kyle said...

yooooooooo!!!! these are hilarious

Sultana said...

lol, i never knew of this guy before. funny.

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reedwrites is a writer...d'uh said...

you forgot one of my favorite weird Al's... White and Nerdy (spoof of Ridin Dirty)'s the link

I never did a youtube video for it, but I wrote a good one a few years ago spoofing franchise "white tee" was literally a whole song about ice tea...used to perform it at open mics.

Brothers Blog said...

@ 12kyle - yeah man they had me dying 4 real.

@sultana - He used to be on Nick Cannon's Show 'Wildin Out' that's where I first saw him at least.

@reedwrites - I wanted to do white & nerdy but I didn't really care for that one. And I would love to hear your White Tee Spoof! lol. You could be at a million & one hits by now if you youtubed it. lol.

I think I'm going to write my own spoof as well.