Friday, April 17, 2009

4 Weddings and A Funeral

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you..." Eric B. &Rakim "I got Soul."

Okay I want to personally apologize to all for our lack of posts over the last month. I wish there was a specific reason we could quote as to why we haven't been posting, but unfortunately there isn't. There have been no major tragedies or drama (Thank God), and all is actually going very well with the new job and everything else. So to be honest I will simply chalk it up to pure laziness. As my late granny Alverta often use to tell my brother "You're just Lazy! Boy You're Just Lazy! Why are you so Damn Lazy?!!?" LoL. The new job has kind of been kicking my butt and my commute has changed to public transportation (I'll maybe reveal why in a later blog). But by the time I get home I'm too lazy to read or write.

But I want to thank all of our followers for being patient and not going anywhere. I was quite surprised when I logged in the other day to see that we still had the same number of followers. I was expecting half of you to stop following. Most of my previous blogging and reading was done while at my old job and it's much harder to do that from this job. Yes I actually have a steady flow of work to do. And as great of a multi-tasker I am I have yet to be able to fit blogging into all I do now. But I will make better attempts to read everyone's blog and start blogging at least 1-2xs a week.

Also, I decided to finally jump on the Tweeter bandwagon so feel free to follow me there @

So this isn't a major blog but just got presented something and I just had to speak on it really quick. So speaking of work I actually have my 60 day review today. So I've been here 2 months. Now I worked 5 years for a smaller company and for a company not much bigger than that prior to. But the company before that was much bigger and they tended to celebrate everything. I mean you name it they celebrated it. Birthday, baby shower, wedding, engagement, etc.

Well I've found myself back at another company that does this. I told you how on day # 2 I got talked into signing up for the birthday club. But I did so thinking that my birthday was coming up next so why not. But since then I've already had to put my $5 in on 3 other birthdays. But it's not just the $5. But then I have to bring some kind of snack or goody for the party. Isn't that what my $5 was for? So, now my boss is getting married next month and just got an e-mail that I gotta put in on that as well. We're not having any strippers in the office so to be honest I'm good on putting in on his party. If there were going to be strippers of course I'd be the first putting my money in the pot. LoL. But I don't want to be the only one not contributing so I'll pony up next week. I'm actually starting to feel like Elaine in this episode of Seinfeld Below. LoL.

Now today I got an envelope passed by me. I opened it and read that a lady from another department's husband died. They of course wanted a donation and they had a card to sign. Now I didn't have any cash on me so I'm like I can't put in. But I did want to at least sign the card and send my condolences. But I guess since I didn't put in on it I couldn't sign the card. As smokey from Friday said "You didn't put in on this Maaaan!" So I'm like damn okay well get me next week if it's still going around. Or I'll just give my condolences when she returns to work.

But basically I feel like I'm in 1 of those churches that pass the collection plate around about 5 times a service. After you put in on the first time it's like damn come on now. You mean we still don't have enough for a new building yet? LoL. All I know is that I better get hooked up come my birthday next month. I at least need my $15 back I've put in so far. LoL.

But that's it people nothing major or exciting. Hopefully, I can get something good for you next week. It's finally nice weather in Chicago so I plan on getting out and enjoying. Have a great weekend everyone.



Kingsmomma said...

at this point yuo need a reciept. This should be tax deductible.
and yes, that is what the 5 dollars is for.

welcome back

Jillian said... happens!

nice to hear that all is going well with ya'll!!

noooooooo not the tweeeeeet bandwagon!! *another one bites the dust* lol

Have a Great Weekend!!!!

mrs. mary mack said...

I agree with Kingsmomma- it's time for you to start using all of this collection plate passing as a write-off! Glad you're back, I was just wondering about you guys the other day.

Miss.Stefanie said...


Welcome back!!

As far as the donation...boy, you dont need to donate money, just your time with the woman. Maybe go up to her and say, "I'm sorry for you loss and give her a hug" Really, she may just need a fresh face and a warm embrace.

Follow me on twitter too!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I swear the older I get the cheaper I feel but I hate situtions like that lol shoot if its my b-day just say happy birthday cause I'm gonna celebrate with my friends I don't need my coworkers to get me a cake or a card! lol

Anonymous said...

i was wondering where you got lost to. welcome back! i missed your random quips ...:)))

Kryssy said...

LOL. I'm selifsh. I detest contributing to anyone's birthday but my own. I do it anyway... Only because the food that people bring for the spread is so good. And because I love cake. LOL

Soulstress said...

glad ur bak and all is well...i've finally joined twitter too lol...sent u a request.

And I agree that speaking w/ the woman is just as good as puttin in on the pot.

Anonymous said...

Can you send me the address and name of company that you work so that I may adhere to two things....

1.) Not putting in an application there.

2.) Assisting you with getting all of your wasted monies back.

Anonymous said...

wait, gonna comment on the last one first... the weather is becoming beautiful! Can't speak for today, but last week was awesome and friday is supposed to be 80! heaven.

the donations, I totally feel you. I always just say, I'm going to buy something personal thanks. They won't know if you do or not.

following you on twitter.

welcome back.

Angel said...

I had never seen Seinfeld before but its funny! I hate collections they have them every time in our office I just tell them that I didn’t know the person even when I do!

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