Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL Blog Challenge - "At a Loss" for Words

"Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play." Unfortunately on Sunday night, those players played for the Falcons and not my beloved Chicago Bears. It was a good game all the way through. Chicago jumped out to a 7-0 lead. After switching to a no huddle offense, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan lead his offense to two second quarter touchdowns. The Bears tied it up in the fourth quarter, but on the ensuing kickoff, some guy that on my TV screen looked like he should be playing high school football, and not in the NFL, ran the ball back deep into Chicago territory. (Eric Weems is his name). At that point, I kinda figured it was over. Atlanta went on to score. The Bears made a late effort and tying the game, but it was not to be. The final score was Atl 21 Chi 14.

So this is where I have to praise Atlanta. The Bears have an above average defense. And the strength of that defense is normally our defensive line. But all game, Matt Ryan had enough time to snap the ball, look around the crowd for his woman, check his email, and still deliver the ball to any number of his receivers. The Bears finished the night with 0 sacks. And just to show you how bad it was, they also finished with 0 QB hits. By contrast, the Falcons finished with 2 sacks, and 7 QB hits. In their last game against the Detroit Lions, the Bears defense had 5 sacks, and 9 QB hits. So big props to the Falcons offensive line. The funny thing is that their line has no one on it that you would consider a star.
So for a second consecutive year, the Dirty Birds got the better of my beloved Bears. You look good Atlanta.

Shouts out to 12Kyle for accepting the challenge and his team for stepping up and handling their business. Sorry this was posted so late. But good looking.

Not sure if there are any Cincinnati Bengals fans in the building but if so you know the routine hit us up for the challenge.

--Driza Dre--

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12kyle said...

This was a very game. It isn't often when I can say that a game had me on the edge of my seat. But that one did! Very well played game.

I was impressed with our defense. We looked SO bad during the preseason but we've come a long way.

Much props to the Bears. Even bigger props to crecks. Great post!