Friday, October 16, 2009

NFL Blog Challenge - Week 6

Well after a week off I hope our Chicago Bears are well rested and ready for this Sunday's game. This week we're challenging 12kyle's Atlanta Falcons. The bears have had a good season start so far beginning at 3-1. However, the Falcons have the exact same record at this point in the season. We're down for our team and have confidence in them, but will admit that this will not be an easy win. So with that said let's get it! **G-Dep Voice**

If your team is playing ours this season feel free to hit us up for a challenge. See the first NFL Blog Challenge for the basic rules and regulations. The Chicago Bears schedule is below so hit us up to get in on the action. Namely we're looking to cover the next 2 weeks so we're looking for any Ohio folks that represent either the Bengals or the Browns.

Any fans of The Bears or The Falcons feel free to get in on the trash talking that will be taking place Sunday night. We'll be doing so via twitter. @crecks or @12kyle.

Let's Go Bears!!!

--Driza Dre--

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kyle said...

Looking forward to it! I like the fact that the nation will be able to catch the game.