Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Mamma's Day

Well we all know today is Mother's Day. And I'm sure we've all done what we could to honor our moms and grandmothers and for those honored to have them still around great grand mothers. However, I'm curious to find out about a section of mothers sometimes overlooked.
Yes I'm speaking of the infamous Baby Mama's. No disrespect by the term as some accept it and others detest it. But you get what I mean. I'm talking about that growing section of women whom are not married nor with the father of their child(ren). And the opposite would be baby daddies or fathers. So I would actually fit the baby's dad category.

But after the definitions my question is how do we honor our baby mama's as baby's dads? I mean there are many levels of the baby mama relationship. For instance some of ya'll probably can't stand your baby mama (bm) and wouldn't stop your truck if she was in the middle of the road. Others still hittin they baby mama's (bms) even though you're not together, others fit my category which is that you're just cool with your bm and want to maintain that status no matter what.

So what do you do? I already expressed which category I fit in. However, I think that what I do is the best answer despite which category of bm yours falls in. I simply buy a card from my child (if they're old enough let them sign it) and also let your child pick out a gift for their mother. Kids don't go too overboard so you're not hurting your wallet.

However, what you're actually doing is this. If you're in the category of you can't stand your bm you're moving towards hopefully a more peaceful relationship, hell this can be a peace offering. Even the indians offered the peace pipe. Lol. If you're in the category of you're still hittin that well this will insure you'll get to keep hittin it without having to commit to her. And lastly if you're in my category where everything is all good with you and your bm well this will insure all thing remain the same and not waver too much to either side.

Now this is just my advice and what I do to each his own but it's been working for me for a few years so far so I'm going to keep rolling with it. But feel free to suggest your own ideas.

Happy Baby Mama's Day to all the baby mamas out there!! And baby's dads hold it down.

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Just Jasmine said...

Cringe.... That is the sound of my teeth grinding..

But yes The card from the child is appropriate. I won't comment on that other stuff