Saturday, May 17, 2008

Text and E-Mail Forwards...

Okay I know you all either get them or some of you are the annoying people that send them. Yes I'm talking about those damn e-mail and text message forwards. I can't even count how many times a day I get these damn things. And to add insult to injury I'm one of the lucky people that has a smart phone so I get double the exposure. (Lucky Me).

What's the purpose though? I mean yes a select few are funny. I don't mind those. But I hate the ones that come with instructions followed by some warning about if you don't forward them.

"Send this to 10 people or you'll have bad sex for the next 10 years."

"Send this to 10 people or you'll die."

"Send this to 10 people or you're going to hell."

I mean wtf??? I've never heard this one in the commandments. "Thou shalt not delete forwarded text messages."

The e-mails are probably worse. Filling up my inbox worse than spam. And they're longer who has time to read 20 forwarded e-mails from work. I have work to do dammit!! At least with spam you can click the unsubscribe button and stop em. But these come from people I know and love. If you love me why annoy me? Don't worry I return the love with each click of the delete button. Lol.

My question is this. Who's the person that originates these things. Who sits and thinks of some of this stuff? Who really has the time? I don't even have the time to forward them to the 10 people. I would like to one day though and send it out to one person and see if it ever comes back from someone other than that person. It would be something stupid as hell. Here just thought of one.

"This text message is for all of you that love to be annoyed, here's another meaningless message just because I have nothing better to do. If you're smart you'll just delete this. But if you don't forward you'll receive 200 more annoying forwards today."

Sound about right? Hell it may get around the world if I send it. So Look for it in an e-mail box near you.

C-Recks out!!

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jenna marie christian said...

I hate forwards

Most times they are way too long and pointless anyway. So fyi..never send me a forward cause I don't want you to offended if I don't send the stupid thing back and do people honestly expect to get it back. I mean they already know what is says..are they going to reread it;-)???