Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Hard for a Pimp?"

"Is Pimpin Easy?"

The simple yet complex question was posed by Dave Chappelle on his "I Know Black People" Skit.

Well it got me thinking with gas prices at an all-time high is pimpin still easy? So I did a little research and came across some recent articles.

Well judging from the numerous news articles I was able to find all taking place within the last few months apparently pimpin is still easy. Okay I get it you already know you're getting "screwed" at the gas pump so why not fill up and go find someone to "screw" in return. Well regardless of the logic, looks like although unemployment rates may be increasing, the world's oldest profession is still thriving.

We all saw the public unraveling of former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer's political career due to his involvement with a prostitute. .
I guess the Internet has now made it "easier" for some to seek out prostitutes by surfing sites like as opposed to driving around desolate truck stops and drug infested street corners. I myself have never had to go that route so I don't necessarily understand the draw of prostitution but hey to each their own.

My question is this though, In today's times Is the role of the pimp still necessary? Wouldn't it be easier and more profitable to be "self-employed?" I mean when strippers go to parties and do their thing they hire their own body guard to keep look for out them. And isn't that the supposed role of the pimp anyway? Well hiring a body guard sounds like the better choice to me, I mean the "pimp slap" seems a bit much to endure when you're doing all the "hard work."

So the age old question still lingers should prostitution be legal? Some say it's an equal transaction between 2 parties no different than buying any other service and the only ones at risk are the 2 parties. Others say it's just immoral and fuels other illegal and immoral behavior such as drug use. Well I could very well play devil's advocate, but hey I say that's for the law makers to decide. I'm sure if they could find a way to tax it and make it justifiable then it would be legal. I think the same about drugs. But basically, I feel like people are going to do what ultimately pleases them. And if that means a "John" would risk possibly going to jail, catching an STD or if he has one losing his wife/family to have sex with a prostitute then that's their business. And I guess on the other end if a prostitute wants to stand on street corners hopping in and out of cars in the early morning hours risking going to jail, catching an STD, and or getting hurt by a "john" or their "pimp" then who am I to judge.

I would just say it's obvious who has it "harder" and I doubt it's the pimp. When was the last time you saw a prostitute driving a Rolls-Royce, sporting a fancy fur coat, diamond and gold jewelry, a tailored "pimp" suit, gators, and a diamond studded (goblet) "pimp cup" to sip cristal from? ...still thinking? No need to rack your brain. Don't worry you'll come up with the same answer as me. It's NEVER!! So again, I doubt if it's that hard out there for a pimp.

Or perhaps we only associate pimpin with those successful pimps that we see and hear about on TV i.e. the Bishop Don Juans of the pimp game. But maybe just maybe there are some pimps out there that are struggling. You know only enough dough to put 2 rims on his caddy instead of all 4 but the rest are on layaway, putting $2 in the gas tank, pawning his jewelry, ducking the repo man, etc... Maybe it's harder than we think. I guess the unfortunate part on it being hard out here for a pimp is that I'm sure it makes it even harder on the prostitute.

I don't know, but these are just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen!!

Pimp Pimp Hooray!!

C-Recks Out!!

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