Monday, March 9, 2009

Cereal Killer

So just like any given weekend my son is here with me. I will admit that he's a very picky eater. But he does get it honest. So when breakfast time rolls around and he's given the usual choices for breakfast, you never know what exactly he will choose. Well this morning he chose to have cereal. However, my son chooses to eat his cereal dry no milk. But will take a cup of juice on the side. Don't ask me why, but like I said the boy is a picky eater. Well this morning I decided to join him in a bowl of cereal. But as I was eating I asked myself a question that I have asked before. Am I too old to be eating some damn cereal?

I mean I've never seen any age restrictions on a box of cereal. But this morning as I was eating my cereal, I sat and thought should a grown ass man really be eating Fruity Pebbles? I mean just the name of the cereal alone doesn't sound like anything a grown ass man should be associated with. I guess Fruit Loops fits this same category. LOL. Now that's not necessarily my favorite cereal, but it's what we had in the cupboard at the time. I mean I very rarely will even eat breakfast at all. But the very few times I eat cereal, I will admit that I have a very strange way of eating my cereal. I'll break down how it works.

While most do the typical pour cereal in the bowl and add milk then eat, I choose a different approach. See my main goal in eating cereal is to avoid it getting soggy. I don't know about anyone else but soggy cereal is probably one of the most disgusting things there is. I have never liked it since a kid. I can't even watch someone else eat soggy cereal. And I hated when I got told "You better finish your cereal before you get up from the table" especially after it got soggy. Why someone has not invented a way to keep a cereal from going soggy behooves me to this day. I found this supposed "invention" online called the "New Angle Cereal Bowl" that's supposed to eliminate the cereal from getting soggy. You can watch the video of the commercial for yourself, but it seems very suspect to me. My version of eating cereal does the exact same thing if you ask me.

But anyways I digress. Back to my cereal eating process.

Step 1: Add Milk to bowl.
Step 2: Bring bowl with milk and spoon and box of cereal to table.
Step 3: Pour a small amount of cereal into the milk.
Step 4: Quickly begin to eat the cereal.
Step 5: After cereal in bowl is gone repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until the milk is all gone.

Again, I admit that it's a weird process to eat a bowl of cereal but it eliminates the chance of it getting soggy. Small amounts of cereal poured in at a time limit this from happening. I will also admit that for this reason, when I eat cereal I don't really get to enjoy it. I feel like it's a race against time. I have to devour what's in the bowl before it gets soggy. This is one of the reasons I choose to eat cereal alone. Well there is another reason, but that is probably equally as strange. For some reason I can not sit and eat cereal with another person. Don't judge me. I will attempt to explain and plead my sanity case a little further. LoL.

I can remember being younger and at breakfast time my brother would sit across from me. But for some reason listening to him eat cereal just got on my damn nerves. I mean I'm so far from being the morning person. Therefore, already waking up being irritated and hearing him slurp down a bowl of cereal made me want to toss my bowl across the table at him. Sorry Bro, but it's true. LoL. If you asked he will probably admit that he felt the exact same about me when it came to cereal eating. I guess cereal is just not a quiet enough food to eat.

Lastly, I'm curious has anyone else ever done this nasty mess here. I remember my bro and I being at my cousins house. Now it was about 4 of them at the time so imagine a house full of 6 kids ranging from ages 5-10. Well when breakfast time came just like all little kids we wanted cereal. Well just like that scene in the movie Friday, we all poured up big bowls of cereal. And of course we go to the fridge for milk and there is none. Well we were all pretty broke in those days and we were told there would be no milk for this breakfast. I can't recall the culprit, but I have a clue. But someone yelled out I'm eating mines with water and proceeded to pour up. WTF? Water? I was going to eat mines dry like my son, but that ruined my entire appetite there. LoL. In an effort to keep the not snitching streak going I won't mention any names.

Well I don't know if me occasionally enjoying a bowl or 5 of cereal constitutes juvenile behavior but if so then it is what it is. If I could enjoy breakfast in bed (which I recently had. ;-) LoL) on the daily with pancakes, eggs, and bacon then I would stray away from cereal. But until then I will surely be enjoying a bowl of cereal every now and then. Not to mention I'm not a milk drinker so eating cereal allows my minimal amount of calcium intake. LoL. In closing gotta give a shout out to a few of my favorites.

Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Fruit Loops, Honey Comb, and Golden Grahams. Oh and I found this one quite interesting. Obama O's. LoL. It's a damn shame, but someone's probably buying this mess. LoL.



Angel said...

Ok erm… Don’t know where to start

How about toast?
I eat museli ( a grown up cereal)

Your way of eating cereal had me giggling.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anything with your cereal routine. I do the same thing.

Gorgeous Geek said...

Forget being a Toy R Us Kid... I dont wanna grow up if eating cereal makes u think this hard hahaha


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I love cereal
but cant stand soggy cereal
or cereal with hot milk
my favourite cereal is fruit and fibre bran flakes

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I keep boxes of cereal in the house just for me.
And I will eat it whenever I feel the craving hit. . .breakfast, lunch, dinner. A snack in between.

Kryssy said...

You're NEVER too old to stop eating ceral.
I will only eat Corn Flakes or Frosted Flakes... and I see no problem with soggy cereal.. it's all so good!!! lol

{Diamond} said...

Nah, it's not strange, I eat my cereal the same way. And cereal is for kids of ALL ages. But Obaba O's? Now, THAT's funny lol. I'd buy them! :-D

malika the m.i.l.f. said...

one of my fave cereals is basic4, and its a kid cereal diguised as a grown up cereal because its got a lot of sugar in it. other than that, give me frosted flakes any day. and only kellogg's, none of that storebrand crap. i'm also big on froot loops. my son's father gets so irritated when i eat cocoa krispies but then i don't drink the milk. i never grew up drinking the milk but i guess he did so he thinks i'm really wasteful when i pour the milk down the drain. i love that it pisses him off though. i've tried the water on the cereal thing before and frankly, it just never tastes good. its funny that you posted this blog because i was about to go out and actually buy some frosted flakes and milk. as far as the sogginess thing, i like it when its been submerged slighlty, but not soggy.

Teems said...

I could live off cereal alone and never get tired of it. I love em all (well most). But you are good. Never to all... I eat it pretty much the same way. I think I don't know when to stop

Darius T. Williams said...

there's nothing wrong w/eating cereal that way - that's how I eat it. Granted, I don't eff with fruity pebbles at all, but still, the concept's just the same. I'm in love w/Special K Vanilla Almond. BUT, you can't eat too much cuz it's loaded with fiber and will have you dookeying in the middle of the afternoon like CRAZY!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i cant remeber the last time i even ate cereal

mrs. mary mack said...

Both Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles are my favs! LOL When I was younger I'd never eat the cereal with just water but best believe if we were running low on milk my mom was known for mixing water into the milk we had to make it stretch. I think it's affectionately called "Skim Milk" now!

Gem said...

*faints @ Darius*

I rotate between Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, and Cheerios with vanilla soy milk.

I cannot stand for soggy cereal. I don't do it your way, but I will carefully pour the soy milk in little by little, and test it with my spoon to check the level, and continue til it's just enough to avoid sogginess. It's a science.

Nana said...

Awww Gosh I almost pissed myself at the poor - Os pictuer. I think you're never too old to eat friuty ass cereal. I find cute when a grown ass man is eating Cap'n Crunch......

Well it kinda get uneasy when its a fat ass grown man.

Yeah I never did the water/juice thing

But I have watered down evaporated milk

or Mixed some with powdered milk.

Cap'n tize me Cap'n

Afrobabe said...

Thats the same way I eat my cereal..cant swallow it if its soggy...or I just eat it ur kid style!!!

Kellogs crunchy nutter is the best...

Anonymous said...

hell naw man..I love my cereal....and I like to pour my cereal first....dont like much milk in mine