Friday, June 27, 2008

Man Up!!! Part 2

Okay so here we go Part 2 of our weekly Man Ups, we're picking up right where we left off before and of course the same rules still apply. Remember this blog represents what we consider to be Man Up Rules. So, each week we'll add to the list just based off of our observations and perspectives. So be sure to check back weekly. Note: Most rules apply to men/boys age 13 and older (except where noted). Also, the rules are in no particular order.

Man Up Rule #9: If there are open seats available never choose to sit in the seat that is right next to another man. Come on now you see all these open damn seats why would you choose to sit right next to me?

Man Up Rule #10: Pink is rarely a fashionable color on a man, even on this "hardcore" rapper. Now spots of pink can be played off with other colors. But sorry we have to say no to solid pink ensembles such as this. However, exceptions will be made during breast cancer awareness month. Also, Pimps earn an automatic exemption from this rule.

Man Up Rule #11: I am not sure who invented these "Skinny Jeans" but I'm sorry they couldn't have been invented with a man in mind. I understand they've somehow become the desired apparel of a lot of skate boarders but please adhere to the age 13 and up rules.

Man Up Rule #12: I don't care how horrible of a freestyle rapper you are, this line should never slip into your freestyle diss when it is directed towards another man. "Tell me how my ass taste." And if you are that bad of a freestyler and slip and say it please don't continue to repeat it. So, Kobe take my advice don't even respond and you'll still have won this round. LoL.

Man Up Rule #13: When referencing another man's looks, you must always preface that statement by saying, "I ain't gay, but." This can apply whether the statement is good or bad, but must be used when it is a good statement. However, a statement such as "I aint gay, but Tyson Beckford is fine" does not qualify and is a direct violation.

To Be Continued...

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