Friday, June 20, 2008

Man Up!!

There are certain unwritten rules and laws that although they are not regulated should be a given. We would like to dedicate this blog to what we consider to be Man Up Rules. Each week we'll add to the list just based off of our observations and perspectives. So be sure to check back weekly. Note: Most rules apply to men/boys age 13 and older (except where noted). Also, the rules are in no particular order.

Man UP Rule #1: Two men can not share the same bed even if they are related. Whether you kickbox, arm wrestle, or play rock/paper/scisscors to see who gets the bed is up to you. But if there is a couch, chair, cot, hammock, lawn chair, or space on the floor available one must take the alternative.

Man Up Rule #2: A Man is not to ride on the back of a motorcycle or scooter ever whether a man or woman is driving, but especially not when a man is driving.

Man Up Rule #3: When using a public restroom urinal, your eyes are to remain either straight ahead staring at the wall or up at the ceiling above. But your eyes should never wander, and once you've handled your business quickly zip up, turn around and proceed to wash your hands.

Man Up Rule #4: If your wife or girlfriend drives a car that has vanity license plates that read something similar to the image below you are not to drive that car unless it is a dire emergency. Other examples of vanity plates:

Man Up Rule #4: Under no circumstances are you to wear these shoes with the holes in them. It doesn't matter how comfortable these shoes may be, nor does it matter what your chosen occupation is; i.e. hospital doctors.

Man Up Rule #5: If by any chance you are looking across a crowded room and make direct eye contact with another man your only 2 options are to either look away quickly or give the universal "brotha man" head-nod.

Man Up Rule #6: The fanny pack never was and never will be an acceptable fashion statement!

Man up Rule #7: The banana is a fruit that should only be eaten when you break it up or slice it. It is never to be eaten whole! This rule also applies to lollipops, Popsicles, and anything that can resemble... Well you get the point.

Man Up Rule #8: As Tom Hanks said in A League of their Own "There's no crying in Baseball." Well this rule also applies to all other sports. Especially when you lose. The only tolerable crying would be tears of joy for a hard fought victory. Below are 2 examples of crying violations and 2 examples of acceptable tears.

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Just Jasmine said...

You crazy for this one, but i whole heartedly agree with the banana rule. I went to bruch with a dude and he shoved the entire banana in his mouth. Mofo can teahc me a thing or two about deep throat. WTF Needless to say i got my check and left.