Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Plural Familes??

Well after I watched the Celtics win the NBA Finals last night and watched all the highlights and interviews, I found myself flipping through channels. I happen to come across Oprah which I never watch except on rare occasions. Well this quickly became one of those occasions as I learned the topic being discussed was polygamy aka Plural families (the new PC term). So I sat intrigued watching Oprah interview three wives and one husband.

Needless to say, that this got me to thinking on the whole subject of polygamist and had to add my two cents to the pot. First off, and I believe Oprah touched on the same point, but I've been married before (thankfully to only one woman). However, I found it difficult to keep this one woman happy, pleased, and satisfied all of the time (as I'm sure most husbands do). Therefore, my question is how in the HELL is it possible for this man to keep 3 wives happy and pleased even some of the time? As they say "Happy Wife Happy Life. " But maybe this guy only goes for 2 out of 3 when it comes to that rule. And when I say happy and satisfied I don't only mean sexually. In fact, we all know it takes so much more than sex to keep a woman pleased and happy sex is a very small part of the equation.

I just think that as much as guys want to fantasize about three-somes and having more than one woman, it takes a special man to take it to this level. "When asked who sleeps where he said I have my room and they all have their own rooms." So I'm wondering is this like some type of reality show or something, where these women compete in some sort of game or event to see who gets to sleep with the husband that night (i.e. Flavor of Love)? Or do they have a calendar and pick days? I'm just curious because it just doesn't seem as simple as they attempted to make it seem.

Moving on, there is something else I've yet to mention. Well this particular family had a total of about 22 kids (yes 22 that's not a typo). Now I have one child, and my one child is much more than a handful all by himself. So I can't even imagine having a house full of 22 kids. I don't even think 3 mothers is enough for 22 kids. That is still an average of 7.3333333 kids per mother. I'm sure they all range in ages so perhaps some of the older children pitch in to help with the younger. But my next question was obviously how in the HELL does this man support all of these kids? I mean God forbid one of the women ever leaves because I'm sure his whole damn check will go to child support. LoL. Don't get me wrong children are a wonderful blessing and all but I don't know any woman that would still be willing to marry a man knowing she would have to pop out 7.33 children. Then, I don't know how but all 3 of these women were all of reasonable weight and proportion. Now I know that every woman's body reacts differently after pregnancy but man 7 kids and still slim I'm sure many women would like to know the secret (or would they?).

Well the family on the show painted such a pretty picture of their "Plural" family. Of course insuring that there were no type of abuse going on in his household. However, Oprah of course had someone else that escaped a polygamist sect that spoke out stating that there was abuse and that she was forced to marry at age 18. I mean I can't personally prove or disprove either of these families allegations. However, all I know is that something isn't right. I know they use the basis of religious beliefs as their reasoning for having multiple wives and the wives having to dress and wear their hair as they do but it's not on sale so I'm not buying it.

Of course we've yet to address the illegal aspect of the whole polygamy story. Yes it is against the law to marry more than one person at the same time. Therefore, as Oprah stated many of the men don't come forward to speak out about their practice. However, this particular man chose to come out and talk about it. I guess Oprah was offering enough for him to risk it. Don't forget he's got 22 kids to feed. But overall I don't see risking going to jail to marry more than one woman worth it to me. It seems as if they feel that as long as they're not hurting anyone by this practice they should be able to marry as many women as possible. But to that I say well I'm sure prostitutes feel the same way they're not hurting anyone by performing their service but yet and still it's illegal. So the bottom line is just as they risk going to jail for their actions so should you for yours. Well inquiring minds would like to know this, why are there never wives with multiple husbands in these polygamist sects? Well the fact there is no answer for that question pretty much proves my feelings towards polygamists.

Finally in speaking on polygamist, I recall pop singer Akon was rumored to be a polygamist and to actually be coming out with a reality show centered around his family life.

However, I'm sure the production was quickly halted after the stunt Akon pulled with the under age girl on stage. I highly doubt that would help to put to rest any of the rumors surrounding polygamist at all. Well speaking of celebrities, I guess if I was into the multiple women thing I think I'd more go the Hugh Hefner route and have 3 "girlfriends" as he calls them. Not only does he get to enjoy the same lifestyle but he is also safe from prosecution.

C-Recks Out!!

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