Friday, August 1, 2008

Man Up!!! Part 7

Another Friday another Man Up, by now you should get the trend. Some have actually been recommending Man Ups that they've observed themselves. We welcome all comments and recommendations. So feel free to make any suggestions. Just remember this blog represents what we consider to be Man Up Rules. So, each week we'll add to the list just based off of our observations and perspectives. So be sure to check back weekly. Note: Most rules apply to men/boys age 13 and older (except where noted). Also, the rules are in no particular order.

Man Up Rule #28:

If the only lotion that is available for you to use is your girlfriend's, wife's, sister's or your mom's feminine smelling lotion (Image 1) then you must go ashy. It doesn't matter if you're walking around ashier than "Ashy Larry" (Image 2) from the Dave Chappelle Show. That is much better than smelling like a woman. However, Baby Lotion (Image 3) is an acceptable alternative.



Man Up Rule #29:

With the emergence of Bling Bling the old rules of earring on the left or right ear have pretty much gone astray. So there is nothing wrong with a man wearing an earring or 2. But please stay away from certain types of earrings. For instance, the single hoop earring (Image 1) hasn't been fashionable for some time. However, Michael Jordan (Image 2) does get a pass. Also, the nipple ring on a man is an absolute negative (Image 3).

(1 - George Michael *Hint Hint*)



Man Up Rule #30:

Just as we stated about spandex in Man Up Rule #22, we must also place a ban on men in panties we mean speedos. LoL. If you're a professional swimmer you may get a pass but that's it. We couldn't even bare putting up a pic of a man in a pair of speedos. So here are the speedos, you can either invision a man in them or google an image yourself.

To Be Continued...

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