Friday, September 26, 2008

Man Up!!! Part 14

If you've been paying attention to our weekly Man Up Rules then you know we're coming up on a Milestone today. That's right we're at Man Up Rule #50. When we first started doing the Man Ups we maybe had about 10 of these rules in mind. So the other 40 have come simply from things we've seen and noticed. I hope you all have been paying attention and avoiding violations. We may or may not continue to post Man Ups on a weekly basis. But we'll see if we can keep it going and hopefully reach 100. But without any further ado it's time to Man Up!!! Remember this blog represents what we consider to be Man Up Rules. So, each week we'll add to the list just based off of our observations and perspectives. So be sure to check back weekly. Note: Most rules apply to men/boys age 13 and older (except where noted). Also, the rules are in no particular order.

Man Up Rule #49:
Now there was a time when leather was the in fashion. But as of now no man should be caught wearing leather pants (Image 1). The only exceptions to this rule go to Bikers (Image 2) and Rock n' Roll stars (Image 3). Also Image 1 is a double violation to Man Up Rule #32, as you can see his shirt is unbuttoned.




Man Up Rule #50:
All men have at some point been put in this awkward and uncomfortable situation at some point in their life. Whether it be their mom, grandmother, girlfriend, or wife someone has asked them to hold their purse and they were not able to say no. Well the way you hold the purse could be considered a Man Up violation (Image 1&2). Or holding it wrong could cause someone to think you have a Man Purse which violates Man Up Rule #33. I'd suggest the double hand grab. Imagine a running back taking a hand off the way he holds the football (Image 3). It will difficult for someone to see exactly what you're holding. LoL.



Man Up Rule #51:
Although we would never call out a whole musical genre, there is one particular type of music we have a problem with. It's not the music itself because all music is a form of creative expression. However, Techno Music for some reason brings about a let's just say funny form of dancing. Check out the video below for further evidence. So to play it safe men should not dance to Techno Music.

To Be Continued...

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