Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trick or Treat??

Rappers are known for introducing new slang and terms into our culture through their music. Now being a rapper I can usually let most of the ignorant things slide for the most part. Soldier Boy will never get a pass though someone better Tell em' (but that's a future blog). But there is a saying that I have been hearing in some of the latest songs on the radio lately. And I can't lie for some reason I'm a little disturbed by it. To most it's not really major and I guess I should probably be more in an uproar about the vulgar and misogynistic comments about women, guns and drugs. But unfortunately we all know that and most accept them as a part of rap music in general. As a rapper myself all I can do is try to portray a different image of rappers through my lyrics. With that said buy my album "Ripped from the Headlines" coming really soon. (Shame less plug I know).

But back to the subject at hand. The saying that I have been hearing goes like this:
"It aint trickin if you got it."
You may have recently heard the above term in songs like "Whatever You Like" by T.I., "Got Money" By Lil' Wayne Featuring T-Pain, "Can't Believe It" by T-Pain Featuring Lil' Wayne and "What them Girls Like" by Ludacris Featuring Chris Brown." Now for those of you that are unfamiliar with the term or not well versed or fluent in slanguage the meaning of the saying is this. If you've got the money you can spend it on whatever and it's not considered a waste of money. So basically you can blow thousands of dollars on any and everything with no regards just because you have the money. In theory this statement is very true. It's your money so feel free to do whatever the hell you want with it, and whose business is it what you do with your money? However, the problem that I have with this saying is that in some instances if you have it or not it is Trickin. Below I've listed just a couple items I feel like no matter how much money you have to spend and throw away some times it's still considered Trickin.

Strip Clubs
Now I'm curious to know who was the first person to go into a strip club take a hand full of money and throw it on stage? I would just like to know what was going through his head when this occurred. I wonder if it could have been done on accident. Like what if the man had just got change for $100 in all singles as he's walking up to the stage to tip he trips or slips and all the money goes flying out of his hands onto the stage. As the bouncer comes over to help him up he looks at his money and then looks at how swole the bouncer is and intelligently decides to just leave the money where it landed. However, he then notices the reaction he's getting from the stripper on stage and other strippers in the club. And there you have it the first person to make it rain in the strip club. LoL.
Well I don't know how the phenomenon was really invented but regardless some how this has become a regular trait in strip clubs. I remember being in Atlanta in a strip club and watched a guy walk in the front door walk up to the main stage throw an unknown amount of bills into the air and then walk towards the bar. Very shortly after I didn't see the man anymore. I'm assuming he left out probably because he was out of money. Now I'm not the smartest person but I do consider myself to be pretty economical hell even at times pretty cheap. LoL. So therefore I'm always going to try to get the most for my money. Whether it be a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas, a shirt, a hat, and yes even a lap dance. lol. I mean why not get the best deal you can. Now maybe that was all my mans needed to get his money's worth but I'm sorry even if he had it I must say he tricked off his money. LoL.
Speaking of Atlanta and strip clubs here's another example to prove my point. Back in 2005 rappers Jermaine Dupri and Nelly partied it up big in a strip club spending $10,000 on strippers and alcohol. Well apparently they felt so guilty the next day that they decided to match their charitable donation to the strippers' college fund with a charitable donation to underprivileged children. They apparently purchased $10,000 in toys for the children and passed them out. Now as much money as these 2 have to blow even they had a moment of clarity and a conscious when they realized how much money they had spent. Either that or they're just smart business men and realized at least they can write off the toys whereas the strip club tips were simply Trickin!!

Our last example comes from the infamous Adam "Pac Man" Jones. In 2007 the NFL player was partying at a Las Vegas strip club during the NBA Allstar Weekend. As the story was told to me and as I read in an article this is basically what happen. The rules in the club he was in prohibit strippers from picking up money while someone is making it rain. They must wait until the raining stops. However, apparently the promoters for the club began scooping up his money in garbage bags while he was still making it rain. Apparently Jones didn't appreciate this after words were exchanged a melee began. To make a long story short as Jones exited the club shots rang out and 2 people were hit including a female patron, and a bouncer that ended up paralyzed. Police reportedly seized $81,000 (no that's not a typo) of Jones' money from the promoters. I don't even like to carry over $100 on me in cash. So how do you realistically walk into a strip club carrying $81,000? And that's just what he was making it rain with when the incident occurred, there's no telling how much he actually had on him. Now I've already mentioned that making it rain is definitely trickin, but apparently it can also be dangerous ask Pac Man Jones.
I enjoy the strip club as much as the next man, however; no matter how much money I get I can't see just throwing thousands in the air up for grabs. I mean I may make it drizzle a little bit and throw some change on the stage but I'm not trying to hurt no body. LoL. But It was put best to me by a friend of mines. I asked them if they'd make it rain in the strip club. They simply replied "Nah. I wouldn't. I'd rather tip the regular way it promotes good work ethic." I thought that answer was brilliant. Thanks for the quote Kris. LoL.

My brother works with a special individual we've nicknamed Rain Man (yeah like the movie). But recently my brother told me that he found out that Rain Man hadn't had sex in damn near 10 years. Apparently all he does is work and play video games. Again, I'm not the type to pay for sex but damn 10 years? At that point I would understand him considering paying a few hundred at least once a year to get him some because apparently whatever other method he's utilizing is obviously not working for him.

However, I discussed pimping and prostitution in a early blog entitled "Hard for a Pimp?" Now nothing has changed since back then. I still have never and will never pay for sex. Maybe I'm cheap, but I'd rather say I'm just not this damn desperate. I have no clue what the going rate for some of these services are but I'm sure they can range anywhere from $50 (street hooker) to $1000 (High class escort services). Now if you're one of these guys that feel the need to pay for sex I just can't understand why you pay so much. I understand the quality of the prostitute probably increases the more you pay. In other words you're willing to pay an extra $100 to make sure you're not dealing with some potentially diseased crack whore. That I get. But at what point does it just become too much? When the amount you're paying for prostitutes begins to reach hundreds and even thousands of dollars per session that is just damn ridiculous. If this isn't trickin then I don't know what is. In fact in the pimp game prostitutes consider having sex with their clients "turning tricks." Therefore the clients that purchase prostitution services are called just that a Trick!!

In conclusion, I'm not the one to tell people what they can and can't do with their money. However, it's bad enough some rappers mislead people when it comes to their lyrics and so called lavish lifestyles. But stop with the catchy sayings that are completely false. There are plenty things people trick their money off on whether they have it or not. Look at these damn major banks that are on the verge of bankruptcy. They had billions of dollars to loan to individuals they knew wouldn't be able to afford to pay their mortgages. Now look at the state of our country's economy. It's called trickin! Even Beyonce's wig collection was recently valued at over $1 Million dollars. Although that's barely 1.25% of the $80 Million she made last year, it's still ridiculous. I know black women are particular about how they want their hair to look. But $10,000 a wig come on! I'm sure a personal stylist won't cost you that much. But then again she probably still has a personal stylist to make sure the wigs stay tight. What a shame.
*Shakes Head*


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