Monday, October 27, 2008

Inconvenient Convenience

If you're alive today then there's a 99% chance you have either sent or received a text message before. Now I will admit that I love and enjoy the convenience of being able to text as opposed to making a call. Plus since a young kid I've never been that much of a phone person. I was talking to my son (4yrs. old about to be 5) on the phone the other day and after the usual how are you, how was your day, what are you up to I over hear him whisper to his mom "Mom I don't have anything else to talk about." But I can feel him I'd rather be playing than have a long conversation with my dad too. But I'm sure if his spelling game was a little more advanced he'd probably say just text me daddy. LoL.

Well although a text message can have plenty of advantages and they usually outweigh the disadvantages, there are some things that can still bother you about texting. Maybe it's not necessarily the text message itself but there are certain things associated with text messaging that can be erking to some. Or maybe it has more to do with the person that you're texting on the other end. I've just come up with some things that I'm sure we all have experienced pertaining to the text message and well you can decide how you feel in particular about each item.

Text Forwards
I wrote an entire blog about text forwards you can read it yourself. So no need to elaborate too much more on it. But it's a big pet peeve of mines so it tops this list. Just know that if you forward me a text 9/10 you won't get it back. LoL.

Response Time
Is there a protocol as for how soon one should respond to a text message? Now I normally don't read rules and instructions. I usually just take things out of the box and figure out how they work on my own. So is there something is the manual for the phone that states one must respond to a text message in a certain amount of time? I'm sure we've all gotten that text from whoever stating or asking something. Well perhaps you were busy at the time, sleeping or just didn't want to respond right away. But the next thing you know you're getting a call with someone asking "why didn't you reply back to my text?" Now let's not confuse this person with a serial dialer as my brother mentioned in an earlier blog. To be honest I've done this one myself. Then after I call I tend to ask myself if it was this important shouldn't I have just called in the first place? LoL.

Accidental Texts
I was recently got a text from my son's mother and she was telling me how excited my son was to wear the costume I bought him for Halloween. So, I replied back and then I got another text from her that said "I love you too and have a wonderful day." Well it was obvious that this was clearly not for me. However, once you press send on that text message it's over. As much as you hope and wish you could get it back it's definitely too late. But lucky for her I knew that it was sent to the wrong person. A different kind of ex may have taken that text the wrong way. I've made the mistake of texting the wrong person as well. My mom and brother have similar names; in fact, there is only 1 letter different in their names. Not to mention their phone numbers have the same first 5 numbers. So there have been many of times I've accidently text my mom instead of my brother. Although my mom is really cool, I'm glad those accidental texts [meant for my brother] weren't anything too vulgar like they can be at times. LoL.

Text Assumptions
Have you ever gotten this text? "I'll just hit you later you seem busy." If I'm texting you back and we're texting back and forth how can I seem busy? Now if this other person is your spouse or better half that can just sense things about you I can understand such a response. But to just make such an assumption based on reading a text message is to me without merit. The same goes with this one. "You seem upset or mad." How? Did the words come across your phone screen differently than I texted? The problem with reading words is that the reader gets to intepret (whether out loud or in their head) how the words are spoken. No different than when you're reading a book or even this blog. You [the reader] get to choose the tone of what you're reading. The same goes for a text message. And often the reader can make an assumption which can be so off the mark. And you know what they say about when you assume.

Text Arguments
I know that everyone reading has probably had an argument by text. I personally hate arguing at all, let alone via text. Now it could start from something like mentioned above where a wrong assumption is made based on a text message. The next thing you know someone is typing in all CAPITAL LETTERS. And you know what that means, yep they're now yelling at you. And dont forget the exclamation marks!!!!!!! That's showing them you really mean business. Oh wait what about the little mean smiley faces >:-O Is that the yelling one? Well my problem with text arguing is that when I do it I think to myself what am I doing and why don't I just pick up the phone and say what I need to say? But unfortunately once you've started a text argument it's like a 12 round boxing match and you just don't want to throw in the towel. However, there can be an advantage to arguments by text. For instance, you can think more about what you want to say and strategically choose your words. Whether they be the perfect upper cut, a little jab here and there, or even dancing around the ring like Ali trying to avoid further confrontation. Where as in a face to face or even phone argument at times you speak the first thing that comes to mind which usually adds fuel to the fire of an argument. But don't take too long to respond. As stated with response time either the person you're arguing with will think you're ignoring them or even that they won the argument. You may get a text stating "Nothing to say huh? Thought so!!"

Drunk Texting
Now this is definitely one of those times where you probably wish your phone wasn't so technologically advanced and that had an old school brick cell phone. Drinking and texting is definitely not as dangerous as drinking and driving but the results can also be tragic in nature. Have you ever had a little bit too much to drink then sent a text that said something you shouldn't have said to someone you know damn well you shouldn't have even been texting? Well usually when it happens just like most things you do while intoxicated you don't realize what has taken place until the next morning. As soon as you start to reading those texts from that individual the you scratch your head wondering what they're talking about. That is until you open the sent folder and see exactly what you were texting. In response to your discovery you'll usually let out an "Oh S**t!!" and then try to figure out how you'll clean this one up.
Recently Google unveiled "Mail Goggles" which actually helps to prevent drunk e-mailing. When activated Google will require the e-mailer to solve a series of math questions in order to determine that they're in the right mind state to send that e-mail. Once you complete the questions the e-mail will be sent. However, if you can not solve the simple to complex math questions (as previously determined by the user) the e-mail will not be sent. Hopefully for all of us drunk texters out there they'll eventually install a technology such as this in cell phones.

Text Abbreviations
Now luckily I've been able to keep up with some of the younger generation and their text talk as I like to call it. But sometimes even I'm stumped. I mean I can recognize the basics such as LOL (Laugh Out Loud), TTYL (Talk to you later), LMAO (Laughing My ass off), LMAFO (Laughing my f**king ass off), IDK (I don't know), BF (Boyfriend), GF (Girlfriend), BFF (Best friend forever), OMG (Oh My God), BRB (Be Right Back), JK (Just Kidding), BTW (By the Way), Etc. But then again there are some abbreviations that I would never be able to figure out. For instance, FIIK (F**K If I know), I would have never gotten that one. Or FEITCTAJ (F**k 'em if they can't take a joke), which I should know since my grandfather always says this. Also, GTFO (Get The F**k Out) and SWL (Screaming With Laughter). Basically the list goes on. Whatever happen to regular English? Now you have to be able to speak text talk. If you want to brush up on your text talk skills there's a whole list of abbreviations you can check out here. I just wouldn't try to impress your friends with any of those abbreviations unless they've also studied this list. Or you'll probably get a text response back like "WTF" (What the F**k?)

Well regardless of what I like and don't like about texting I won't lie and say I would want to give it up as a feature on my cell phone. Like I said there are much more benefits than there are negative things associated with the text message. In fact, I just ordered the new G-1 (to the left) phone from T-Mobile last week. It should arrive in another week or so. So basically you know that the text messages won't be stopping anytime soon.
So as Lil' Wayne said "Unless ya Feel a lil desperate send a nigga a text message."


Mckay K said...

I am one of the few who dislike text messaging. My fear is that an already struggling poorly educated society will be illiterate in 10 years.

Hopefully I am wrong!

Be well

Brothers Blog said...

Yes I totally agree. Especially when it comes to those abbreviations. I had a friend tell me that her little sister (a teenager) was actually speaking in those abbreviations as opposed to saying the actual words. So just like you I hope that was an isolated case.

Sheliza said...

great post! I can't stand the abbreviations and texting while driving. Oh and the forwards are annoying as well. I did a post a while back that gave definitions of abbreviations

I still insist that when my kids text me they must use proper grammar. Have a great week!

Brothers Blog said...

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you could identify with those things involving the text messages. And I would probably do the same with my son if he was texting me as well. Master the English language first before you start using abbreviations. And as for the texting while driving I unfortunately am guilty of that. I wrote an entire post on it as well

Take care.

Just Jasmine said...

Great Post. You're definitely on point with this one.

I remember sitting stuck for like 15 minutes before I figured out what smh and imo meant.

overall I find that I'd rather text then speak. I mean i'd be on the phone and just say I'll call you back and then just start texting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100 percent.
My mom always makes jokes about me texting. But I'd rather text all day, then talk on the phone.

@ Response time, I dated a guy that would do this and it irked me to the fullest. If I didn't texted back he would call. Or he would send long messages that came out to be paragraphs. Tragically he didn't last.

Brothers Blog said...

@ Jasmine - I actually had to go to the list of abbreviations from the blog and look up IMO. I was lost. LOL.

@ She Needs - yeah that response time is no joke. And you're right about the long paragraphs I should have added that in there if the message can't fit in 1-3 texts then just call. Because you obviously have a lot to say. LoL.

But yeah just like both of you I'd still much rather shoot a text as well.

Kitty said...

Oh! you got the new G-1!! You've got to do a post on it and tell us how you like it. I was thinking of getting one too but IDK.

My younger brother text messages everything. He'll have entire conversations with his friends via text messages. it's insane.

Those chain texts are bad but not as much as text ARGUMENTS!!!!!!!!!

Brothers Blog said...

Yeah I'm waiting on it to come. I've read some great things about it so far. So I look forward to seeing what it's about. I'll definitely do a review on it when it arrives.

But yeah I'm guilty of the text conversations. I can't talk on the phone at work so I will literally have entire convos via text throughout the day.

And the text arguments definitely are up there with the worst as well.

Mz.Hopeful said...

I must admit I am guilty of the texting while drinking and text arguments... Great post!!

Brothers Blog said...

mz. hopeful now you know better than drunk texting. lol.

Cherish said...

i hate text messaging actually. im usually so busy that when i get a text i just ignore. just call me and get whatever it is u need to say off ya chest. i dont have time to do anything with my phone but make calls. and them damn forwards kill me it seems like my friends find every man on earth wit a d*ck the size of the jungle and forwards him to me. I hate it

Soulstress said...

The one prob I have with texting is that in my experience guys tend to substitute texting when they shuld call. Texting is a supplement to conversation not a substitute...u shuldnt text me if ur mad at me bout sumthin..or if we're plannin a date..etc...thats shuld be done via a call.

T. Michelle Theus said...

LOL @ the post and I agree with soulstress that some people (both men and women) will text msg as a means to avoid having a REAL conversation. I am actually guilty of that myself. LOL

Brothers Blog said...

@ cherish - LoL. And they say men are wild. I have never gotten a forwad of a naked woman. Or maybe my friends don't like me as much. lol.

@ soulstress - I agree it should be a supplement. But if I can get away with the text as opposed to the call you better believe I will.

@ t.michelle - Yeah I know I do it too. I'm just not a phone person though. So anyone that will have a text convo with me knows that up front.