Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tag We're It!!

I knew this was coming at some point. But apparently we have been tagged! Fellow Blogger Go Bytch tagged us. Thanks a lot. We're stealing your image of the rules by the way. LoL.

But here we go 7 random/weird things about us we're splitting this up by the way you're only getting a total of 7 from us.

This is C-Recks I'll begin with the first 3:

1. Don't laugh but I watch the TV show America's Next Top Model (ANTM) every Wednesday with my best friend. In fact, tonight is the season finale. My brother once told me that there are usually 2 reasons men watch this show. One is because they're watching it with a female or they're watching it to see the girls on the show. My response is that it's probably both. When the show first came out over 11 seasons ago I used to watch it with my ex, so I guess I kinda been hooked since then. I've never watched just by myself on my own, such as during the time after my ex and I split. But when I met my best friend she asked me to watch it with her and well I haven't missed an episode since. LoL.

If anyone missed the finale Mckey Won by the way. Which I knew she would at about week #3.

2. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. I once saw it done on a movie (can't recall which movie) a long time ago and tried it and I was able to do it. So I love when I'm out and a female orders a drink with a cherry, because it allows me to show off one of my many talents. LoL. I know this is random as hell but what can I say I got skills. LoL.

3. If you don't know by now or if I haven't mentioned it enough. I'm a rapper/producer. I've performed many times live on stage. I know it's natural for most people to have the nervous jitters and what not before getting on stage or out in front of a crowd or audience. However, I have never felt nervous before I hit the stage. Not even a little bit. People always ask me before a performance "Are you Nervous?" When I reply "No" you can tell they think I'm lying, but it's the truth never once.

OK, this is Dre. Here's my contribution to complete the 7.

4. When it comes to microwaves, I have this unnatural, and compelling need to stop the microwave on a number that either ends in 5 or 0. All the time, without fail. It started when I was younger. My brother and I used to challenge each other to stop the microwave on a particular time. And I guess its not out of my system. Weird, I know.

5. I can, and do, use my toes to pick up things. And, unfortunately, I am good at it too. So this added feature has only made me even more lazy. Ridiculous, I know.

6. I have never had a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Seriously. I have had their double shots that they sell in convenience stores, but I have never actually had a cup of coffee from there. I did one time have an Iced tea. That's the closest I've come.

7. This one is always the hardest for me to admit. OK, here goes. I love the song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. I can't even begin to explain why. I don't even know when it all began. But yes, I can listen to that song at any time. Now for those who may think that I'm suspect, let me say that I absolutely hate the songs "Its raining men" and "I will survive". So the Dancing Queen is just a fluke I assure you.

Alright as the rules stated we have to Tag 7 other people. So sorry but we're just following the rules. We Tag: Sharon, Sexxy Luv, JustJasmine, MsMaryMack, Tosharenelle, 3rdTwin, and Niya.

--Brothers Prospective--


Diamond said...

Whaat??? I LOVE "Dancin' Queen"! It's on my pod playlist, right now lol.

mrs. mary mack said...

Damn you Brothers!*sighs* that was interesting info...I guess I have to follow the rules and do as I'm told. LOL

suite STL said...

thanks for checking us out...

St. Louis always has something going on. This weekend be sure to check out The Loft, EXO or even the House of Comedy this weekend. If you need more details on where to kick it in lou email us

Just Jasmine said...

123 not it...?
ok I'm gonna start my list now

I won't be teh one to comment on teh cherry stem since you already know what response you were looking for..

But if you wanna get tonguetied....

I can only think of dancing queen from teh movie dancehall queen
but good info

Just Jasmine said...

tag backs allowed?

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I got to see the cherry thing in action,
cant visualise the how.....
anyway looking at the random facts you guys are freakishly normal
or else im the one who is a crazy wierd freak

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I'll have a milkshake with a cherry on top. . .okay let's see it.

I have Abba's greatest hits CD.

As if I haven't told y'all enough random things about me. Okay I got to get working on this and it's going to have pictures :)

Brothers Blog said...

@ Diamond - I'll let my bro reply. That's his song. lol.

@ Mrs. Mary - LOL. Sorry we had no warning either. But I just knew you'd be a good sport and play along. Look forward to your post.

@ STL - Good looking on that info we'll definitely hit you up when we're in the lou.

@ Jasmine - LOL @ the tongue tied comment. Now that you mention it...
Click the link for the dancing queen song it's embedded.

And no tag backs it took me 2hrs just to come up with those 3. I prefer not to do another of these for a while. lol.

@ Miss Def Maybe - As long as the cherry stem is long enough then I can work my magic. And in about 5 mins. *wahlah* I pull out the stem tied in a knot.

And guess we didn't get too wild with it. I've seen your blog before you seem normal to me too.

@ Sharon - I bet your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. lol. But yep I'd be glad to demonstrate.

Abba's greatest hits maybe a possible christmas gift for my bro. lol.

And I'm sure you got plenty more random things you can reveal. Look forward to your post. lol.

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ your defending the fact that you are not suspect. That was too cute!

I want to see the cherry thingy as well, for my own personal reasons of course.

I only pick up things with my toes when I am in private. LOL. It just doesn't seem lady-like.

No nervousness at all before hitting the stage?! I would get nervous just thinking about it!

Soulstress said...

Dre..I'ma need u to go and have sum of the goodness that is starbucks like now lol.

No comment on dancing queen hahaha.

Sexxy Luv said...

hey you two, this was pretty interesting, i'll follow suite since i have nothing to post about anyway. lol

1-i don't do ANTM...not intersting to me...they need to eat. PERIOD! lol

2-interesting....can we get some youtube footage of this trick?

3-i would love to take a listen, are you guys on WEMIX or MYSPACE?...

4-lol @ the microwave thingy, i have a thing with clocks everytime i look at the time it says 10:23!

5-i can pick up things with my toes too! lmao no lie!

6- i have never had coffee, ever!

7-i have to check that song out...never heard it.

ANGELINA said...

you're not missing much when it comes to starbucks. i make better espresso at home. and there is nothing wrong with liking abba. everybody secretly loves dancing queen :)

A Go Bytch said...

I'm sorry Brother's... had to hun. The thing about tags that annoy me is I'll answer the damn questions but copying and pasting and tagging and commenting.. whew that's a work out.

Ummm I'm with Sexy.. "can we get some youtube footage of this"

Okay didn't know about the rapper/producer thing.

Microwave thing is super cute!

Starbucks...Circle K.. what's the difference I've had them both and I'll take the White Chocolate Mocha from Circle K anyday for $4 dollars cheaper.

Ummm.. I've never heard that song but I will make it a point to hear it this weekend.

Go B.

Muze said...

lol. i loved this.

i really wish i could do the cherry knot thing. lol.

top model used to be that dealio. until they started casting he/shes. i was almost ON the season with Bre. crazy, i know.

i thought i would escape the tag but i didn't. just jasmine got me.


hope all is well brothers!

Brothers Blog said...

@ Queen & Soulstress & angelina - I'll let my brother respond to you all.

@ Sexxy Luv - Yeah you been kinda M.I.A. so glad we could throw some material your way.

LOl @ they need to eat. So true.

You done started something requesting this youtube flick. lol.

There was a link to my myspace on that post but I will gladly e-mail you the link so you can check it out.

My bro will have to respond to his 4.

@ Go B. - LOL. As I said to sexxy Luv she done started something. lol. Yep go back and check out my myspace for the music.

Bro will have to respond to his 4.

@ Muse - Yeah the trick definitely takes some skill. lol

And yeah when I heard about the Tranny being on this season I almost gave up on it myself. It took some convincing on my BFF part. The thought was just disgusting. But if you got that close you should try out again. The one girl Joselyn from this season tried out like 30 something times and finally got picked this time. I think you could do it.

And I see you didn't quite escape. Well I'll be sure to go over and check out your responses too.

T. Michelle Theus said...

LMAO @ Dre picking things up with his toes and being freakishly good at it! Now you have to post youtube videos of that and in addition to Cory's tongue trick. LOL

♥Niya♥ said...

Working on that tag post. Its hard to come up with things on the spot like that.