Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Deserts

Don't worry I didn't make a simple spelling error in my title. You'll understand the spelling as you continue to read. So, a few months my best friend was having an argument with some guy about who was thirstier men or women? So she e-mails me and asks my take on it. Well my immediate response was "Men of course!" My first example proving my point to her was for her to simply log into her myspace. I told her that I bet with her just being logged in [cue the blinking on-line indicator] and not doing anything more that the guys would flock. However, if I were to do the exact same I would maybe [on a good day] receive 1 request to her every 5-10. Unfortunately, she agreed with me that guys are thirstier; therefore, she didn't try my little "social-networking" experiment.

However, my blog entry "It's a One-derful Life" prompted another friend of mines to re-open their previously closed myspace account to prove a point. On her profile she listed 10 items about her as I did in the aforementioned blog. However, she proceeded to tell me that the "resume" as she called it, prompted her to receive 70 friend requests. All of these requests came within a matter of barely 24 hours, from men wanting to be her "One." Well without even asking her to participate she conducted my "social networking" experiment for me. So my response to her was that the 10 items was irrelevant. I feel that even without her putting her 10 items on there that just a picture and no words would have gotten at least half of those requests. Why? Because guys are thirsty.

Still not convinced? Well here's yet another example. A few years ago I was in the grocery store picking up some items for my grandmother. Well my eye spotted a gorgeous woman shopping and pushing her cart along. Now before my mind could even formulate the thought of stepping up to her and say something someone had already beat me to the punch. So, I played the back and watched her shut this guy down as he walked away shaking his head. Within less than a minute I saw another guy make the same attempt only to be shut down. As guy #2 was shut down there was a third guy lurking in the shadows just hoping for his turn. Even after seeing guy #2 get shut down, the third guy proceeds to take his chance. By this time I'm simply laughing because it's become quite comical. Well it's no surprise that guy #3 got the same treatment as his 2 predecessors. The young lady proceeded to the meat department to pick out some poultry, but it wasn't long before guy #4 made his appearance. I couldn't hear what any of them were saying to her, but with her picking out chicken, I'm sure his "original recipe" line that he used wasn't too original. Therefore, he was sent home with no consolation prize along with the previous contestants.

Well I won't front that my mind was thinking hell "give it your best shot worst she can say is no." However, I then thought of it in this way. If I just saw 4 people try to cross the same bridge and all met the same fate of falling in the water would I still try to cross? The answer was an astounding Hell No!! Plug up the Gps and find yourself another route. LoL. So, I told myself I'm just not a thirsty type guy and simply admired her beauty from a distance and kept it moving.

I mean I know I'm from Chicago and perhaps thirstiness just exists here, but I doubt that's the case. I've come to realize that Chicago niggaz just take it to an extreme level. However, I'm sure that women from all over the world can attest to the fact that they've experienced many moments dealing with thirsty guys. We've attempted to come up with a list, let's go through it and see how far we get.

- The guy that buys you a drink at the club and thinks you drinking that drink is some sort of non-verbal contract obligating you to talk to him the rest of the night. So he follows you around the club all night.

- The guy that you actually decide to give your number to; however, he doesn't adhere to the 1-2 day buffer and calls you the same day.

- The guy that when he meets you and you won't give him your number decides to give you his number. But not just his number. He includes his work number, his e-mail address, his instant messenger, and just in case you can't reach him at any of those his momma's number.

- The guy that first tries to holla at you. Then when you shut him down moves on to your girl. But when she doesn't give him any love either he then makes an attempt at your other girl. Eventually he goes through the rest of your crew, but even though no one takes his bait it doesn't deter him from trying.

- The guy that you've barely known a week or 2; however, he already wants you to be his woman. But wait he's not just satisfied with you just being his girl. Within that same week or 2, he wants you to meet his momma, be his wife, and go half on a baby with him.

- The guy that calls you and when you don't answer he leaves you a voice mail. But before you can even check the voice mail he's calling you again. But when you don't answer the next time he's sends you a text message. My brother commonly refers to these individuals as Serial Dialers.

- The guy that will admittedly do anything to get you to sleep with him. Including but not limited to offering to buy you any and everything you want as if money will all of a sudden make you want to be with him.

- The guy that sees you walking down the street as he's driving and tries to get your attention by yelling from the car. When you ignore his disrespectful attempt, he continues to drive along side you trying different lines on you hoping you change your mind.

- The guy that you openly treat like s**t, yet he takes your s**t and whatever else you do to him just no matter how bad it is. He doesn't care because he just wants to be with you no matter what.

Alright that's all we could come up with. But feel free to add to the list in your comments I'm sure we've left plenty things out. But the bottom line is that although there are some thirsty women out there, they don't close to match the numbers of thirsty men. I guess some of these guys didn't get the memo that women out number men in most places. You would think that would deter them from being so thirsty; however, it doesn't and it won't.

So to those thirsty men out there. Please stop being so damn thirsty! Ya'll make it harder for us regular guys to even get a chance because of how thirsty the last guy that tried was. So calm your thirsty asses down, for starters here's a glass of water on me. LoL.


Just Jasmine said...

this was a good one, I can't think of anything good right now.

But you guys are true on this one. Some dude are just so damn thirsty, i could never understand it.

Diamond said...

I definitely agree with you on this one! Funny! lol

Nana said...

LOL oh GOD I least you know what's up. I find humor very refreshing after a line of dudes trying the same tactics. I mean you deny it if something is funny. Most of the dudes got to me through laughter

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I agree with you 100% Idk I think guys like the game of chasing a woman even if most of the time they get turned down lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Hilarious - right...but dudes aren't the thirsty ones...not at all. lol


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

hey women are damn thirsty too, but they would rather die from dehydration than from the humiliation of begging/soliciting/ for a 'drink' lol

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I have to agree with the two commenters that women are thirsty too. And there are some very thirsty woman out here. . .wait a minute I need to grab me a bottle of water. . .


I found all your thirsty men points fun and agreed with them too. But, I know I could come up with at least 6 thirsty women comments right now.

clnmike said...

Lol, yes we men are thirsty as hell. It's all about the hunt.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I agree with you....I absolutely love this blog.

Brothers Blog said...

@ Jasmine - Yeah I don't understand it either.

@ Diamond - Glad you agree. lol

@ Nana - So I see you've experienced the line of dudes trying they best. lol

@ Tuotierugif - Yeah I think it's the chase and the game, but I'm not gone keep playing a game I continually lose at. lol. Move on to a new opponent. lol.

@ DTW - Yeah women are thirsty too

@ DEF Maybe - LMAO yeah Begging for drinks is definitely maybe not a good look at all. lol. But I agree that women can be thirsty too.

@ Sharon - Did the water Quench your thirst yet? lol. Let's hear your 6 thirsty points for women. I'm all ears.

@ Clnmike - Yeah I guess it's the natural hunter in us.

@ Miss. Stefanie - Thank you so much. Check/come back often for more antics. lol.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I'm back because it just dawn on my about the title. . .Duh.

Why ain't you my myspace friend :(

And i like to read replys. And other comments.

Oh I will list them. I have to get to work now but, I will.

Posh said...

with 6 billion folk on this planet, what does anyone have to loose, thirsty or not! i commend those dudes for getting up and trying again! lol!

also i think females are just as thirsty. we just know how to quench our thirst differently.

mrs. mary mack said...

women are probably more thirsty than men- they're just too afrid to drink...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well said and i get heat for not calli9ng women back or responding to tyext messages - but im a single parent of two and work 18 hr days trying to get my biz off the groung happy nappy holidays folk

Bahama said...

First off LMAO!!! hilarious

the drive by assault always happens to me and if that ain't bad enough i ignore or say no thanks they wanna proceed to tell me i'm not that cute anyway....then why'd u try to holla? this was funny though

Anonymous said...

lol, the list is too funny and too true.

pink said...

as far as the 1-2 day buffer...i dont play this game. I do what i want. If i want to call the same day I will...and he should too. Bc if you wait, i know you're doing it on purpose and you look lame to me. If you call when you want to that looks alot better to me. idk...maybe its just me.

The one thing i cant stand is a dude callin me over and Over and OVER again!! Its very unattractive and annoying as hell!! lmao

thx for stopping by guys ;)

Bloggal said...

hahaha, this post was awesome. so on point! thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm liking yours so far:)

MR. CHAP said...

Yep, you were on point with this one. The ladies are thirstier than you give them credit for, but you were pretty on it.

Great post, Bro

seSi said...

Men are more "bold by nature" and have more powerful egoes. Women get thirsty after they've already "drunk" from the cup.

nikki said...

great list, although i'm not sure agree that guys are thirstier, at least here in the atl. the women here act like they haven't had a taste since they were suckin on their momma's placenta. these is desperate times.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the serial texters... almost worse than the dialers. The dialers you can just ignore, hopefully they won't actually keep leaving messages. But the texters, you end up reading all the sorry things they think of to say not realizing that they're turning you more off with each new text.

Soulstress said...

hilarious!!! Irs sad what thirsty guys will do lol!

Vegas International said...


Vegas International said...

Son you are absolutely beeerzzeeerrk with these examples!!!

I understand you might have a loyal female following and they look at you as the guy that understands, but I'm sorry, I'm about to teach you and your readers a little something!
1st of all, you not talkin to shorty in the grocery store does not make you not thirsty, it makes you either scared of rejection or just not that interested! Those dudes are prob not her style, any which way if you want something or someone you go for it and don't be deterred from others mistakes. Just b/c it didn't work out for others doesn't mean it wont work out for you.


1)Guy in the club buying drinks! Really my dude? Ok, those guys might be a bit annoying, but ladies don't buy guys drinks in the club, so that is an unfair comparison.

2)1-2 Day buffer rule? C'mon how old are we? If you think you have a vibe with someone you call them, if i don't call you, i forgot about you. If i call her the same day that doesn't make me thirsty it makes me interested

3) The guy that gives you his life story, ok, he is a loser! Ill give you that, but i have never even heard of anyone doing that! That's more loser than thirsty

4)The guy that goes down the line and tries to holla at the girlfriends! Really? So ladies don't do the same thing? How many of you and ya boys have fucked the same chick! She went from you to ya boy to ya cousin to ya brother to ya uncle! Whats really your point?

5) The 2 week be my girl situation! ohh please, how many times have you met a chick and she feels like you are her come up in life and all she wants to do is lock you up, before you know it she talking about havin kids with a nigga!! FHUK OUTTA HERE! THAT'S THIRSTY!

6)Serial Dialer? Really? Chicks don't do that?? You're not making very good points homie

7)The buy your affection guy is no different from the girl that would do anything for you to buy her something! She thinks her pussy is the way to get to what you have just like the dudes think their money is the way to get what they want! That's a push! Niggas wouldn't think that way if there were not girls out there doing it. What came first the chicken or the egg??

8)How is the yell from the car guy any different from the chick that walks around with her ass and boobs out waiting for a nigga to say something! How thirsty is she for attention?

9)YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!!! The guy you treat like shyt?? My dude, how many dudes you know stick around when their girlfriends beats on them verbally and mentally. How many dudes you know stay with a chick after they cheat! This is easily the most Absurd one you have on your list. THIS CANT BE YOUR ETHER! You cant really believe this one my dude. I really hope you don't!

CC said...

And the sadness is a woman does like to be chased, however, most of those thirsty guys are thirsty for a reason so most women won't give in to their approches. The question is, if some Terrance Howard look a like called you the very day you gave him your number would you be okay (well not you of course but generally).

Aretha said...

Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but the word "thirsty" has gotten very popular as of late. The first time I heard the word was on the reality show Baldwin Hills and I haven't heard since....It's such a cool slang word (yes, I'm corny). Anway, good post, I think women are just as thirsty as men, though. The difference is women don't walk around with their tongues hanging out like they're dehydrated. At the next "Man meeting" you all need to put this item on the

Peggy M. said...

As far as the 1-2 day buffer -- I don't mind someone not adhering to it. If I'm really diggin' you ... call away. It shows me that you are just as interested.

However, I am LMAO @ Serial Dialers ... I've encountered plenty of those!

& the guy driving alongside you still trying to holla after you've politely turned him down is annoying as HELL!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Hmmmm...I might have to conduct an experiment of my very own.

Brothers Blog said...

@ Sharon - that's funny when did it hit you? lol.

@ posh - I definitely wasn't mad at em' for trying. And yeah I agree females are thirsty too ya'll not immune.

@ MrsMaryMack - If they are more thirsty the thing that makes them less thirsty in my opinion is the fact most show restraint whether it's because of fear or not.

@ Torrance - Good look fam. Happy holiday to you and yours too.

@ Bahama - I see you must be an easy target for the drive by. And Lol @ them sayin you not cute anyway. Yet went through all that. lol.

@ neema divine - glad you agreed with the list.

@ Pink - Yeah to each their own on the 1-2 day rule. In my experience it can be a killer.

@ Blogal - Thanks for the love glad you liked.

@ Mr. Chap - Yeah I agree they definitely are thirsty too. Just my opinion dudes can go overboard most times. Thanks fam.

@ sesi - lol @ women are thirsty after they "drunk." This is true.

@ nikki - yeah ATL is a pool of women with a hand full of men and a good # of those are gay so I hear. So I'm sure it's probably reverse there. LMAO @ suckin they momma's placenta.

@ Katie - yes serial texters are worse because you do have to read that mess before you delete it.

@ SOUlstress - yes it is very sad.

@ cc - yes I agree with you on that women do like it to a degree. Then hate it when it's just over board. And I didn't even touch on the whole looks thing. But I'm sure if it was a terrance howard lookin dude then the woman will most likely be the thirsty one. lol

@ Aretha - lol@ cool slang word. I agree that women can be just as thirsty I think like you said that even when they are they can and will be more tactful. Guys don't care. lol

@ Peggy - I agree if the vibe is there go ahead and call. But some guys rule of thumb vibe or no vibe is to meet em' at 12 and call at 1. lol.

@ Tee - Please let me know the results of your experiment.

Brothers Blog said...

@ Vegas - Yo fam you seem to have taken this blog a lil' too personal. Like as if we put your name in it and called you thirsty. But I appreciate your response and taking the time to refute all that we had to say point by point. However, I still think you missed the overall point of the blog and focused on the wrong elements. This was our opinion. We didn't say women weren't thirsty too. We said they were, but a lot of men and the tactics they use make them appear thirstier.

But again thanks for taking the time to read and write that long reply. Glad you stopped through.

Vegas International said...

No doubt homie, im always up for choppin it up!

I didnt take the blog personal, i just found it funny and thought it had some holes in it so i took the time to meticulously respond!

If im not mistaken the point of this blog was to prove or show why you think men are thirstier than women. All my rebuttals went directly against your statements, so i dont see what point i missed or how i didnt refute your direct point. Help me understand.

Im not saying that guys or girls are more thirsty, im just saying your examples of why you think guys are thirsty were not very good ones!

KUDOS BLOG .. i love good banter!

Sexxy Luv said...

hey brothers,

i always get the dudes who try to holla and when you tell them you're cool, they call you every hoe and bitch in the book! what's that about?....thirsty ni*gaz! lol

i will say i dislike the 2 day calling rule because i barely give my number out and when i do it's because i'm feeling something about and willing to take the risk of getting to know you, so when you wait i take it as you not being interested.

ToshaRenelle said...

WOWOWOOOW! I am extra late, but Vegas Int'l gave me flashbacks of the backlash I got when I did the Party Promotions blog, LOL!

Anywho, I think overall men and women are kinda both EQUALLY thirsty. Based on your list and Vegas' rebuttals, there's something for everything, which really brings a balance, thus making me believe men and women are both thirsty in their own ways.

I think one of the reasons men "come off" more thirsty is because most women were raised to feel they should be pursued, or more commonly "chased", so a man reaching out to a woman is making the attempt to pursue...especially the grocery store scenario. If the young lady shot 4 men down back to back, could it have been possible that she was married or otherwise attached? Maybe you mentioned that in the blog and I just missed it, but your decision not to approach her, I THINK came with a little bit of "ego" and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Men have more ego based feelings and decision-making tactics than women, I feel. I think after seeing 4 men get shot down, you just weren't willing to put your ego up for the bruising it could've possibly received had this chick turned you down. Now, I'm not calling you a liar, because you stated the reason you opted to just admire her, I'm saying maybe subconsciously this was the case...

Jayne Dough said...

omg i just laughed so hard and so loud im sure i woke the deadl ive been in every situation.. or what about the guy who tries to talk to u and u turnnthem down and they proceed to get disrespectful by yelling, "u aint cute no ways bitch" lol