Monday, July 28, 2008

Finders Keepers

So I'm walking home from work one day last week. And about 10 feet in front of me I spot something. Nah it can't be what I think it is who would do such a thing. It's even harder to tell if it's really what I think it is because it's in the grass. So, I keep approaching. At about 5 feet away I realize it is indeed what I thought it was. So what to do? Well if any of you have been in this situation then you know that you must react in a certain way as to not make what just happen seem obvious. So at about 3 feet away I'm completely focused on this object like an Eagle about to swoop down and grab their prey. Please keep in mind that with all this stuff running through my head it seems like minutes have passed by, but in fact this has all taken place within a matter of about 10 seconds. So as I'm about a foot away I keep walking past the object and in one motion reach down and pick it up without even missing a step.

So what did I find? Well I'm sure by now you've all guessed it. Yes it was money. The coveted green back, the root of all evil, the almighty dollar, some cold hard cash, dead presidents, or whatever slang term you want to use. Yes, there in the grass I actually found $7 whole dollars, a $5 and two Singles to be exact. Just laying there folded up. Yes I know I'm a rich man so feel free to form a line around the block to get a loan. Although it's nothing major it's also nothing to sneeze at either especially in today's economy. I mean if I walked up to you and said here's $7 for nothing are you going to refuse it? Alright then! I didn't think so. So now you're probably asking so, "What's the point? You found $7 whoopti damn doo. Did you take the time to write a blog just to brag? LoL.

Well as I stated when I originally spotted the money it was a matter of seconds before I was upon the money and picked it up. So, as I recollected on this story I just found it funny that there is actually a procedure one goes through when they find money. Now if you don't believe me just keep reading. I'm willing to bet that if you've ever found money (at least $1 or more) that you've done at least one of the things I mention. For further evidence of this please take a look at the video at the end of this blog. So here's the step by step instructions on what to do when you find money.

1. Spot the Money! - I spotted the money (which we all know is green) in green grass. Luckily it wasn't tall grass (which I hate. lol) so it wasn't hidden. However, from 10 feet away some eyes may not have spotted it until they were closer. But it goes to show that we all know money when we see it. So, what happens when you first spot what you think to be money? Well first I would say we all get anxious; however, we all deal with it differently. As for me, I tried to play it cool as to not tip anyone else off that I spotted some was money. I could have easily ran to the spot in the grass but in an effort not to tip someone else off to the money I chose to play it cool. But you better believe that inside I was "So Anxious" like Genuwine.

2. Look Around!! - Prior to picking up the money, most will take a long look around their surroundings. Why? I mean you found it so why should you look around? Well the answer is simple. Although you are finding something, the majority of people for some reason feel like criminals especially when finding money. So they will look around to make sure that no one is spotting them picking up this money. Some of the more considerate individuals will even look out to make sure no one else is about to claim the money before they pick it up. As you can see I pretty much skipped this step all together. But I did a little looking out in the 10 seconds it took me to walk up to money if that counts at all.

3. Pick it up!! - So you've spotted it and done the recon and no one is watching you or around looking for the lost money. So now all that's left to do is pick up the money. Seems so simple right? Well if it was I wouldn't be writing this would I? Lol. I guess there are plenty techniques one could use to pick up the money. But the object of the pick up is to be as inconspicuous as possible. The more obvious you are the greater the chance of someone spotting you and possibly claiming the prize before you. As you can see from my story I picked up the money and didn't miss a step in my walk. Even if someone was paying very close attention to me the entire time they would not have been able to tell what I picked up or that I even picked up anything at all. So whether you bend down to tie your shoe or use the old gum on the bottom of the shoe trick just make sure you're not obvious in your actions.

4. Look Around Again!! - So you've got the money in hand now what? Well you can't just walk or run off. You've got to again look around to make sure you get to keep your prize. I mean if you happen to stand up and the person who lost it hovering over you, there is a chance you may catch a mouth shot depending on how much money it is. Therefore, you have to look around again just in case you have to quickly toss it back down to where you found it.

4a. Also, under this step of look out you should take note that you may want to also look around to make sure there is no more money lying around. There could be more money a few steps ahead or to the side. So make sure that you're not leaving money around for someone else to find.

5. Flee The Scene!! - Now as I stated although this is not a criminal act (that is as long as the money isn't found inside a bag marked FDIC) it is sometimes treated as such. So once you have the money in hand you can't just be lallygagging around the scene of the "find." I don't mean that to say that you should run away like Carl Lewis but at the same time you should make some kind of a move.

6. Count Your Windfall!! -

Please do not attempt to count your money until after you've fled the scene. Again if you're sitting there with found money attempting to count it you may be subject to someone saying "Hey that's mines!!" However, once you've mad it a safe distance from the scene of the "find" then feel free to get your count on and see just how much you've come up on.

Now if you're anything like me then these are the steps you'd take. If not exact, then some sort of variation of the above steps at least. However, some of you kinder gentler souls with more integrity can always attempt to find whose money it is. You know walk around asking if anyone lost some money or even put up signs around the area where the money was found. Just keep in mind if you ask me I'm liable to say yes knowing damn well I didn't lose any money. Lol.

But in all honesty I do have some integrity and if someone had asked me if I found or saw $7 I would have given it to them. Plus I'm attempting to teach integrity to my son, so I have to lead by example right? However, if I found $65,000 like the lady in this story [below] I can't 100% say I'd have as much integrity as she had and give the money back. But bless her heart for her honesty. For her efforts she was even rewarded $5000 and a free trip to Walt Disney World Resorts. But I'm sure she'll have to pay taxes on that $5000 though.

But even as a small children we're taught the simple phrase "Finders Keepers Losers Weepers."
Now I'm sure you're all wondering what I did with the $7. Well in an attempt to flip this $7 I somewhat invested the money. As Nas said in his song Life's A Bitch "that buck that bought the bottle could've struck the lotto." Although I could have used a nice cold 6 pack of beer after a long day of work, I played the Mega Millions instead hoping that I would have a story to tell when I won. Well someone definitely won the $84 Million that night. But of course it wasn't me or else I wouldn't be telling my story in this damn blog. Instead I'd be on TV holding up a big check and telling it. LoL. So I guess I invested the $7 in the Illinois Education Fund. So to that person that lost the $7 just know that it went to a good cause.

--C-Recks --

"Dollar on a String Trick"

(Pay close attention to how they attempt to pick up the money)

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