Friday, February 13, 2009

Reserve the Right

Well we all know that Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Now if you don't then you obviously don't watch TV, listen to the radio, or use the Internet frequently. Because the advertisers sure aren't allowing you to forget even if you wanted to. So basically if you aren't aware then you do not exist. If I had a dollar for every KY or Lovers Lane commercial that I've heard or seen this month I could afford to make it rain at the strip club for more consecutive nights than it rains in Seattle, WA. But I digress. LoL.

Speaking of Valentine's Day and marketing I'm sure this is one most of you have heard of already. However, I first heard of it a couple of years ago. My best friend sent me a picture message with the caption "Only in Chicago." Well I was at first shocked by the picture I saw and thought it was a joke. So I had to do further research to confirm that it couldn't just be a Chicago thing. Upon further investigating online it seems as if this was a yearly tradition that spanned far beyond Chicago. What is it that I'm referring to you ask? Well take a look at the picture below.

That's right ladies and gentlemen. Every year (at least recent ones) the hamburger chain White Castle goes high class for Valentine's Day. From 5-9 pm you and your date can enjoy the famous sliders in a romantic setting. Yes that means they cover the tables in plastic table cloths, put a flower on the table and even light a candle. They even provide servers for the evening. But here's the kicker you must make a reservation to enjoy amenities such as these.


Alright seriously I like to save a buck just like the next American struggling in these economic times. However, I just need to know what man in their right mind is actually bold enough to make this move? I mean on some real I respect they gangsta to even have the balls to tell their woman "I made reservations at our favorite restaurant," and then pull into White Castle. Talk about being in the Dog House, they may as well serve up divorce papers along with this meal. "Would you like to see the dessert menu, and the number of a good divorce attorney?"

Now in the past I've had some women tell me that I don't seem like the romantic type. Ironically, I'm probably the total opposite of what they thought. I guess I was just never given the opportunity to show it. Either that or never wanted to show them that side for whatever reason. However, my sometimes unappreciative ex could attest to the fact that I am definitely romantic. But in recent years (the last 5...yes sad I know. Don't judge me. LoL) I have been single. Therefore, my Valentine's Day routine has been to take my mom out for dinner. But even if all I had was $1 to may name I wouldn't even take moms to White Castle on Valentine's Day. Come on now.

In their defense, from what I read many of the couples that frequent their local White Castle on Valentine's Day may have originally met at the restaurant. As cute as that may be let's be realistic. Plenty of couples meet in many strange or obscure places. However, some of those places don't need to be revisited on a regular or even yearly basis. Here are a couple of extreme examples. Let's just say a couple happens to meet at a friend's funeral. Does that mean every year they should visit the cemetery and have a picnic on the friends grave site? That's creepy as hell. Or how about this I recently saw a couple on Divorce Court and they met in a strip club. She was a dancer and he was a bouncer. Although they were divorcing, what if they had stayed married? So you mean to tell me when they're 70 years old and gray they should be visiting the strip club as part of a yearly tradition? If I see someone's grandma on the pole on amateur Wednesdays I'm going to jail for disorderly conduct that night. Lmao.

In closing, if any of you guys are last minute and haven't made reservations anywhere, please do yourself a favor and cook dinner or order in. Do not under any circumstances call your local White Castle for reservations. But regardless of what you have planned I hope that everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day. Even if you are single and have no Valentine just do something to show love to yourself. It's just another day you'll survive. Hell I have for 5 years strong. LoL. However, I am happy to report that this year I am actually going on a real date for Valentine's Day. I've made reservations at a downtown restaurant with a nice romantic setting. Maybe I will give details at a later time. But I don't plan on breaking tradition, I will still take my mom out maybe for breakfast or lunch though.



CaramelKisses said... Castle???? Shame on it all...

yes it be better off to cook your mate a spaghetti dinner at home versus spending $6 at the local white castle...

Luv said...

Yo that is hilarious I never heard of it but if a guy took me there I would definitely not be eating with him there lol.......

urbanknitrix said...

"However, I just need to know what man in their right mind is actually bold enough to make this move?"

Right!! That is too damn funny.

I hope you have fun on your date with both the ladies.

Have fun.

Jillian said...

as i was reading that was one of my first thoughts..."what if they met there?" LOL well they wouldn't keep doin it if people weren't still flocking LOL...

i will be enjoying Single Awareness Day of course...with my one in the air and who knows maybe a Papa John's heart shaped pizza! lol...

Sheliza said...

for real though, I think Valentines day is a complete sham!! A complete waste of money!

SheBloggs said...

Have you ate White Castle though!? Man, thats good stuff.. totally not for V-day though.. well. unless thats your thing which is cute, however I'd happily take something more rooooomantic, w/o the greasy lips & onion breath. lol

Gem said...

I haaaaaaate you for that granny picture!

Anyhoo, wowzers @ making reservations at White Castle. It reminds me of similar fast food places advertising gift cards around Christmas. I think I would go ahead and take it as an insult if somebody gave me a Whataburger gift card. Chick-fil-a may be acceptable.

Miss.Stefanie said...

White Castle?? Classy? Hahahaha.

"However, I just need to know what man in their right mind is actually bold enough to make this move?"

Lemme tell you there are some men out there who are low! One time my ex said "get dressed up we are going to dinner"

Now when a woman heres dressed up, I think "Put on heels"

The motherfuck*** took me to Jack in the Box!!!

Oh hell no.

Stephie J said...

I would freak if my boyfriend took me to whitecastle. I probably wouldnt get out of the car... actually since im the driver.. Id make him get out and I'd DRIVE AWAY!! Wow!

Bombchell said...

lol i think its cute. well it aint waffle house =)

ToshaRenelle said...

I think White Castle is disgusting...well the burgers. Chicken Rings and Cheesesticks are OK.

Valentine's Day. Another Saturday to me. Enjoy your date, though!

mrs. mary mack said...

Man I don't know...those White Castle burgers are kinda good, I'm low maintence so I probably wouldn't mind at all!

Anonymous said...

wow...taking your mom out, that's sweet! well, am single and have taken your good advice(5 years, that some experience there) and am going to love myself...and just survive. Happy Valentine!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...shame on it all for white castle....they are mad nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Everyone is laughing when somewhere out there . . .there is a woman who wants her man to take her to White Castle.

Me. . I am going to treat myself.

Anonymous said...

WTF...I wish my boo would take me to white damn castle.....whatever man. I rather go to mickeys!!


Kitty said...

That is too much. Surprised Mickey D's hasn't tried anything like this. Guess they'll just stick to R&B songs about chicken nuggets =] I have a bf but I don't really like Valentine's Day. Never have. Too fake.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

wow I can't even write how angry I would be if someone took me to a fast food restaurant for

clnmike said...

Lol, we got a waffle House doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I know right. The craziest commercial I've seen was the Chocolate Axe.

It's a choclate man running around being harrassed by chocolate loving women. At one point this lady on the bus bites him on the ass..(yeah too much right)

But enjoy your date honey!


Angel said...

Seriously a burger place for a romantic valentines dinner?


I wouldnt be impressed at all!

Hope you had a good day though :)

Brothers Blog said...

@ Caramel Kisses - lol I agree.

@ Luv - White castle is the cheapest burger you can buy. $0.69 cents I believe.

@ Urbanknitrix - Thanks. I definitely enjoyed.

@ Jillian - Yeah I tried to cover it all. But you're right people keep flocking year after year.

@ Sheliza - Well what a lucky guy your hubby is. lol

@ SheBlogs - I hate whitecastle only thing I can eat is their chicken rings.

@ Gem - LoL Thank God that was the only pic of a Grandma on a pole. lol.

@ MissStef - Damn. That's messed up. Thankfully he's your EX!

@ StephieJ - lol leave him to walk home huh.

@ Bombchel - Man I love the wafflehouse. Can't wait for my next ATL visit. lol

@ Tosha - I'm with you the burgers you can keep, I'll take those chicken rings all day though.

@ Ms Mary - I haven't had the burgers in 10+ years only the chicken rings.

@ Neema - Glad you took my advice hope you enjoyed your day.

@ Reggie - Yep they sure are.

@ Sharon - lol I guess you're right gotta be some women ok with it for them to do it yearly.

@ Oyin - lol yeah if you had to choose the best of the worst I'd take Mc's too. lol

@ Kitty - Lmao. Yeah those mc d's nuggets commercials are too much.

@ Tuot - Yeah that would definitely be a deal breaker.

@ clnmike - Man I love me some waffle house. I would have to comptemplate that one. lol

@ Go - Yeah I saw that commercial too. lol. Thanks by the way.

@ Angel - Thanks I definitely enjoyed.

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