Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweetest Hangover

So as you all may know I recently started my new job. I thank all of you that wished me success. A few have asked how the new job was going. So I figured I'd take a little time to give you guys a little update on my new place of employment.

First of all I must say that I don't know why but my family thought my last job was some big G-14 Classified secret mystery. They often referred to me as Tommy from Martin (You aint got no Damn Job Maaaan!! LoL). Especially my brother. But they would often ask me what did I really do? As much as I explained they didn't seem to believe me. LoL.

Well with this new job all of that has changed. It is blatantly obvious as to what I am doing now. In this new position I am employed by a major chocolate manufacturer. I'm sure there are plenty of chocolate lovers out there. But the funny thing about it is I don't really even eat chocolate like that. I mean maybe every now and then, but it's a rarity. Well if chocolate is your weakness this is definitely not a place you would want to work. Much like I could never want to work as a sampler in a beer factory or a P-factory. LMAO.

Let me just tell you when you walk into the building the smell is overwhelming. And don't call yourself being on the Kanye get right for the summer work out plan. You can forget it, because that's not going to work here. They keep chocolate on tap for the employees. In my interview it was about 10 AM and one lady I was interviewing with asked me "Do you need anything? Water, coffee, or chocolate?" I was thinking chocolate at 10 am? Are you crazy? Well apparently she was serious. As you can see from the pics below the chocolate is just in candy dishes around the office and building. There is a lady whose job is to re-fill the candy dishes when they get low.

When I first saw their benefits package I wondered why in the hell the dental plans were so low. But now I realize exactly why they were so low. The reason being is because they're probably helping keep plenty of dentists across Chicago in business.

But so far I'm liking the job. Although there are definitely some characters, the people are really nice. I of course work with mostly all women again. But definitely not as bitter and annoying as at my old job. There are other black people around me so I'm not the odd man out anymore. One thing I forgot about working for larger companies is those damn birthday clubs. By Day 5 they were already recruiting me. And by week #2 I already had to contribute $5 to someone's birthday in my department. They're having some kind of party today. I thought about saying I barely even know y'all yet so why would I contribute. But then I heard someone say that there are no more birthdays til summer. Then I thought well my birthday is in a couple months so a $5 investment isn't too bad as long as I get hooked up come May. LoL.
My longer commute isn't too bad. Far from my 2 minute drive I used to have to the old drive. But it's not as bad as I thought. Well that was until my Ipod went out on me. But I'm still managing for now. Also, my new work space is bigger than at the old place as you can see below. Day one they had my name plate up on my desk made me feel kind of important. Lol. Also they're really high tech with wireless headsets and stuff like that. I was pretty impressed. But I guess a real company doesn't mind spending money. What a concept.

Now my brother and I will never hesitate to take a couple of cheap shots at each other where possible. The only downfall to the job is that I've left him with what seems like unlimited ammunition to shoot me a new nickname when he feels like it. So far I've been called Cory Wonka, R.Kelly (Chocolate Factory), and Candy Man. I'm sure he's not done yet. He's probably saving some of the better ones for later. But if anyone has any good ones for him feel free to join in. Don't worry I'm not sensitive so don't worry about hurting my feelings. In fact I just thought of a good one myself. You ready? Give it up for "Sexual Chocolate!! Sexual Chocolate! That Boy's good!!" LMAO.



Sheliza said...

ha ha! Well, that's good that things are going well so far and you are lucky to even have a job! I wish you success and thanks for sharing your job details. I love the nicknames your brother has given you! lol!!

Just Jasmine said...

Well congrats. I would do very well in that company. I really don't like chocolate.

Lmao @ cory wonka though. I'm glad to see the new job's working out better for you.

Angel said...

I would be so fat! I am a chocolate lover so i would eat all day.

It sounds nice though, your phone is the same as mine on my desk.

Glad you are enjoying it so far :)

Stephie J said...

Hopefully the next nickname he gives you is Mr. Success

mrs. mary mack said...

aww I'm glad the new job is as "Sweet" as it is! I hate those birthday clubs too, but when you work at a school it's even worse: we have weddings, baby showers, abd birthdays every damn week it seems!

Miss.Stefanie said...

mmmm chocolate. I have no benefits :(

Soulstress said...

I DEF culd not work around choco all day...i barely can make it w/o hittin up my co-workers candy jar at least once/day..i cant imagine havin it all around me.

Glad ur likin the new job:)

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

I sincerely do hope that you are on your Kanye work out plan... Im sure all of that chocolate could help give anyone ass or dayzzzz

Untouched Jewel said...

Congrats Cory Wonka! LMAO. Just messin with you. I'm glad everything worked out for you. That's the best move you could have made for yourself as opposed to being unemployed with the other 600k people with no damn job. But if there were a nickname I could give you, it would be (DRUMROLL PLEASE):
Again, congrats.

{Diamond} said...

lmao! Cory Wonka lol! So, glad to hear everything's going well :-).

Ms.Williams said...

I am a receptionist =[ it sucks to hear nothing but peoples problems.. allllll daaayy looonggggg uhg

Anonymous said..., so when do we get paid...LMAO

Jillian said...

Chocolate Rain! (worse song ever LOL)

Very glad to hear all is going well with the new job!!!

Count Chocula?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

man I hate them birthday clubs. reminds me of the birthday scene from Office Space.

Kitten said...

Glad the job working out. I couldn't work there. I love chocolate too much.