Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For the Cool in You

"Cause I am so cool, cool, cool..." Redman "SoopaMan Luva 3"

So last weekend I'm sitting with my son and we're playing video games. Then all of a sudden of the blue he says something that I didn't expect at all. He says and I quote "You know dad you're pretty cool." Well I couldn't help but to put on that Kanye smile as The Game said. well I guess I should say that C-Recks smile, check the picture below.

Don't laugh at me with my kool-aid smile. That pic was taken on election night and I had just used my same drink ticket for the 4th time in a row. I should sell this to Heineken for one of their advertisements. LoL.

Well after he made this statement I asked him why he thought I was so cool? He replied "because you play video games with me and stuff like that, so that makes me a cool dad." Well it is true we do sit around and play his race car video games for hours. So if that makes me cool I'll take it and bask in it for the moment. However, sometimes I wonder will I maintain be able this "cool" status in the years to come.

When I hear people (especially young people) say they want to have a baby or children for some reason my response is always "if you can help it...wait!" That's not to say that I don't love being a father, because it's one of my favorite things in the world. However, it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Balancing being a parent, working, having social life, and hobbies seems to be a juggling act at times. I somehow by the grace of God am able to do it for the most part. But then there are times when my son reminds me that I'm definitely not 100% in balance. On my way to drop him back off this past Sunday he says "Dad I wish you got fired so you could be with me everyday not just weekends." After gasping, I had to correct what he said. "As much as I would love to be with you everyday dad can't get fired. So let's say I wish you could get a better job and have more free time." He agreed and repeated what I said. Although, I wanted to say no job = no child support which = dad in jail. Not to mention my slim frame is conducive with jail bids and the fact that soap is slippery. LoL.

When my ex was pregnant her and I thoroughly discussed how we wanted to raise our son. Of course we didn't stay together so certain things were altered, but as they said "best laid plans." But that didn't change what I needed to do as a father for my son. I know I'm old (getting old), but I still feel young, so my son confirmed how I feel. I feel like I'm cool as a fan or the other side of the pillow. You pick one of those Stewart Scott one liners. I think I'll always try to keep my ear to the street as my son gets older. I can't have him pulling one over on me because he thinks I'm too old and out of touch with slang and what's going on in his young world.

For example, a while back a friend of mines asked me about a slang word. Now she's older than I am, maybe in her mid to late 30's. She has 3 teenage sons. In the past she's come to me to ask me about different slang words. Well apparently her sons had been using this term around her and wouldn't tell her the meaning. So at one point she's talking with the kids and they used the term and since they wouldn't tell her what it meant she just started saying it too. "Well if that's the case I'm a "Blank" your brother is a "blank" and your dad is also a "blank." So, the kids simply laughed at her and she was still left in the dark. As she's telling me this story I'm like NO! you didn't say that did you? She's like yeah I did why? So I go ahead and explain to her what the term means. She was shocked and says "I'm gone get they asses!" LoL. I laughed but then I thought man I gotta stay on my slang game even when I get older.

Just in case you're trying to fill in the blank, the word she/the kids were saying was Bust Down! SMH!!

Now I realize that I won't always be the cool dad. So I need to bask in this coolness while I can. There will be a time when I will be replaced as his video game buddy by one of his boys. The same goes for when it comes to going out riding bikes, going to the mall, the arcade and all the other cool things we do together. Eventually, dear old dad will not be cool enough to hang out with Lil' C. I'll get the "I'll just call you when it's time to pick me up speech." Or the "Can you drop me down the block because I don't want anyone to see you dropping me off." So when that day comes I won't let my feelings get hurt. I'll just think back and say. "Hey there was a time when you thought I was cool. And trust in 5 or so more years when you're 18+ years old I'm sure I'll gain that status back again."



South Loop Social Light said...

That makes me think to something my boyfriend's mom said a while back

"We're duds. We don't pop corks."

Well, as wine drinkers this does really make sense but because she's almost in her 50s it just made me laugh. She asked what was funny and we had to explain to her that most people "pop bottles" lol...

With that being said, whether you're cool to your son or not the most important part is that you're there with him and present in his life. Kids grow up so gotta soak moments like these up!

reedwrites said...

Enjoy those moments!!

Mine tells me, mommy you're my best friend. You're awesome. I like you.

I say just remember that when you turn 13 and I embarass you in front of your little friends.

LMAO. What's "cool" sound like you have a good relationship with your son.

Jillian said...

what's "cool" is that those are the moments that matter and the good foundation you are laying...because when he does become a teenager and starts acquiring a social life and getting to know other kids and their home situations..he won't be one of those that says "i don't know my dad" or "my dad is never around" be proud of that.. :)

more of a tough break for him than you that you're such a "cool" dad excuses for him lol...that's awesome though...just know when he is 18+ I'll still think you were a cool dad to lil'C hahahahaha...

crys said...

you just reminded me of that nasty song i used to love by BUST DOWN - and i bet you weren't even trying to

SheBloggs said...

Awww what sweetness. Sounds like you are a great Dad! No matter what your always gonna be that cool dad. My husband and his father are like this ::twisting my 2 fingers lol:: His dad was the Best Man in our wedding.. it's such a beautiful thing.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Slippery soap. . .haha. . .I got images in my head.
Hey, then you would really blow up in the rap game. . cause you will have street creed. . .having gone to prison and all. Just don't mention what happen when the soap fell.

And that smile is big in that picture. . .I was thinking before I read. . .he sure is happy as all giddy.

My daughter is 13 and still thinks I am the coolest. . well I am.
Even at 36 I am down.

As long as you are in his life and spending time with him. As he grows and looks back that is what will keep you cool in his eyes.

Kryssy said...

AWWWW... that warmed my heart. =)
I don't have any kids, so I can't fully relate, but I def. agree with South Loop. The most important thing is the time spent with your son... playing video games, talking.. whatever.
(nice kool-aid smile)

LB said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know why "Bust Down" was bad to say in those sentences? I mean, I'm 30. I should know this right? Is it another version of "Busted" or what?

My 7 y/o son says that I'm his best friend...after he names about 4 of his other 7 y/o guy friends.

But he's getting too old. He used to take the time to blow me a kiss when I would drop him off at school. Now, it looks as if he's trying to be quick about it and appears to be smacking himself in the mouth before running off.

{Diamond} said...

Oh, you will definitely lose cool points when those teenage years hit! Trust me! It's cool, though, that my 16 y/o keeps me up on everything - music, dances, slang, you name it. I am sooo cool until I say the magic word "no" lol.

jenna marie christian said...

Aww... That was so sweet.

And even though you might get pushed aside for his buddies one day... You'll still be his # 1 bff and cool in his eyes ;-)

urbanknitrix said...

Too cute!! Yeah, it's cool to be the cool parent right now. Its nothing wrong with that at all. And you may always be the cool parent, they want someone there and it sure seems like you are. Good for you. Just remember not to trade in being friends with being a parent. Thats when the shit hits the fan and you both lose.

Great job, keep up the good work.

Miss.Stefanie said...

This is too cute. I wish I had a dad that was as cool as you. Or just a male dad-like figure who was. You're blessed and so is your son :)

mrs. mary mack said...

I don't have any kids...yet but when that day comes I don't want to be the Cool mom...I want to be the HOT mom! LOL

Sheliza said...

that is great your kid thinks you are cool! My girls think I am cool and quite lame at the same time. They say I'm cooler than daddy so I'll take it! ha ha!

clnmike said...

Lol, good post.

Sexxy Luv said...

lol. loved the post!

you may be cool but to my kids i'm super cool! lol

take that!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Aw your son sounds so cute! Yup love this for as long as you can cause in middle school through high school he won't know you lol but once he start's college you two should be back on track ;) lol

Angel said...

awwww what a nice thing to say, It sounds like you are an amazing daddy.

Just Jasmine said...

Awww I always look at King and wonder when I'm going to wear off, when I'm going to stop being cool. lol