Monday, December 22, 2008

The U-G-L-Y Truth: Poll Results

Last week I posted a blog entitled "The U-G-L-Y Truth." If you haven't read it or need a refresher please click the link to go back and check it out. But if you read it already then you recall that I asked readers to take a quick poll. Well the results are in and I will be posting them below in a second.

Basically the entire post was to just disprove the saying that some people use "Looks don't matter at all." In the post I simply wanted to make a case that they do matter and that someone's looks do play a factor into your initial attraction to them. Although many other factors can and will come into play, I simply wanted to Keep It Real. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; therefore, each person is different in what attracts them to someone. Well I pretty much put a poll out there just to see if the readers would choose someone that is considered attractive over someone that is considered less attractive. I want to thank the readers that came by and participated in the voting. Of course the number of voters weren't astronomical, but it was enough to still prove my point. So, here are the results [listed in percentages of the total votes received].

Which Would You Prefer to Date? ______________________________
Grace Jones 26%


Beyonce 74%

Morris Chestnut 100%

Shabba Ranks 0%
Amy Winehouse 15%


Angelina Jolie 85%
George Clooney 91%


Carrot Top 9%
T.I. 100%


Craig Mack 0%
Anthony Mason 23%


Allen Iverson 77%

All in all as you can see the people with the most votes tended to fall into the more attractive category. Some people got totally shut out like Craig Mack and Shabba Ranks. However, there were a few people that received more votes than I anticipated. For instance, Grace Jones was the top vote getter of the less attractive people. But in the end the poll did prove that when given the choice of being able to date someone more attractive vs. less attractive, that the majority of people will choose the more attractive person. I know some were saying that the selections I made for voting were unfair and 2 extreme opposites of the attractiveness spectrum. However, I had to do that in order to prove my point. So, I want to thank everyone for voting, commenting and Keeping it Real!!



Nellz said...

np cause i sure ass hell kept it real I know those results would be that..but damnnn aint nobody pick craig or shabbaa..lmao


Soulstress said...

sumbody shulda gave shabba & craig @ least 1 sympathy vote hehehe.

Sexxy Luv said...

who the hell picked Grace over MY Beyonce?!?! tisk, tisk, tisk.

Just Jasmine said...

I need to know what people were thinking when they chose Grace jones, amy whinehouse and carrot top. I mean i like to laugh but Carrot top??

and mr. loverman is at 0 percent. Damn Shabba.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I loved that blog....

Pyt08 said...

you did a good job. i see your point!

mrs. mary mack said...

Someday I feel like Craig Mack is going to google his name and find this blog, and when that day comes may God have mercy on your hilarious soul! LOL

StarzGazR said...

LMAO! I'm with Mrs.Mary Mack on this one!!

I don't wanna be you the day the poor person googles themselve! lol

btw- you've been tagged/awarded!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

poor shabba ranks
but interesting results all the same
I was just wondering if the results would look different if you put a handsome not so rich dude against an ugly filthy rich bloke jus wondering at what point does money overtake looks in the eligibility scales.....

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

LOL...this makes total sense. I never fell for that "looks don't matter" crap, for in order for me to see your personality, I have to first look at your face {prior to me even getting to know you}.

Then again, if you have money like Bill Gates, the rules could always change :)

Darius T. Williams said...

Loved the poll - lol...very interesting!

clnmike said...

Well I confess to Grace Jones but who picked Amy Winehouse and the other monkeys?

Anonymous said...

I had to keep it real....even though I fucks with Grace Jones!!!:)

CurvyGurl said...

don't know how i missed this, but Morris could so get it....and Shabba could make us

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Carrot Top scares me...

A Go Bytch said...

OMG Brother I had to scroll all over the page.. I got up dedicated to finding your comment link! I finally scrolled to find the comment link lit up in a turquois color...hmmmm. Okay!


Aretha said...

Yes, you were unfair with the spectrum, but I see your point :)

Unfortunately, looks don't keep us.

Brothers Blog said...

@ Nellz - lol thanks for keeping it real.

@ Soulstress - Nope poor craig & Shabba. But I see you didn't trade in your t.i. vote for a sympathy vote. lol

@ sexxy luv - lol a lot more people picked grace than I thought.

@ Just jasmine - It was an anonymous voting so not sure.

@ Miss.Stefanie - thanks a lot!

@ pyt08 - thanks a lot.

@ Mrs. Mary Mack - Lmao. I don't do the comment of the week like you do. But if I did yours would be it. That literally made me LOL. I could just picture it. Mack? He's not family is he? Don't tell on me if so. lol

@ Stargazer - LOL. SO you think Mack coming looking for me? And ok we'll probably do it on fri or by next week.

@ Miss Definitely - That's a good question. Maybe I'll write something that can have that kind of poll and see what the results are.

@ Beautifully conjured - yep that was my only point that I was making. LOL @ bill gates.

@ Darius - Thanks

@ Clnmike - LOL I knew you said that you did but I wasn't snitchin.

@ Reggie - Gotta keep it real. lol

@ Curvygirl - LMAO @ shabba making you and morris breakfast.

@ SuperDave - Have you seen how swole that nigga is now? He looks like a freak.

@ Go B - Ok I will see if I can change that color making it easier to find.

@ Aretha - Thanks for playng along. And you're right they can only pull us in not keep us.

lea78 said...


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

hmmmm I also noticed that the people who won tended to be more popular/famous?

CurvyGurl said...

Merry Christmas, C-Recks and Dre!

Brothers Blog said...

@ Lea78 - thanks a lot. Glad I could make you laugh.

@ Tuotierugif - Interesting I never noticed that fact.

@ CurvyGirl - Thanks so much. Merry Christmas to you too.

Kait said...

aw thank ya babes

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

truth be told i was taught and have learned beauty is only sin/skin deep. it is held in the heart - me ex is gourgeous - but has an ugly heart - and the heart and actions is all i see

happy nappy holidays folk

desirae! said...

damn. they did shabba wrong.


Regina said...

Interesting but not surprising results. Bit of an unfair spectrum but your point was interesting.
Aside from Morris your winners circle is all light skin in color...

CC said...

I am surprised that some of the "undersireables" got any votes at all! I mean Amy Whinehouse over Angelina Jolie? Did Jennifer Aniston vote?

Kofi Bofah said...

Let's not be naive. Looks do matter.

I am wondering if some people skewed your poll trying to be funny or whatever.

T. Michelle Theus said...

lol...looks are definitely a factor but for me personally I'd pick a great personality over a pretty boy any day =p