Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Rap Up here's the link if it's easier.

Check out the video above I put together to close out 2008. I know the rapper Skillz does one every year, so this year I decided to do my own. This is the first time I ever did a youtube video or something like this and I did it all on my new laptop I got for Christmas (thanks moms/bro). But excuse the low budget quality of the video/song. I didn't have time to hit the studio to do this so adjust your speakers accordingly. lol. Below are the lyrics to the song for all those that are lyrically intuitive. Peace to my mans Kaos on the beat.

Have a Happy and safe New Year everybody!


First of all this year been krazy/speakin of krazy Britney Spears don't need no more babies/ it just amaze me/ between paparazzi stunts/ showin her twat and cunt/ nobody stopped her once/ blunts/drugs, gettin drunk and gettin wasted/ the shaved head/ legal bouts with K-Fed/ Like Smokey said/ you got knocked the fuck out/ yeah I'm talkin bout Suge guess he aint that tough now/ Now Mike Vick/ Don't get me started/ making millions and dog fightin' that's just retarded/ bark...shit/ don't fuck with dogs unless they bite/ pay your taxes, take advice from Wesley Snipes/ Remy Ma got 6 years tried to Wedd in the Big House/ Papoose had other plans he tried to break her ass out/ bout/ time Jay and B finally jumped the broom/ now they the highest paid couple and got nothin to prove/ but if they lose/ they gone need that broom to clean up/ and I can only hope to God that they signed a pre-nup/ what/ more can I say/ on to OJ/ never learned his lesson, how many times its gone take/ wait/ he probably did the dumbest shit in the world/ he went to jail but this time not for killing his girl/ But you best believe the judge threw the book all hard/ got away with murder but caught for stealin football cards?/ speaking of charges/T.I. year wasn't so fun/ they said you can have whatever...he said give me them guns/ he claims the guns was cuz he usually nervous/ plead guilty got a year plus community service/ now when I heard this/ I couldn't believe it like T-pain/ best rapper of 2008 became lil' wayne/ in Hip hop/ weezy had the game locked/ lolipop/ and Carter 3 had the number 1 spot/ people watched/ guess I'm still wondering when the show's over/ maybe it's me but I'm tired of hearing that vocoder/ cold shoulder/ I throw til real rap comes back/ it's not surprising DMX went back to crack/ In rehab so he missed his las court appearance/ from what I hearin his next album gone have gospel lyrics?/ forgot to mention/ Kanye mom may she rest in peace/ that's only how he get a pass/ for that last/ release/ tragedy almost struck when the gun went off/ Plaxico shot himself accidently ya'll/ speaking of boss/ Rick Ross/ we know/ he hustled kilos/ but he admitted/ before he did it/ he used to be a C.O./ Zero/ how many times Patriots lost in the season/ but when I watched the superbowl I thought I was dreamin/ was it karma for the cheatin/ had to be another reason/ all I know I lost dough what the fuck was I thinkin/ a meetin/ between the greats 21 years in the making/ NBA finals were the Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers/ K.G. and the big 3, yeah they did they thang/ Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant they just couldn't hang/ Time for change/ and this year was the time to prove it/ we had hope while others said he couldn't do it/ including/ racist/ the haters/ they said he'd fail/ but through it all in the end he still prevailed/ I could tell/ November 4th was going to make history/ but it took all of our votes to claim the victory/ Destiny/ it has become or perhaps heaven sent/ all I know 2008 we got our black president/ it's relevant/ cuz the economy needed a push/ Gas prices, foreclosures I blame bush/ It took 3 minutes I'm at the end but feel like I just started/ So I'm a close this with a prayer for the dearly departed...



Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I liked this! You covered all the best stuff lol ;)

Miss.Stefanie said...

I just loved this. I did...

LadyLee said...

That was excellent, C-Recks. Shoot, you covered a bunch of stuff that I simply forgot about!

In with the old, out with the New!

Happy New Year:)

Diamond said...

Have a wonderful New Year!

Sexxy Luv said...

how bout a round of applause.....standing ovation cause you put on quite a show for the duce double-O eight! lmao!

i really liked that Mista Recks! lol i can tell you put a lot into it when i seen the pictures that went along with the lyrics.

cheers to you with your creative azz as we enter into a NEW YEAR!!!

Untouched Jewel said...

*Standing Ovation* That was a good rap up. Some funny, some true. Loved it.

LB said...

I was hoping to hear your

"...I fill up like Texaco/ when giving sex to hoes/I'm next to blow/ so shoot ya self like Plaxico..."

line resurrected. I haven't stopped laughing since. LOL!

Great job!

clnmike said...

Have a Happy New Year!!

CurvyGurl said...

Me likey! Happy New Year, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Happy 2009::))))

A Go Bytch said...

*really annoyed I can't see the video at work* LMAO but I will check it out later!

Happy New Year Hun!

Go b.

Humbly Beautiful said...

I love the recap!

Coogie Cruz said...

LOL! Love it!

Nikki S. Arrrrrra said...

love it.
you are a lyricalbeast :)

Jillian said...


.AMBER. said...

haha. that was by far better then skillz. great job.

Just Jasmine said...

That was pretty good. I think i'm gonna steal it and repost it.

and i'm still waiting on that Bmilk story.

Soulstress said...

Loved the recap!

Ran said...

This was a great recap!!! Oh yeah and on that Jay & B prenup, check out my blog, details are on there. It will blow your mind too!!!lol

Hope you two have a blessed and happy new year!!! Smooches!!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

have a blessed ny folk
never got on to tpain though

Teems said...

hahaha Happy New Year!

Brothers Blog said...

@ Tuotierugif - Thanks.

@ Miss.stefanie - Thanks a lot.

@ Lady Lee - Thanks Happy new year!

@ Diamond - Happy New Year to you too.

@ Sexxy Luv - *Stands takes a bow* lol. Thanks for the luv.

@ Untouched Jewel - Thanks a lot Happy new year.

@ LB - Lmao @ you bringing up that old verse. That's funny. Well I still got on Plaxico just not that specific line. Besides I don't have sex with hoes. lmao

@ ClnMike - Happy new year to you fam

@ Curvy Girl - thanks happy new year!

@ Reggie - Happy new year!

@ Go B - Hope you were able to come back and watch/listen to the video.

@ Humbly Beautiful - Thanks. Happy new year.

@ Coogie - Thanks for the love.

@ Nikki S. - thanks. lol @ lyrical beast. I like that.

@ Anonymous - Thanks. Care to reveal yourself? lol. j/k you can stay anonymous.

@ Jillian - thanks.

@ .amber - that's a great compliment right there as I usually love skillz rap ups.

@ Just Jasmine - thanks. Feel free to repost just give ya boy some credit. lol

@ Soulstress - Thanks for the love.

@ Ran - Thanks Happy new year to you tood. And I'll definitely go back and check out those details.

@ Torrance - Thanks fam happy new year. And yeah T-pain got off a lil lucky.

@ teems - thanks happy new year.

Days like These! said...

Perfect way to summarize the year :)

Anonymous said...

happy new years sweets

jessica rae said...

man i just saw your comment on my page. she's really excited though so i hope for the best. and happy new year to you too :)

digg the song!

StarzGazR said...

*Happy New Year Hun*

I'm luvin this!!

Anonymous said...

loved this...LIL wayne is the MAAAANNN!

Muze said...

ha. loves it.