Friday, December 5, 2008

101st Post: Humble Beginnings

Well we made it to our 100th post y'all. Honestly we didn't think we would make it to this mark this soon, but we're here. The funniest thing about this whole blog is that the idea for it just started out from us constantly talking. We probably talk and or communicate in one way or another on a daily basis. Whether it be on the phone, through text messages, Instant messenger, or those few and far between occasions we get to kick it in person. But regardless of how we communicate, we are going to express an opinion on something at some point. And one day the idea was thrown out to start a blog. We were both reluctant because we didn't want to just be talking about our daily and sometimes mundane lives. Not that there is anything wrong with that because many of the blogs about people's daily occurrences that I've read are extremely interesting and addicting enough to keep me coming back. So, as we were talking one day about some subject and expressing our perspective it just dawned on us. "This should be the blog!"

Well with those 5 words, this blog was birthed. We've come a long way; from having barely knowing how to work this blogger, to having no readers and or followers, to where we are today. We appreciate everyone that takes the time to stop by and read and leave comments, especially those that were readers from day one. For those who haven't had a chance to explore our archives, we'll soon be posting some of our older blogs on "Throw Back Thursdays." But we hope to have the privilege of doing 100 more posts in the near future.

So, we were trying to come up with something special for this 101st post. Well we couldn't. LoL. Therefore, we just decided to let you guys have a peak of how some of our conversations tend to go. That way you'll get a general idea of exactly why we chose to write this blog. Here are some back and forth text messages between us. They are not all from the same day, nor in any kind of order. They are simply how we talk. Someone will start a conversation about a subject, then we'll both speak our piece and that'll be it. Most are usually longer and more drawn out than these, but these are a few shorter example. Please pay attention to the randomness and craziness of some of the texts. ____________________________________________________________________
Dre: Man, when I get on Jeopardy, my goal is just to make it to Final Jeopardy. It's gotta be embarrassing as hell when Alex kicks you off the show. LoL

C-R: Hell yeah, even worse than that would be to answer the Final Jeopardy question, get it right, but forgot to write it in question form.
C-R: I'm watching House of Payne. You know I can't stand this show but when I heard strippers and bachelor party in the opening scene I was pulled in. lol.

Dre: That's all it ever takes.

C-R: Man if I ever get married again don't listen to me when I say I don't want or can't have a bachelor party. Just do the damn thing and don't tell no one. lol

Dre: Man other than not holdin it down, ya boy held you down. lol.

C-R: No doubt that was my first strip club experience. So you definitely held me down.
Dre: Man I forgot that nigga Scottie Pippen was on the Olympic Team. That nigga was ridin Mike's coat tails worse than Banya was riding Jerry's.

C-R: Lmao. Hell yeah I forgot about that too. The nigga was 4 Real. He was exposed once Mike retired.

Dre: Man he owe everything to Mike. If he getting any P, he need to immediately call Mike and say thank you.

C-R: Lmao. Man hell yeah. You aint neva lied. "If a nickel bag is sold in Harlem I want in." lol

Dre: Exactly. LoL
C-R: How soon do you think it will be before a rapper uses a metaphor about Plaxico Burress in they lyrics? LoL.

Dre: Shit, I'm gone use it. lol.

C-R: Lol you mean in a blog? I can hear Ludacris now... I fill up like Texaco/ when giving sex to hoes/I'm next to blow/ so shoot ya self like Plaxico... Lmao

Dre: Lmao, Nice. Yeah in a blog.

C-R: Lol. Yeah I gotta hear yo take on this one.
Brothers' Perspective



ToshaRenelle said...

Awww! I loved this. I'm looking forward to Throwback Thursdays, since I'm a fairly newbie to your blog. Keep up the good work. And for something that started so randomly, you guys are excellent communicators in the written form!

Anonymous said...

Happy 101st!

Just Jasmine said...

Happy 101

LMAO @ the Plexico. Kinda like the dude from 8 mile.

And i agree about making it to final jeopardy.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Happy 101!


& I will grow balls :)

Humbly Beautiful said...

I am new to reading your blogs and I do enjoy them. Don't always comment, but love to read. I will have to check out some of the older post and look forward to the throwbacks.

Soulstress said...

Happy 101st.

I've been hooked on ur blog since the 1st time I stopped by. Thought provoking & hilarious. Here's to many more posts:)

crys said...

sounds exactly like the random conversations i BE* having with my friends....funny

*i'm aware

Sexxy Luv said...

happy 101!

You two are some characters! it's funny how you guys feed off one another i can imagine the trouble this may lead to. lol

clnmike said...

Happy 101, and wish yall many more.

Untouched Jewel said...

Congrats Brothers' Blog on your 101st. I must say that I enjoy the randomness of your blogs and the funny stories that have inspired them. Although I started blogging back in October, I came across one of my follower's blogs and saw your blog name, and decided "Hey, let me check this out, see what they talkin 'bout". Sure enough, I've been hooked. I appreciate all the love y'all have shown me on Bittersweet Times.

Not trying to do no advertisement and what not, but if you have any readers that follow y'all, have them check me out.
Peace and Blessings,
Untouched Jewel ;)

mrs. mary mack said...

LOL Congrats! I'm dying over hear reading the Ludacris verse!Who the hell shoots theirself in the club?!!

Bloggal said...

congrats on your 101st post guys! here's to many more:)

JuJu said...

happy 100th ;) thanks for stoppin thru to my blog - def adding you to the blog roll so i can catch number 102 and all the many ones to follow!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I love this blog, You guys always have something interesting to say and I alway go away learning something. Keep up the good work ;)

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Well, happy 101.

I shall be around for number 201. . . seriously I won't be back til you reach 201 ;)

LB said...

I was **dead** at Plaxico. OMG...I can't stop laughing!!! I'll definitely be back for more!

Diamond said...

Congratulations, guys! You definitely keep me coming back! Even though I blog about "family stuff" and being a mother, it's so refreshing to get the perspective of two brothers like you. Keep it up!

Aretha said...

Congrats on the blog milestone!!! I can't wait to read many more. You two are very entertaining.

I love the throwback thursday idea...I'm so going to jack it, but I think I'll do Flashback Fridays.

Peggy M. said...

congrats :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

congrats folk here is to 101 more

Brothers Blog said...

thanks for all the love everybody we truly appreciate it.

Kitty said...

Happy 101st!
I'm waiting to hear that Plaxico rhyme too!! LOL

T. Michelle Theus said...

lol the randomness reminds me of the convos I have with my cousin.

Happy 101st! It's been a pleasure reading your blog :)

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