Monday, December 1, 2008

The First Should Be Last?!?! Part 2

Date: Summer 2005

Location: Chicago (Westside)

"Here you go sip on that."

"What is it?" I replied as I sniffed the strong scent of something that definitely didn't smell appealing.

"It's called a Hennessy Sno-Cone!"

I'll never forget those words. Let me first back track and give some slight background information before I finish that story. I was never really a drinker. For whatever reason... Well I won't lie I know the reason. It wasn't that I couldn't tolerate alcohol, or didn't like the taste of it, or had a bad experience. However, I was in a relationship from age 16 that turned to marriage and the person I was with didn't drink. Therefore, that meant I didn't drink. Oh wait we would get wild and crazy every now and then and drink a wine cooler or 2. Sad I know. My cousin won't let me live the Bartels and James days down. LoL.

Well that summer of 2005, I found myself 25 years young, separated from my wife (soon to be divorced), and feeling like a man that just got out of jail doing a 10 year bid. Free at last, Free at last, Thank God oh mighty!! Well my brother was in town and didn't hesitate to take advantage of my new found freedom and introduce me to some things I had missed out on while "locked down." He started this process the weeks leading up to this particular day in question. You know a beer here, a shot there, and a mixed drink over there. But nothing excessive as he knew that I was still a lightweight.

Well that summer day in the Chi my brother and his boy E came and scooped me up. In the hatch area of the truck they were driving they had a strategically placed cooler full of beer and some other alcohol. Our destination was going to be the West Side of Chicago. A location called the Circle. Which was nothing but a big park that went in a circle and where people went to stunt hang out, etc. As we arrived I noticed my brother's guy E had 2 girls follow us up there. Now this brought a lot of attention to us. Reason being they were both white girls and 1 of them had the Starbucks behind. LoL. Anyways, as we parked, the drinks started flowing. First some pre-mixed Bacardi Long Island Ice Tea. Then some beer, then more Long Island. It was enough to start feeling lovely. It was a hot summer evening. The park was packed; every where you looked there was a hustle man or woman selling something.

That's when someone walked up selling something. I couldn't tell what it was from my angle. But I saw E go over and purchase something for $5. He then walked back over. And That's where the story begins from up top.
"Here you go sip on that."

"What is it?" I replied as I sniffed the strong scent of something that definitely didn't smell appealing.

"It's called a Hennessy Sno-Cone!"

Yes I said it a Hennessy Sno-Cone (See image below).


Don't let the name fool you into thinking it was some fruity concontion with a bit of alcohol in it. No. Hennessy Sno-Cone = Straight Henn poured on top of shaved ice. However, it did resemble the sno-cones that we used to drink as kids. Now I had heard a lot about Hennessy mainly through rap lyrics, but I had never tasted it before. Well I go ahead and wrap my lips around the straw and take a first sip.

Stomach meet Hennessy. Hennessy, Stomach.

I must admit that this was not a very happy meeting at all. Inside my stomach it felt more like a KKK member meeting a Black Panther for the first time. It was summer time but it felt like someone had immediately turned the temperature up to HELL as I began to sweat from the forehead profusely. How is it that the drink is making me hot yet it's on ice? Shaved ice no less. Yeah I couldn't quite fathom the reason for that back then.

So not to look like a punk, especially in front of the ladies and big bro and his boy, I kept sipping this drink (peer preasure is a mutha). I remember getting about half way through the drink and then passing it back off to E. I began feeling a little funny and just a bit dizzy. So I remember having a seat in the truck and passing out at some point. I can't recall how much time passed but the next thing you know, someone made a decision to go to Dave and Busters. Well I wish I would've had a vote in this decision because that was the longest and worst car ride I'd ever had in my life. To me it felt like a 30 minute roller coaster ride (loops and all) that just wouldn't end. My head was spinning out of control like some sort of twister and I'm quite sure I was moaning and groaning the whole ride. My brother later explained he thought I was dying. LoL.

So we finally stop and arrive at the place. I contemplated staying in the car and trying to recover from this horrible feeling. But go figure I remembered about the girls and asked their whereabouts. E says "they followed us, we bout to go in now." So I get out of the car. My brother asks if I'm straight. I figured if I could walk, then I was straight. We walked in the place and I remember them going to shoot basketball. I followed and stood there for a second watching them. Well apparently I was now doing way too much moving around because there was a horrible feeling in my stomach.

I look around and spot the men's room. I rush to it as quickly as I can. I found the closest stall and next thing you know I'm puking my guts out. I remember my brother or E coming in and asking was I alright. I couldn't tell who it was as I had my head damn near inside the bowl of the toilet. After that terrible ordeal of praying to the porcelain God, as I had heard it called so many times before making my very own trip to the alter, I walked out feeling 10xs better. I sat somewhere and ended up falling asleep. Not sure how much time passed but my brother came and found me and woke me up to leave. I said bye to the ladies and climbed back in the truck and fell back asleep on the way home.

As horrible as it felt that first time getting drunk one would think that I would have left alcohol alone. However, that was definitely not the case. I still drink to this day. Although my tolerance is much higher than it was that dreadful summer day, it hasn't stopped me from making more than a few collect calls to Earl. In fact, this past weekend as the Jamie Foxx song goes "I had one too many drinks." And believe it or not, once again, Hennessy was one of the drinks that caused my downfall.



The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

The devil has a name and his name is alcohol :)

I took a sip of gin once when I was younger (many many moons ago) and that mess burned my throat, my stomach, and my mind. Never wanted another sip of alcohol again.

Get to adulthood a friend says try a cold beer. Nasty nastiness nasty stuff I ever drank well second to castor oil, never wanted a sip of that again either.

Friends say take a sip of this drink or that drink and you won't even taste the alcohol. But, I can smell it and I don't like the smell either.

I love my drunk staggering throwing up next day with a hangover FREE life.

Miss.Stefanie said...

OLD ENGLISH 800! I was waiting fr you to mention that. I go to clubs, and bars and people have this weird perception that if your from L.A and go get plastered. In fact I have never been plastered. I am proud of that. Ive been buzzed but never have I ended up over the toilet.

But my gosh have I had drunk walks...hahahhaa.

I see things more clear when I am buzzed though. Its so weird. I am more coherent.

Mizrepresent said...

Awe, haven't we all been there...well if not all...i have!

Aretha said...

Now Dre knows he's wrong for letting you go through that...he should have remembered his drunk car ride and taken it easy on These two entries have brought back some memories. I remember my first taste of alcohol was some of my granny's gin..straight..yuck! And then a couple years I tried the Mad Dog 20/20, we thought we were doing something.

Sexxy Luv said...

hennessy sno-cone?...yuk! Cre is so wrong for letting you drink that! lol

i remember the 1st time i got drunk, i was around 24 in the club with my cousin and friend as soon as we walked out the club i thought i was grabbing my cousin and it was one of those skinny trees, as i reached for it i tripped and landed on my knees! lmao

never again, i sip on my wine and that's about it!

Pajnstl said...

lol hennessey has brought many men to their knees.

mad 20/20 banana red did me in.. lawd to this day i still wont touch the stuff. lol

Just Jasmine said...

WOW, This is precisely the reason i don't drink Brown.

I had a similar feeling when someone slipped me a pina colada... who the hell puts henny in teh pina coladas:(

Cherish said...

lol that was too funny. luckily for me i never been drunk before

urbanknitrix said...

Man oh man, Long Island Ice Tea had me on my knees in the Dunkin Donuts bathroom TRYING to throw up and I could not!! Oh man, wow.

Nana said...

The KKK/Black Panther had me dying in so many ways.

I think I have a built in tolerance cause I have no problem taking a shot of this or that.
Maybe cause I'm jamaican and my high tolerance of all things spicy. Plus my mom would feed me castor oil and fish oil and SSS tonic and all types of nasty healthy stuff....

Those long island ice teas ...are vicious
I thought the were nice and tasty but they're full of 3parts gin, vodka, devil

Untouched Jewel said...

I gotta agree with Nana. Them Long Island Ice Teas are NO DAMN JOKE! About 3 months ago, I went out with my cousin and some of her friends for her birthday. I drank two of them bitches, and let's say I was outside the damn club throwing up everywhere. Thank goodness I didn't have a hangover the next morning. I took two Motrin pills with some water, and kept it pushin. LOL. No more of them teas for me!

T. Michelle Theus said...

lol...I feel you, homie. The first time I drank I was at a club and I ended up dancing all night with this dude and I gave him my REAL telephone number only to find out later that he looked like the damn Crypt Keeper. lmao The sad thing is, my homegirl tried to tell me at the club but I thought she was playing. lol

ToshaRenelle said...

Ok, for one thing, LOL, I don't think Hennessy is the drink for "New" Drinkers!

Jayne Dough said...

"It's called a Hennessy Sno-Cone"

alcohol alcohol alcohol. so many stories. i like the feeling of being drunk tho. like when u first realize ur about to be gone. the whole dizzy feeling. i love it. weird right. i tried the smoking thing but its boring. i feel coooooo and super paranoid at the same time. dont like it.

--my grandma was a drunk. (she died) im sure it had something to do with her liver and stuff. i was in 6th grade when it happened. but i dont remember her sober at all. kinda sad. im not trying to follow that path. but i mean i went to an HBCU and thats all we did. plus my brother is an alpha so i hungout with them alot. i cant even go out unless im drunk or i wont have fun. lol

lol @ you ditching school and fuccin with them wht ppl. man i swear wht. teens are so bad. haha. i have a bunch of wht. friends too. and they make sure im drunk. so i sooo understand.

but i really wanna try the snowcone thing. sounds

i can hold my liquor tho mister. ive only thrown up twice ever. (::clapping:::)--very proud of that! lol

the bad thing is: i've blacked out and its noooooot coo what-so-ever!

Brothers Blog said...

@ SHARON - lol @ the devil's name.
Beer isn't for everyone I agree.

@ Miss Steffanie- be happy you never been over the toilet. not a pretty site. lol.

@ Mizrepresent - Right I know I have time and time again this story was just the first (raises hand).

@ Aretha - I'm sure He was driving ok but it just felt like that since I was dying in the back seat. lol. Mad dog 20/20 is no punk!

@ Sexxy Luv - Yeah I think by the time he saw what I had I had took a few sips already. lol.
lol @ sippin your wine...

@ Pajnstl - lol @ hennesy bringin many a men to their knees. so true. And mad dog 20/20 is definitely no joke either.

@ Just Jasmine - Brown/white it's all the same when it goes down. lol. Pina colada with henn? wow!

@ Cherish - Yes consider yourself lucky. lol

@ urbanknitrix - @ dunkin donuts? lol. Yeah long island is definitely no joke either.

@ nana - LOL I couldn't believe I found a pic of a black panther/kkk member. ILL @ your mom feeding you fish oil. Yeah you wanna get messed up quick down a couple topshelf long islands.

@ untouched jewel - yeah same as i said to nana those long islands if made right will have you tow off.

@ T.Michelle - lmao @ the crypt keeper.

@ tosha - yeah I definitely wouldn't recommend henny for a rookie. Not a good way to start.

@ Jayne Doe - Yeah I much prefer drinking over smoking. The combo of the 2 has had me sick as hell before. lol

As for the sno-cone you ever come to the chi I'll let you know where on the west side to go get you one. lol.

oh no at blacking out that's never good.