Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Child Abuse

By the title of this post you're probably automatically thinking that I'm referring to some sort of physical or verbal child abuse. First off I must say that I am in no way making a joke or mockery of child abuse. However, as horrible as those types of child abuse are, I think there is a child abuse that is over looked. Whenever, I see this behavior exhibited I want to immediately get on the horn and call DCFS. There are certain parents that suffer from what I'm going to refer to as: IknowyougotnotalentbutIdon'twannahurtyourfeelings. I would form that into an acronym but it would probably look like something my son typed. (IKYGNTBIDWHYF) LoL. For an example please check out the video below.

We've all seen it, season after heart wrenching season on the show American Idol. the new season just began earlier this month. I like some of you, used to look forward to this show just to see the opening weeks auditions. I just wanted to get a quick laugh at the talentless individuals that make fools of themselves. Well probably 3 or 4 seasons ago I could not take any more. I just had to ask myself where are these kids parents at? Although it's funny to watch, it's really more sad than anything. It began to feel like I was watching a child get beat over and over. I mean I've seen a kid or 20 get spanked before in my lifetime. Initially it's pretty funny (don't judge me for laughing), but to see them get spanked over and over and over eventually saddens me.

Whenever I watch the show auditions I'm always left wondering who let them go on this show? I mean who heard them sing and actually encouraged them to go audition? Well if it was friends I don't fault them. Maybe they just wanted a good laugh or something to blog about. However, when I see the parents consoling their crying kid after Simon rips them a new one, I just have to Shake My Head. Then it amazes me that the parents have the nerve to get upset and say that "the judges are wrong and can't recognize talent if it bit them in the ass."

Well I have a message to those parents. Yes we all love our kids and we want them to think they are the best and encourage them to be the best at any and everything they do. However, as parents we must be realistic. At a certain age (I would say by the teenage years) this has to stop. By this age you and your child(ren) should be able to understand that there are some things they're great at, some they're just average at, and some thins they just suck at. Therefore, when you hear them sing and you can barely stand it, what makes you think others will enjoy it?

Unfortunately, I don't know what all of my son's talents hidden talents will be 10 years from now. His grand dad taught him to play drums. So, I know at 5 he can already play a mean set of drums already. And when I say play I mean like really play not just banging them to make noise. I was amazed when I first saw him doing this. As a producer, I can play the hell out of a drum machine and make a tight beat (See Left). However, I'm not coordinated enough to play a set of drums. Lol. Also, I wish I could put it on here, but I got pics and video of him lip [rapping] syncing to a song and holding this microphone. Sorry, but I got a rule about not posting pics or videos of my son anywhere online. But trust me It's too hilarious. I've never taught him any of this showmanship, but I can see he's a natural performer.

In the end I think it boils down to if you love your kids you have to love them enough to be honest with them. Yes it may be hard for me to sit my son down and tell him that he's not that talented in a certain thing. However, I would rather him hear it from me someone that loves him, than someone that loves them. It's far better than letting him go on TV in front of millions of people to only embarrass his damn self. I would be more than glad to help him develop whatever the talent he lacks skills in. But to fill his heads with lies knowing he is no good to me would be child abuse.

Speaking of abuse. No offense but even Joe Jackson's non parenting ass had sense to beat his kids until their talents were flawless. LoL. Now that is truly not funny and of course extreme. But I tend to just think of it in terms of your child liking or being in love with a girl or guy that you clearly see just isn't into them. They obviously don't see it, but are you going to sit back and let their heart constantly be broken over and over as they get rejected by that person? Or are you going to Man Up and just say hey son or daughter they're not into you like you are them. But don't worry you're wonderful regardless and there are others [talents] that will appreciate you the way that you should be? But then again perhaps it's just me and my keep it real mind state.

Well to all you American Idol fans have fun watching the new season I'm sure there will be plenty laughs to be had at more talentless kid's expenses. But don't feel bad when you're on the floor breaking your back to laugh. Because behind it there is a parent to blame. So to those parents I must say Shame On You!



Jenna Marie Christian said... I so agree with you...

Initially I would watch the auditions for a good laugh at some of these individuals, but it does become very painful to view when you realize, a persons childhood dream has just been crushed on national tv because he honestly didn't know thet he/she couldn't sing..

and shame on those family mebers that lie to those kids...tell that baby the truth.."you are very talented, but honey you cannot sing" :-)

JuJu said...

lmfao @(IKYGNTBIDWHYF) - but this is sooo true!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! This is the exact same reason I stopped watching Idol...I'd get so damn frustrated with all these no-talent fools actually thinking they could sing, it totally ruined my viewing experience.

I blame William Hung - it was funny as hell when he auditioned but when someone decided to give him an actual record deal, that person horribly inflated the hopes of millions of talentless hacks around the nation.

It's not even that fun to watch Simon burst their bubbles anymore...

Miss.Stefanie said...

My mom is too blunt for her own good sometimes. Then sometimes when she knows Im bad at something, she wont tell me until later.Wtf is that? Not cool.

YOu know you have to pay in order to try out? Bet ya didnt know that huh?

So why pay a lovely fee of 200 buckeroos when you know your child or you cant sing for ish? I dont get it, a waste of 200 bucks if you ask me.

It all comes down to support though. You love you child unconditionally, so you support them. Right? Id be upfront with my kid like my mom is with me though. 200 bucks aint going to him if the kid cant sing!

urbanknitrix said...

Ditto! I am not surprised parents don't tell their child they sound horrible, hell look at the parents who don't tell their kids to shape up for being bad. They look at the teachers like they are the problem.

They just probably happy junior is being productive. We do tell them the can be whatever.......right.. NOT.

The Jaded NYer said...


And an extension of this- my daughter participated in this after school running group when we lived in Jersey, and at the end of it, everyone got a trophy. same thing with soccer.

well, damn, if we're handing out trophies like free govt cheese, what's the point in trying my best?? I can just show up and get a trophy... gee, what an awesome lesson I'm learning in the interest of not hurting my feelings!!

I say BOOOO to that; hurt somebody's GD feelings already! This will make them want to be better... a few mamsy-pamsy tears is a small price to pay to make kids stronger and more prone to give 110% as opposed to just showing up.

My kids know- I sugar coat NOTHING. If you can't sing I will play like my ears are bleeding when you open your mouth.

If you can't write I will let my red pen assault your first draft.

And if you can't play soccer I will boycott your games.

It's called parenting!

I'm just sayin...

*hops off soapbox*

JKisz said...

I definitely agree with you. I hate watching people make complete fools of themselves because their parents fail to tell them that they sound a hot mess. I understand that they don't want to hurt their child's feelings, but like you said, I'd rather hear the bad news from the people who love me than someone who doesn't give a crap.

Saved Girl said...

LOL, you ain't never lied.

ANGELINA said...

it costs money to do american idol? the things people do to get on tv...

the bloopers aren't even funny to me anymore on ai. it's painful to watch, especially the young girls crying after simon puts them down. the parents need to be slapped

ToshaRenelle said...

I hate American Idol! That show was boring past season 3 and I just don't think it's the type of show that was designed to go season after season after season. It gets predictable and played and the REAL talent never wins anyway.

Just Jasmine said...

do you remember a show a couple of years ago where they had people singing for a contract but in all actuality they were teh butt of a very big joke. It's times like that when i'm all for that IKYGNTBIDNWHYF b/c it amuses this ish outta me

Empress Journee' said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA I feel you... Call me a dream killer... because i let it be known... Tell my brother all the time..

Lil Honey B said...

I always wonder why those talentless folks would go on national TV to embarrass themselves like that! If my son ever wanted to do something like that and I knew for a fact that he couldn't sing, I would put my foot down and tell him, "HELL to da naw!!!"

clnmike said...

There is a difference between supporting a childs dreams and supporting his delusions.

She's Gotta Have It said...

While I'm typing this, I'm watching Idol contestants "perform" and by the looks of it so far, these people's parents probably told them that they sounded great, which they do NOT. It definitely is child abuse to let your child go on national television and embarrass the hell out of themselves (hell, I get embarrassed for them). But I think some parents don't do it on purpose. Those are the type of parents who really do believe their kids are the best, and they honestly don't see it any other way. Child abuse, nonetheless.

α₫οяε αв®α said...

AI amuses me. Because it's like everyone is so caught up with trying to be on tv and act a complete ass that I only see about 5 minutes of people with talent. Everyone else is just up there to be up there. And I think at a certain age, parents need to stop telling their kids what they WANT to hear and let them know what they NEED to hear. So if your child has no business going out for AI...please don't encourage them to. Because in the end I'm gonna be looking at you like "Why didn't you stop them" lol.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL. These American Idols rejects are reason enough to be brutally honest with your kid.

Si - a - lent Night :)!

malika the m.i.l.f. said...

i had a homegirl that was the absolute WORST singer. but what made it terrible was that homegirl would burst out singing in the middle of conversation like she was living the damned movie chicago. it was HORRIFIC. she was flat, couldn't carry a note, didn't sing from her diapram, it always sounded like she had phlegm in her throat. she once told me that she was auditioning for eryka badu. *shakes head in shame* i would have told her how horrible she was, but her family kept amping her up, so in her head she sounded like whitney houston. i used to want to punch her when she'd start singing in the middle of conversations.
but at the same time, i'm sure plenty of people told macy gray that she couldn't sing worth a damned and her first album went double platinum and got her some grammys. i can't front, macy's first cd was on point, i still listen to it. i guess with the right production anyone CAN be a superstar.

StarzGazR said...

I def agree with you on this one. Parents need to encourage their kids with whatever it is that the child is good at... it honestly will just hurt the child later on in life!!

Jillian said...

unfortunately it's too true...sad thing is the cycle is just perpetuated as the casting people put those people thru instead of just putting people who can really sing thru to the judges...(of course I'm sure everyone knows you don't go straight to simon/randy/paula/kara..right?)..but hey, they are looking for ratings on the backs of those who didn't have a parent tell them "maybe this isn't for you" so the rest can break their back laughing..

hmmmmm...this has given me a blog idea lol

Brothers Blog said...

@ Jenna Marie - Yep it's definitely a damn shame.

@ JuJu - You like that acronym didn't you? lol

@ gg - Yep definitely can't do idol any more.

@ Miss.Stefanie - $200? WTF? So they making a killing I see. Because each city they have over 10k people auditioning.

@ UrbanKnitrix - yeah guess it's no surprise when you look @ it like that.

@ JadedNyer - Don't blame you I got to keep it real.

@ JKisZ - Yes well stated. I'd rather be the one to tell you.

@ Saved Girl - LOL I'm trying to speak the truth.

@ Angelina - Yeah I didn't know it cost either until Miss.Stefanie said so. But yeah I can't watch anymore.

@ Tosha - I think the last full season I watched was when Fantasia won.

@ JustJasmine - I can't recall the name of that show but the concept sounds familiar.

@ Empress - Dream Killer = saving you from embarassment. lol

@ Lil HOney - Yes gotta tell your kids straight up.

@ ClnMike - Well stated there.

@ She's Gotta - I see you're still a frequent watcher. lol

@ Adore Abra - Its funny but I just can't bring myself to watch. lol

@ Curvy - Wouldn't you want him at your door singing carols this christmas? lol

@ Malika - LMAO @ your friend busting out in song mid convo. SMH

@ Stargazer - Yep that's exactly what I plan on doing with my son.

@ Jillian - LOL. I can't wait to read what Idea you got from this.

Sexxy Luv said...

why you look so different in that picture?....

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

hmmm idk cause if my child was william hung and he made me his mother MILLIONS I might just have to keep silent lmao