Thursday, January 8, 2009

Play Your Card Right

"Don't Be fooled by the Baby Face." - Lil' Cease "Crush On You"

If you've seen me in person or in pictures there is no question that I do not look my age. In fact, I look considerably younger than I actually am. My brother at times refers to me as "The Baby Face Bandit." LoL. But it's true I can admit that I do look very young. I Definitely don't look as if I'm less than 2 years away from 30! {!Gasp!} Therefore, I don't mind using it to my advantage at times. Don't ask don't tell. LoL.

Although I constantly get teased by my family and friends, I take it all in stride. I don't get upset when I'm carded to buy alcohol anymore. I come with I.D. in hand ready for the cashier. Whenever I visit Las Vegas I constantly think about making a name tag with my I.D. to display as I walked through the casinos. Either that or put it on a shirt like the guy in the picture so the left. LoL. But when I do get carded I love the suspect looks I usually get. They look closely at the picture and the I.D. as if it's fake. I have never owned a fake I.D. when I was younger and damn sho have no reason to now. Then there are the rare times that I do not get carded (which is not too often), I don't know why but I feel like I got away with something. Then I think to myself I hope this cashier hasn't slipped up and sold alcohol to a minor before. Because if they're letting me slide without carding me they clearly don't care.

Now I've attempted to figure out what is the factor that causes me to get carded and at times not get carded. I thought back upon some of the times I got carded and my theory was maybe it was based on how I was dressed. On average I dress very urban or hood as some would call it. Therefore, I could definitely be considered to look young not only in the face, but also some may assume my age based on how I'm dressed. However, there are other times when I do dress up with more casual and sometimes dressy attire.

So, below I am going to display some pictures of me dressed normally (hood) and some of me more dressed up. The results of me being carded or not are listed below each picture. But I want you to tell me how old do you honestly think I look in each picture. And would you card me or even be willing to serve me alcohol at all? LoL!

1. I wore this to go to the movies with a friend a few months ago. I was carded for an R rated movie. SMH! Damn shame. We then went to grab a drink and the waitress didn't card me at first. Wow what a surprise considering minutes before I didn't even look 17. But soon after the drinks arrived she came back said her boss said she needed to card us. LoL.
2. I wore this out to a bowling alley with my brother, best friend, and some of her girls. I Got carded for drinks there. From there we went to a hood bar where my cousin was partying at and didn't get carded.

3. I wore this out to kick it with the bff about 4-5 months ago to have some margaritas at this Mexican spot. Funny thing about this is my bff forgot her wallet/I.D. at home and the drive is at least 25 minutes. My mom happened to be over and I told her to borrow my mom's I.D. She was reluctant and didn't think it would work or that she would get caught. LoL. We get there she's scared to death when we ask for drinks and they carded us. I handed mines and she handed hers. But we didn't even look at each other, for I knew she would fold under the pressure if we made eye contact. LoL.
4. I wore this out on a date on Christmas Eve to a restaurant. We ordered drinks and I was of course carded. Then my date playfully asked to see my I.D. as well. She claimed that since the first time we went out she didn't believe my age either. LoL.

5. I wore this out on election night to an event being held by Jesse Jackson Jr. I was actually not carded, but you had to purchase drink tickets. I immediately took my ticket and I tipped the bar tender nicely. She never asked for my ticket. So I kept coming back and doing the same thing. I swear I got about 6 or more drinks off the same 1 ticket. LoL.

6. I wore this out to my best friend's graduation/dinner. They gave us complimentary champagne to toast with. And yes they carded me.

7. I wore this out on my birthday last year [2008], we first hit up a comedy club. Then afterwards we went to a restaurant to have some drinks and food. I ordered my drink and the waitress immediately carded me. She didn't believe it was my birthday nor my age. She said she had a 16 year old son that looked as old as me. LoL.

8. I wore this during my first visit to Las Vegas a couple of years ago for my Birthday [2006]. Here me and my bro were at the champagne Brunch at the Rio Casino (Best Brunch Anywhere). Although this was the first of many drinks that day, if memory serves me best I'm quite sure I got carded here as well.

Well based on those results I don't think the way I dress has anything to do with being carded at all. I just look young. LoL. But I look forward to seeing your answers. Nonetheless, it's cool I don't mind looking young. I'm completely comfortable with it. I figure if I can still probably pass for 20 when I'm 30 that means when I'm 40 I'll look about 30. And I'll take that all day.



Untouched Jewel said...

Damn, you do look young as hell. LOL. Don't feel bad, I look extra young, too. Got a quick story about that. I went to my oldest son's school to pick him up, and one of the teachers there thought I was a 5th grader. Couldn't help but laugh at that. I told my mom, she laughed even harder. (So much for support). Anyway, I will say you are cute though *wink*

Miss.Stefanie said...

You look like you are 16! You are definitely a "babyface". Dont trip though, When I was 16, I was never carded (Explains why I was in a 21 and over night club....cuz I knew I could get in!) Now I get carded! I dont get it.

WatzReal said...

Dressed up, you look like a baby. Thugged Out, you just look older. I dont know what it is but its good to have more than one look. Throws the haters off!

Dope Fiend said...

boo! U'd DEFINATELY get carded by me! lol! Dont worry tho that just means ull be hella fuckin sexy at 65! lol
I loves mi baby face....even though it means sexy dudes i like just dont approach me...o well!

Diamond said...

I'd definitely card you, no matter what you were wearing lol! I get that at times, too. But at my age (36) it's a compliment!

WatzReal said...

When your dressed up you look like a young preppy dude. Thuged out is just that "Thuged Out", but it never hurts to have more than one look. Throws the Haters off.

Jillian said...

how tall are you? lol

seems like a silly question, but sometimes that plays into it..but YES you do look young and i would not put you at less than 2yrs away from 30...i get that i look younger than my age especially when im dressed down...

quick story about the whole fake Phoenix went to Club Next where I had been many times, new door guy told me my ID was fake (never had a fake ID either, so why would I need one now?)..I was 23-24 at the time..I was heated at next time I went back I brought a new license that had my same pic fresh out the envelope LOL just to be an ass..and he didn't say anything let me in...

oh and YES i would card you.

J.Rae said...

you do look rather young though. lol i have a fake ID but i never have to use it when goin out and ordering drinks somewhere. i dont go to clubs in the first place but i assume they would card me if i did.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Yes! You do look very young no matter what you are wearing and definitely be happy about that. lol

You'd rather people think you are 18 then 40. lol

Just Jasmine said...

Yes you do look quite young. Very young, like you and Kingston could be play dates. lol i kid i kid.
I get carded most times to when i'm doing 18+ things. I get the evil eye when i'm out with my son like oh no another teenage wlefare story. Lol
I like that you got personal in this post.
Keep it up

and oh yeah you look a bit Malcom Xisn in some of your pics. I like that. Chicago Red

Soulstress said...

I think no matter how u dress...u look very young in the face. I say u tend to look bout 21. But thats a good thing. Sumtimes I get can be if i'm buyin sum scratch off tix....i kno darn well i look over its annoyin 2 have to pull my ID out. But i guess its bettr to look yunger than ur age instead of way older lol;)

Sexxy Luv said...

You like a damn baby no matter what you put on! lol

I'll tell you what i think based on the pictures...

1st pic-17
2nd pic-23
3rd pic-18
4th pic-18
5th pic-18
6th pic-25(still would card you)lol
7th pic-16
8th pic-19

sorry Cory. lol

Nellz said...




StarzGazR said...

YEAHH you do look young!! but it's ok i have such a baby face... i get 16-18 all the time and i'm 21.. before turning 21 i would get carded all the time.. but now i barely do.. my apperance hasn't changed.. but it does make me wary that these liquor store employees are selling alcohol to minors!!

StarzGazR said...

ob btw.. you know i'm waiting on you to comment on my last blog ( 7 days later...) cuz i love you men-point of view

Days like These! said...

BabyFace! sweet :)

ShonaVixen said...

You do look young though a cute

Buttercup said...

wow.. r u blessed or what???? almost 30?? whoa..

1st pic - 17/18
2nd pic - 25
3rd pic - same as 1st
4th pic - 23
5th pic - 22
6th pic - 24(this is my fav)
7th pic - 20
8th pic - 18

btw i dunno which of u stopped by, but thanx anywayz..happy new year both of u!!

Im watchin you too said...

yeah u def look like a kid. the first pic i would give u say 20 but the next one is def 12

Aretha said...

Wowsers, on the first pic you look like you're 18. The more casual you dress, the younger you look.

At least you'll look youthful when you're 50 :)

Kofi Bofah said...

The clothes make the man.

So - people's perception of you will always change depending on what you got on.

Bahama said...

yea, no matter what you're wear i'd card you..lmao you look so young..I wish i looked young..ppl always think i'm in my late 20's..that hurts when ur

Eb the Celeb said...

the first one and the last one I wouldnt card you..

but in all the ones in between you look young as hell and yes I would card you... even with the suit on you look

Your are going to be happy about this when you 50 and look 40 so embrace it

Anonymous said...

you do look kinda young, sweetie. lol. no offense. but i can't really talk because i get carded a lot as well. i remember when i met some guy at the mall and he didn't believe i was 22 lmfao. to make sure i was legal he asked to see my license. lol. but i don't think your style has anything to do with it. like i said before, you look really really young.

Luv said...

You know whats funny me and my sister (Just Jasmine) when every we go out I seem to be the one who never gets carded and I am younger than her........I don't look old...Guess its just my frame... But you do look real young that I would card you and ask if you were cutting school....LMAO

ANGELINA said...

nice pics :) i would DEFINITELY card you. i can't believe you're approaching 30! where is this fountain of youth you're hiding from us?

Melody.Darlene said...

as much as i hate taking out my ID to prove that im of age, imma low key hate the day when they stop askin cuz then imma start thinkin i look old! haha!

ToshaRenelle said...

I would card you, regardless of how you were dressed, but I would say just of first glance, you appear to be between the ages of 18-21.

clnmike said...

Yeah I can see why they card you, lol.

Might want to grow a beard.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Add a little weight and a goatee and it's all good after that.

n0days0ff said...

I can't tell how old you are but you is a drinking ass mofo lol

Breezi F said...

Damn! Sorry I like got sidetracked by the pictures, babyface and all you are definitly cute as hell...but ya look alil young too i see as to why they'd card you!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, Im much inspired by this post that I will do one myself. I dont look my age too. So I will play a guessing game. ha!

Anonymous said...

I will give you about 22....but not 30

Brothers Blog said...

@ Untouched Jewel - Yeah u do look young too. LMAO @ 5th grader. And thanks.

@ Miss.Stefanie - Funny you got away with it before but not now.

@ WatzReal - LOL, I assumed thugged out would look younger. But yeah I like to switch it up on em' depending on the occasion.

@ Dopefiend - LMAO @ lookin sexy at 65. I look forward to that.

@ Diamond - yeah I don't take offense and I'm sure it will be a compliment later.

@ Jillian - I'm 5'9. And definitely turning 29 this year.
LOL @ you taking the ID fresh out the envelope.

@ J.Rae - what's the fun of having a fake I.D. if you're not going to use it?

@ Tee - Yeah that's true because I've seen 18 year olds that look 30. lol

@ Jasmine - You got jokes I see. lol @ Malcolm X that's a very first.

@ Soulstress - I don't get carded for lotto often.

@ Sexxy Luv - A baby huh? LoL. At least I got up to 25 on one pic. lol

@ Nellz - Thanks. I don't really do the whole pics thing. But I was inspired. lol. Yes you definitely look young too. I wouldn't have guessed 25.

@ Stargazer - Yeah I wonder how many kids have got away with buying alcohol from some of those places. And I commented already.

@ Days Like - LMAO. Thanks.

@ ShonaVixen - LoL. Thanks for the compliment.

@ Buttercup - 25? Wow I'll take that. lol. But I accept all blessings.

@ I'm watchin - 12? Come on! LoL. Can I get 16 at least.

@ Aretha - Thanks for commenting even though you were like #20. lol. But I just assumed the more casual the older. So go figure.

@ Kofi - Yeah I agree with that theory.

@ Bahama - I guess you're right I'd rather be considered to look younger than older.

@ EB - Thanks for stopping by. But yeah I'll definitely welcome it at 40 and 50.

@ Juicykiiz - LoL @ the guy carding you just to holla. It wasn't R.Kelly was it? lol

@ Luv - I haven't seen a pic of you just your sis. But cutting school? lol. That's just wrong.

@ Angelina - Thanks! And I guess the fountain is here in Chicago. lol

@ Melody.Darlene - I guess that's true because when they stop I would probably think the same.

@ Tosha - Well I can appreciate 18-21.

@ ClnMike - Well the beard I got is as much as will grow. LMAO.

@ Rich - LOL. Yeah that weight thing aint gone happen. As much beer as I consume, still no beer belly. LoL. And Refer to what I just said to Mike. A Goatee aint happening no time soon either.

@ Nodays - LMAO. Yeah man we know how to put em' back. lol

@ Breezi - Thanks for the compliment.

@ Oyin - 22 aint bad. Someone said 12. lol. And feel free to use the idea. THrow me a shout out and link. lol. I look forward to seeing your post.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

You do look young but I can't really tell a diff when your wearing certain clothes and getting carded lol I think it just depends on the persona and thier perception of your age

J.Rae said...

lmao i bought it thinking i was going to have to use it. but they dont card me, i dont bring it out haha. i just waltz right on in. half the time i know people in the clubs and they let us in free.

Angel said...

Nice photos but sorry hun I would card you on every single one lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dont trip folk me just turned 46 and i still get carded
b blessed in the 2009

Lil Honey B said...

Love looking young. I work in human resources and I see some hard-looking folks sometimes! I'm talking 10-20 yrs old looking way past 35! I got a baby face too, and I love it. ; )

Amber ♥. said...

ur cute.
but i never get carded and im effin 21! i want people to card me, and i look 17.
i dont think u look that young. i can tell your not a teenager, but be happy your getting carded and u dont look old like some of these n-words

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