Monday, January 26, 2009

Karma = B**ch?

"Because karma, karma, karma comes back to you harder." - Lauren Hill "Lost Ones."

"But that karma is a bitch you steady asking God why." - Talib Kweli "Memories Live."

We've all heard the sayings above when it comes to the dreaded karma. However, I often sit back and think about my life and some of the things I've been through and done. At times that leads me to wonder is this karma thing real? I mean like anyone in life I've done some things in life that I consider to be bad. I'm not going to go through a list, but you can trust and believe it's the truth. But when I think about those actions and think about whether or not I was paid back by karma I can't always correlate the two.

Alright I'm sure you're awaiting at least one example. Well as a youth I wasn't always the model of outstanding citizenship I try to be today. LoL. Let's just say that running with the wrong crowd will get you to doing the wrong things 9 times out of 10. Now I'm quite sure the statute of limitations on vandalism has past; however, in an effort to not snitch nor self incriminate myself I'll just say this. Broken pieces of a spark plug hurled at a car window can shatter it. Now based off of karma and it's creed one day I should come out of work or my apartment and find my car windows busted out right? Yep like Jazmine Sullivan herself had just came out the studio after recording the song and my car was the first she saw.

**Side Note: I wonder if there has been an increase of random acts of vandalism and car windows being busted out since the release of that song? I guess I can ask the same for random engagements happening since Beyonce' and the "Single Ladies" anthem. But that's all for a different blog.**

Back to karma. Now thank God I've never had to experience this, but then again I'm still fairly young in age. Therefore, I guess karma doesn't have a time line of when it strikes either. Right? Or does it just mean that karma doesn't necessarily pay you back in an "eye for an eye" kind of way? I mean bad fortune is bad fortune regardless of how you look at it. I just walked outside and my car tire on my car is flat. Now the window wasn't busted. However, it's probably 15 degrees at best outside right now and I have to go and change and put on my spare tire. Then pay to get a new tire tomorrow. So could this be karma rearing it ugly little head? Hmmm I wonder.

Now when it comes to karma I'm always reminded of a TV show that I love to watch. I'm probably one of the few black people in the world that watch it, but I was instantly pulled in from the pilot episode. The show My Name is Earl deals directly with karma. The lead character earl was an overall bad person. He basically hooked and crooked his way through life on a daily basis. Until one day he scratched off a lottery ticket (which he stole) and won $100,000. Well the very next moment he runs outside of the liquor store in celebration and BAM!! He's hit by a car. The lotto ticket blows away and Earl is stuck in the hospital with serious injuries. While in the hospital something on TV reveals the laws of karma to him. This then prompts him to create and write down a list of all of the bad things he's done in life. Once out of the hospital, he sets out to make up for and to all the people he's done wrong to in his lifetime. Upon completing the first item on the list, the unthinkable happens. Yep! The lottery ticket magically finds it's way back to Earl. Convinced that this is only the act of karma Earl sets out on these wild adventures to complete all of the items on his list.

Don't worry I don't work for NBC or anything and I wasn't trying to sell anyone on that show. LoL. But, it is relevant to the topic at hand. I mean on some real talk I've had people do some truly wrong things to me in life; however, to be honest I have never wished karma's wrath on them. I mean I've been lied to, cheated on, stolen from, and so much more. Likewise, I've probably done some equally wrong things and had the worst wished upon me for those things. Yet I try to leave those things in the past and attempt to lead a life that presently is filled with doing things that for the most part are good.

Although none of us are without sin, we all know the old saying "Why do bad things happen to good people?" I can think of people in my life that at least in my lifetime, I have never seen do any wrong. Take my grandmother for example. Since I was old enough to remember she has always been that person that just helped any and everyone she could. She has always been very religious and went to church every Sunday. When she stopped being able to get to church she still paid her tithes. Now of course she had her ways that may have annoyed people, but overall she is a caring and loving person. She is one of those people that when you think about who's going to heaven it's just no question that her name is already written in the book. I mean you name it she will do it for you if she loves you, cares for you, or even if she just feels God is telling her to do it. You're down on your luck and need a place to stay, don't worry you can stay with granny. You need to borrow money, of course granny will lend it to you. You need advice, prayer, a babysitter, a meal, you name it and she would do it for you. Sadly, I've seen people steal from her for no reason at all. Because if they really needed the same amount of money they stole she would give it to them no questions asked.

Well in recent years my grandmother's situation hasn't been the best at all. Horrible things have happened. From her health deteriorating, to losing the house she owned for over 40 years (the house I grew up in as a child pictured to the left. It pains me to drive past the house and see how it looks now). When this happened no one was there nor in a position to help her. Including her own church which she gave only God knows how much money to over 40 + years. (Again that's a different blog entirely). I wasn't trying to make this a sob story, but I say all that to ask was this karma's wrath eventually catching up with her? I mean I've heard stories that my grandmother wasn't always a holy individual. So, was this the payback that she may have been avoiding all those years?

Honestly, I really don't know the answers to all the questions I asked in this post. I know I kept mentioning karma, but I think it simply alludes to the fact that there is a higher power. Therefore, we all need to do better and at least attempt to live our lives to a higher standard. No one is or can be perfect and will fall short of his grace. I'm by far not the most religious person at all. But I like to think that good deeds are rewarded with blessings. And well in contrast nothing good can come from bad deeds. Unfortunately, there are some people do wrong all the time and seem to still live far better then those that constantly do good. But I go on doing good knowing that there always has to be a balance in the universe. Not that I wish bad on anyone, but I guess eventually things will shape out and those bad deeds will never go unpunished. Call it a bitch or whatever word you want to use. Either way I guess that's just karma for you.

P.S. I wrote this with thoughts of someone that recently did me extremely wrong. They left me in a horrible situation knowing they could have easily done something to help. I'm not sure if they still read this blog or not. I could easily say I hope karma repays you for doing me wrong. But regardless just know that I don't have it in me to hate you for what you've done to me over this stretch of time. So with that said I don't wish bad upon you at all. I know you've been through much in the last year, so in fact, I hope and pray for you and your family. I pray that this year for you will be a 180 from last year. And not that you're concerned or worried about me anyway, but I'll always be alright in the end. So no hard feelings.



Miss.Stefanie said...

I believe in Karma. In fact, whenever someone does me wrong and someone asks,"what chu gonna do about it?" I simply say, "Oh nothing Karma will be the biggest bitch that I could never be, so she'llpay them the visit, not me"

Its worked in my case. So I war people, never do e wrong. Example:The friend I have been talking about, her bed buddy no longer wants her. Coincidence? I'd like to think because of all the shit she's been talking and blaming me for her reckless behavior, she gots what was coming to her. Boo-hoo.

I treat people the way I want to be treated. Sounds corny but trust when you think and do positive, good things come to you.

Just Jasmine said...

What comes around goes around. I adequately believe that which is why im sleepless some nights.

Sorry to hear about the grandmother and I have a Nikki Giovanni Poem for people that crap on me that I'll have read at my funeral titled when i die.

JuJu said...

i am such a firm believer in karma; everytime i have ever done wrong by someone or something it has always come back to bite me in the axx ten times harder; and same with other people. i was done REAL wrong by someone i considered by best friend, who i opened my house and family up to and she did the ultimate betrayal; and as much as i wanted to go out and be vengeful towards her; i didnt. like you said i believe there is a higher power that will handle it. and turns to find out; that karma sure did handle her lil axx so in the end it all worked out ;)

South Loop Social Light said...

What you put out you'll always get back, good and bad. I believe in Karma and have had my fair share of evil doings thrown right back in my face when I least expected it. The best thing to do is really be the best that you can be and treat people with respect.

Kisura Usiku said...

"Every Sant has a past...and every Sinner has a future" With that stated...Im certain that karma is real...and it's certainly not the eye for an eye thing...because what one person considers bad...may not be the other persons source of pain (if that makes sense???)...Like you bust a window...that may really eff up that persons day... especially if the money is funny & the change is you gotta pay for the window and whatever bills you have in excess...however....the person breaking the window...may not hurt for money...thus breaking their window wont have the same your karma comes in a different that you feel...shrugs...Thats just my take on it!!!

K581 said...

I am a strong believer of Karma. I remember one friday before I went in the subway to go to my after school job I took a bag of 25 cent Wise Chips because I did not want to wait on a line of school kids waiting to pay. The next day I bought a coat and realized I left it on the train when I got home. Or the time I has no money and chased a man down to give him his $100 bill that he dropped. The next week my aunt gave me $500 just because - no asking. That is Karma!

Jillian said...

Karma is a very real thing...but it's the long lasting belief that what you put into the world is what you will get back..

And as you touched upon..just bc you broke a window doesn't mean that you will one day have a broken window...but it can come back in any form of loss or "destruction" or flat tire :)...

I don't believe people should harp on past wrongs..people make mistakes..and all you can do is make good on the present and what you do have now and in the future...everyone gets the same amount of time each day..we all get use it wisely, and if you make a mistake or do wrong or someone does you wrong..acknowledge it hopefully learn from it and move forward...and when/if it makes it's way back to you, you do the same acknowledge, learn, move forward..

Sexxy Luv said...

you know i'm with you on the whole karma thing.... the reason why i don't understand it is because of my religious beliefs.... in church they say if you admit you have done wrong and ask for forgiveness and not make the same mistake god will forgive you.

SheBloggs said...

What comes around, goes around. Yes indeed, I do believe. That's messed up about your g-ma though, I hope she finds solace, and as for the church thier "go around".

Jenna Marie Christian said...

WOW...GOOD POINT...i do believe in both Karma as well as a higher power. Although many times I feel as though Karma is still biting me in the butt from things that i don't even remember taking place, I definitely don't feel as though it has a timeline. I just think it hits you when it will hurt the most.

So, Karma is definitely one B=T_H that I try my best to avoid. PLus, I always make it my business to keep a little positive energy and kindness in my heart:-)

MissLove said...

sometimes i wonder if karma is real myself... i dont think any one of us deserve karma's beats...seriously we are humans and we make mistakes although theere are exceptions! lol

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

i believe in Karma but not necessarily an eye for an eye, i think goodness begets goodness, if you are always kind and loving then people are more prone to be nice to you and kind when you need a hand (commonsense). if you are a nasty piece of sh*t then people are less likely to want to come to your aid, karma or no karma

Aretha said...

I definitely believe in karma. Karma works extremely fast on me...I don't know why. It doesn't only come get me when I do something bad, but also when I think something bad. Ex: Everytime I see a big pimple on someone's face and I think "oh gross, wash your freakin' face" within 2 days I usually have a pimple in the same place on my face. It's freaky, but true.

Anonymous said...

I love My Name Is Earl. As for karma, I believe in it.

A Go Bytch said...

I don't believe in Karma...I would if I could figure out why Bad things happen to good people then!


Anonymous said...

One universal truth is that we reap what we sow. Maybe not when we expect it, but definitely in our lifetime.

Great Post BB!

clnmike said...

I believe in karma, but I do what I got to do anyway.

Freestyle Theologian said...

You reap what you sow... either in this life... or after it!

Amber ♥. said...

i believe in Karma too. im a firm believer.

great quotes/songs love Lauryn and Talib

bad things do happen to good people
but look at all the good things that happen that we look over. as soon as something bad happens we thing our lives are so horrible but god sometimes as to throw bad things our way to teach us strength.

i love u guys. love the blogs. u really make me think.

seamstress said...

Karma is the cane that diciplines adults! What goes around most definatley comes around.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I think it depends on your beliefs. Like if you believe in voodoo ( I know...I then when you see certain things you believe that someone is working 'magic' on you lol. So with karma if you believe something bad will happen to you then I think with every situation your gonna read into it a lot and make it worse?...hmmmm it sounded better in my head lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

never heard of that show, maybe i should look at tv more

malika the m.i.l.f. said...

you are obviously a bigger person than me, because frankly when someone does dirt to me i sit back and WAIT for them to get theirs.

Brothers Blog said...

@ Miss.Stefanie - I agree with the golden rule 100%.

@ JustJasmine - Yeah those sleepless nights no joke. But thanks grandma is doing better now.

@ JUJU - yeah that karma is a bad bitch I see.

@ SouthLoop - I agree be the best we can be and treat others how we want to be treated.

@ Kisura - Yeah you make a valid point.

@ K581 - Wow! Both of those are great examples of Karma. Thanks for sharing.

@ Jillian - Yeah flat tire could have been karma speaking.

@ SexxyLuv - Yeah maybe that's why I'm not so into the karma thing. Who knows.

@ Sheblogs - Yeah grandma is a trooper and will definitely get by.

@ Miss Love - Yeah I feel like it's harsh sometimes, especially for small stuff we do. But wrong is wrong I guess.

@ JennaMarie - Yeah I try to avoid her too at all costs.

@ MissDef - But what about when you're good and still get bad things happening?

@ Aretha - Definitely freaky. And a good example thanks for sharing.

@ Neema - So glad I'm not the only one.

@ GoB - Yes that's exactly one of the reasons I have a problem with karma.

@ BMore Bap - thanks. And I agree with that saying as well.

@ ClnMike - LoL I guess you'll deal with karma when you see her. lol

@ Freestyle - Deep thought.

@ Amber - Thanks for the love. and you know I'm a hip hop lover. But you make a great point. How can you enjoy and appreciate the good if you never see the bad. Great point.

@ seamstress - great way to put it.

@ Tuotierugif - Voodoo? lol. But I get what you're saying.

@ Torrance - Its a good show to me but not for everyone.

@ Malika - Honestly it's not even worth the time and or energy to sit back and wait. I forgive em and keep moving, I don't wish bad to happen at all.