Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

"I never sleep, Cuz sleep is the cousin of death." - Nas - N.Y. State of Mind.

I'm a self admitted night owl. I don't know why but I just tend to be up late at night and sometimes for no reason at all. I think I get it honest from my Grandmother. I remember as a kid she would just be up late for no reason doing all different kinds of stuff. Including watching Church all day and night until there was no more church and the infomercials came on. Now you know it was late if they stopped showing church.

Side note: Speaking of infomercials has anyone been up late enough to see this infomercial for the Snuggie? WTF? When I saw this I had to LMAO. Then I had to SMH. Why would someone wear something that looked this ridiculous? I could see if you are singing in the church choir, but other than that who would wear this in their home let alone out in public? And are we really this lazy where we can't take a second to simply remove our arm from under the blanket in order to reach and grab something? I mean come on! I had to say something about this, but I didn't feel it warranted a whole blog by itself. If you haven't had the please to see this for yourself the commercial is below.

Okay where was I? That's right not sleeping... Well I would say on average my bedtime is 1:30am-3am. I get up for work at 7:15am so that gives me about 4-6 hours of sleep nightly. Unless I'm just dead tired I can't fall asleep earlier than that. Part of the problem is that if I try to force myself to go to sleep early I usually just lay there and toss and turn all night until I fall asleep. Therefore, I figure why not stay up until I'm good and tired that way I can go right to sleep. Also, I noticed that whether I get 4 hours of sleep or 8 hours I still wake up tired. Now it could be because of all the years of little to no sleep. I would probably need to hibernate like a bear does in order to catch up to where sleep makes me feel nice and refreshed. LoL.

Although I can completely function on little to no sleep and make it through the entire work day, there are times I do struggle. I'll be at work and usually after lunch time I'll find my eyes closing on me. That damn Itis. LoL. I'm normally not a coffee drinker but on days like that I will grab me a cup to help wake me up. In fact, I hate to even admit this but there was this one time I actually fell asleep at work. I don't mean nodding off and catching myself I mean straight up sleep. LoL.

So there was a day like the one just described above. I can't recall why I was so tired but I'm sure I had been up all night the night before, and was probably functioning on 2 hours of sleep. Maybe I was in the studio or up to some other mischief. LoL. Regardless of why I just remember being tired as hell at work. I mean I came in drinking coffee to try to stay awake. I somehow made it through most of the day. But close to 4pm I just found myself falling asleep at my desk. I kept catching myself. Unfortunately, my cubicle is right next to the door of the office. So, I didn't want to get caught nodding off. So, I devised a master plan to go into the bathroom and catch a few winks. Yes this is very sad I know. Don't judge me! LoL.

Now we have a back office that at that time was unoccupied which did have a big bathroom. So I go back there and have a seat in the corner (Furthest away from the toilet of course. lol). I put my head on my knees and covered my head [see image to left] and dozed off. Now keep in mind I get off at 5pm. I originally had decided to take this cat nap at about 4pm. My plan was to take a 5 minute nap and wake up with enough energy to get through the last hour of my day. I didn't even mind being in the bathroom that long and having someone think I was stinking up the joint. LoL. Well next thing I know, I woke up in a daze almost not knowing where I was at. When I became coherent I realized I was still sleep in the damn bathroom! I looked at the time it was 4:50pm. I had been back there sleep almost an hour and almost slept past quitting time.

I quickly got up and threw some water on my face to get rid of the just woke the hell up look it was displaying. I walked back to my office and one of my co-workers immediately asked "where have you been we were paging you?" I pretended not to hear them and quickly got on the phone and made some calls. That lasted for about 10 minutes because soon after that I was shutting down my computer and getting ready to leave for the day. As I walked out of work I had to laugh at myself. Then I thought about how lucky I was that my manager wasn't looking for me or anything. Also, I was lucky that I am usually quiet when at my desk anyway so being gone for an hour no one really missed me. LoL.

Am I seriously the only one that has ever fallen asleep at work? Fess up people. LoL.

So after that you would think that I learned my lesson and now make sure I got plenty of rest every night right? HA!! Yeah right!! I was probably up late that very same night on the same script as the one prior. In fact, I'm at work tired today because I was up late last night til about 3am for no reason. I figure I'll sleep when I'm old or when I'm dead, which ever comes first. LoL. So, if any of you bloggers see that I left a comment on any of your blogs and it says it was at 3am don't think I'm crazy or stalking you or anything. Just say that's just C-Recks' night owl ass passing through. LoL.



Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I used to be a night owl but in recent years I havent't been able to stay up passed 11pm. Most nights I struggle to stay up that late! lol

Sexxy Luv said...

lmao! i'ma need you to get it together..okay?...lol

my sleepy time azz ain't able, my bed time is 11pm and usually if i'm up pass that i'm not all the way their unless something really has my attention.

dont feel bad about falling asleep at work, i will lay my head down and dont care who sees me, sleep is something i can't fight. lol

i need my beauty rest. :)

Sexxy Luv said...

don't hate on the snuggie, i want one of those. lol

Miss.Stefanie said...

BB...I have to get my ass up at 3 am for work...broadcasting industry call time is 5 am. News starts at 5 am , therefore I must be there at 5...blows. Because I am a NIGHT OWL! I do not go to bed until 2 am! Sometimes I cant sleep until I have to get up...3 am rolls around and I cant sleep. So my trick is to take a hot shower and meditate.

Snuggie is so funny! At least I know I aint alone :) Nice to know I aint the only one cracking up at 2 am :)

Just Jasmine said...

Well When i used to pump every couple of hours i neglected to tell them that i only needed to pump 2x a day rather than 3x a day so I'd use that extra pumping session for a power nap.
Good stuff.

Jillian said...

lol & snuggie i see that infomercial all the time and think the same thing.."WTF" at how ridiculous they look..wearin it out in public at that...LOL

i am guilty of going to my car and sleeping for a few minutes...during work hours lol..

but you just need to get into a better sleep routine...exercise definitely helps with tiring you out...when my lack of sleep started gettin outta control, i took Tylenol PM for a while...force myself to sleep at a decent hour..

u just need to reset ya clock!! lol

(would've loved to see your face the moment you realized you been sleep for almost an hour lol)

South Loop Social Light said...

The snuggie infomercial is ridiculous! The colors are blah and really, who other than a senior citizen would buy that!

Now, in terms of falling asleep at work...been there, done that. How about being so tired that you go to the bathroom and go to sleep! lol...I've fallen asleep in the bathroom plenty of times. It's a nice way to get a 20 min power nap w/o anyone really being able to say anything to you! Try it out...

StarzGazR said...

first of all- DON'T HATE ON THE SNUGGIE.. that's the shit.. it's the worst when your toes are poking out the end of the blankie.. and everyone knows... IF YOUR FEET ARE COLD.. SO ARE YOU!! lmaooo so i agree with sexxy luv on that one!!

2nd of all-- i cracked up sooo hard reading this.. i've been in such similar situations.. and i've been caught!!! lmao thank god it wasn't by the CEO or anything.. but def has been caught. Unlike you i'm not too quiet at work, so if i'm not saying much they'll start asking me whats wrong, and i fighting with the boo, and so forth.. i hate coffee and can't drink the stuff.. sprite for reason use to keep me up.. but now.. it just knock me out.. i can't drink the stuff while i'm at work.. weird huh?!!

malika the m.i.l.f. said...

whenever i look at the snuggie commercial, i look at the person that's holding the baby. so the baby (the one that needs to be protected from drafts) is out while the person holding them is snug behind a blanket. and frankly, i'm an avid reader in the winter and i like to bundle up too, yet i have no problem holding my book with a blanket around me. and if warmth were a real issue, your hand would be cold too. but i digress.
i, like you, am a night owl. i have been ever since i was a kid. i get so irritated that the world revolves around a few people that are brighteyed and bushy tailed at 6 a.m. some of us seriously struggle to wake up early daily. while i've never fallen asleep at work (my luck is bad, so i would more than likely oversleep like you did), i've known people to go to their cars to knock out some z's on their lunch break.

Pajnstl said...

The few times i've fallen asleep at work i've gone to my car. lol

Days like These! said...

LOL at--**Now you know it was late if they stopped showing church.**

I have issues with falling asleep too. Problem is, I have a 4 year old LOVES to get up EARLY!


Kitty said...

OMG I had a post on draft about the Snuggie. Doesn't it look like something a disciple would wear?

Anjl Marie said...



Kitty said...

As for the sleeping at work thing, I must admit I definitely did that once. I just hid out in one of the visitor offices and was knocked. Went back to my desk all happy like I just stuck it to the man. LOL

Teems said...

Seen the comerical...so you know I stay up late too. But I dont even take power naps. Its tempting. hahaha Im not working when I was I always felt like I was going to crash around 2pm but once work let out I was wide awake again.

Peggy M. said...


how about the SHAMWOW infomercials??

I find myself wanting to purchase it each time I see it ... =/

You're buggin... I don't get much sleep myself but that's not intentional...

Ever fall asleep at your desk and not know you fell asleep till you woke up???

clnmike said...

Lol, all the time. I always work the late shift with few people around. I am pretty wide awake after my shift.

.AMBER. said...

sleep is the cousin of death. swear. i NEVER sleep. nocturnal at its finest. if i di i never wanba get up. the night seems so peaceful and calming

Countdown To Change... said...

OK I cant let you go on about the Snuggie! Every time I see the commercial (which is during the day actually, on cable channels) I say to myself, "Damn, I wish I thought of that!" I lay around my house with a blanket my aunt made for me years ago, however, I'm 5'11, the blanket doesn't cover all of me unless I'm laying in a fetal position. So if its cold and I wanna move around, parts of me is uncovered and cold. I actually watched the video you have and wrote down the number! LOLOL!! I'm getting me a damn snuggie!
Anywho! I have fallen asleep I don't know how many times. I just go to the back room and lay my head down and 20 mins have gone by easy. I say,if you dont get in trouble, do it!

Untouched Jewel said...

I have a couple of incidences where I either fell asleep or nodded off at work while on the clock.

Story #1: I was so tired at work one day, where I began nodding off while on the phone, and my nodding off got so bad to where I almost fell out of my chair.

Story#2: One day I was on the phone with a customer, and I was tired and they were talking extra slow and monotone to where I fell asleep on them, and then when the next call came in, I was knocked the hell out on the phone. By the time I woke up, a whole other customer came on the line. I was like damn! But I couldn't help but laugh and prayed I didn't get caught by my unit lead. LOL.

ShonaVixen said...

i've told myself that i need to go to bed earlier than 1.00am every nite!!Hope it works...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang man, i be sleep before 1030 each night - hope u get your rest

Gem said...

OMG the Snuggie commercial kills me everytime. What destroys me is when the woman is sitting on the couch with the "regular blanket" and she has trouble reaching for the remote and the phone is ringing and her facial expression is so troubled! lmao

Never fallen asleep at work...I could never get away with it here though (work at a university).

Soulstress said...

1st off..dont hate on the snuggie cuz i want one lol!! Fleece blankets dont b long enuff!!

My sleep is weird. Sum nites i think i'll catch a quik nap b4 my shows come on..and i'm knocked out b4 10PM..and othr nites i cant get to sleep b4 3AM. Sum of it is stress from skool...tryin to plan my psychoeducation groups etc..and sum of it is that my body just cant get used to a certain routine i guess. Cuz on the weekend i tend to go to bed late anyways.

I dont recall evr sleepin at my job..if i feel like i am i usually go walk to my friends office so i can wake up ;)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

im a night owl too
sometimes i stay up until 3am doing absolutely nothing
then i feel like crying when my alarm goes off at 7am coz im sooo tired
I always promise my self to sleep early the next day but it never works.

CurvyGurl said...

Dang! I know how you felt...when it hits you, it hits you but...we have to find another sleep spot for ya. LOL

I laugh at the Snuggie commercial every time I see it. It looks like she put her robe on backwards after one too many glasses of Merlot and a few Xanax...

Breezi F said...

I used to be a nigh owl but working and school changed that for me now I feel like an Old person!

Lol at one point i thought about ordering a Snuggiem but don judge me! lol

jessica rae said...

i never sleep. im wide awake right now dowloading music. however...i have gotten so tired that ive fallen asleep in the shower and busted my ass. i sleep at job # 1 all the time. i get away with it because my uncle is the doctor so i can do what i want on the clock lol u a good one for the bathroom i wouldnt have done it .

jessica rae said...

oh, and that snuggle snuggie whatever mess is trash lmao. everytime i see that im just like....who made that up and got away with it? and worse...who ordered it.

Brothers Blog said...

@ Tee - lol. I wish sometimes I could sleep at 11p.

@ Sexxy Luv - lol you bold with your sleeping at the desk. And I'm hating on the snuggie.

@ Miss Stefanie - You're worse than me. 2 hours of sleep. You're good.

@ Just Jasmine - Gotta get it in where you can.

@ Jillian - Yeah I can't get with that damn snuggie makes no sense. And I'm sure my face was quite priceless. LoL

@ South Loop - Yeah they didn't even try to make the colors fashionable. And I'm not taking anymore bathroom power naps you see what happen last time. lol

@ StarGazer - I'm an official Snuggie hater. Put on socks if your feet are cold. lol
And that's bad you got caught. lol.

@ Malika - Exactly what about your hands? Guess they'll invent one with gloves attached too. lol. Yep give it up for us night owls. lol

@ Pajnstl - Yeah my lunch break isn't long enough to go to the car.

@ Days like - See my son has the same problem as me he likes to stay up late too. lol

@ Kitty - LoL. Post it I would like to hear your take. But yeah I was thinking like a cult or something.

@ Anjl Marie - See your job is to be up late so I know you feel me.

@ Kitty - Lmao @ sticking it to the man!

@ Teems - yeah that's the messed up part I get off work then not tired anymore. lol

@ Peggy - Yeah shamwow I don't like those either. lol. Nope never fell asleep that hard. lol.

@ Clnmike - See you good people walking back and forth past me all day.

@ .Amber - See you feel me I see. Love the night.

@ Countdown - SmH. Don't buy that thing. lol. Yes you're tall but you can find a long blanket. And plus how they make a snuggie one size fits all? They had it fitting a little kid. You think that it's gonna fit you at 5'11? LoL.
I see 20 mins. seems to be the average acceptable nap time @ work. lol

@ Untouched Jewel - LMAO @ you almost falling out of the chair. That's bad there.

@ ShonaVixen - Well hope it works for you.

@ Torrance - No way I could be sleep nightly by 1030p

@ Gem - Right is it that hard to reach for the remote or phone?

@ Soulstress - Nope I'm a snuggie hater I admit. lol. Yeah you got a weird schedule going there I see.

@ MissDef - Yep I'm with you. It's almost 3am now. So in 4 hours my alarm will be going off And I'll hate it. lol

@ Curvy Girl - yeah that was not a good spot. But it was the most secluded. lol. Yeah that's a good description of the snuggie. lol

@ Jessica Rae - WOW @ you falling asleep in the shower. That's dangerous. And lucky you uncle is the boss. As for the snuggie. Sadly there have to be people buying for them to be still showing the commercials.

ToshaRenelle said...

LMMFAO @ the Snuggie! Low key, though, I may have to invest. It looks warm as hell! I think the thing that's killing it, is the fact that they've named it the "Snuggie".

As for sleeping...I'm totally nocturnal. I go to bed around the same time as you do, but I have to be up at 6:30 a.m. I have slept on the job, but luckily I'm kind of allowed to. I nanny, so when the baby naps, SO DO I! LOVES IT! When I used to work in an office setting though, I would sometimes go to sleep in my car on my lunch break.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I stay up all night too for no reason I think I feel if I go to sleep I'm missing out on something? lol I never saw that commercial but I did see that snuggie or something like it in the store and was tempted to buy! lol

Nana said...

LOL that blog was too funny and you do look like your under 21. In most of the pictures....

To normal people but for some reason black people dont show their age unless some deep struggles hard life gangsta shit happened.

My family are night owls.....my mom is going strong her best work is at nite

Lil Honey B said...

Lemme tell you somethin...I HATE getting up in the a.m., absolutely hate it. But if I don't go sleep , I might as well call in, cause I am no good. I have slept several times at work: In the bathroom, in the car (when I had one) at my desk while doing work and typing, I can't help it!!! I'm a single mother, and I get a lot of "me" time after my son goes to bed. Definitely a nocturnal creature...

Kofi Bofah said...

That Nas line is one of my all time favorites.

You all might want to peep this:

The Greatest Rappers of All Time